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The iCarly Wiki Discord is a place to chat, share news and discuss wiki-related topics.

This server intended for iCarly fans and is not affiliated with iCarly, Nickelodeon or Paramount+. On this server, we intend to follow iCarly Wiki site policies, as well as server rules.

Concerns or suggestions regarding Discord can be discussed on the talk page.

How to join

ICarly cast.png
  1. Register your account on Discord. You may download the Discord client for the device you are on.
  2. Use the button above or the invite link, https://discord.gg/rGTNk5DxDq, to join the server.
  3. Have fun chatting!

Note: Users without wiki accounts will need to wait a bit to gain access.

How to verify

  1. Add your Discord username and tag to your profile masthead (see this guide).
  2. In #【🆔】verification, you should type !wiki verify <wiki_username>.
    For example, if you wiki username is iCarlyFan100, you should type !wiki verify iCarlyFan100.

If you don't have a wiki account and would like to create one, click here.

Note: Users who do not wish to to publicize their Discord name may remove it from their masthead after verification.


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  1. Be respectful. Don't harass or discriminate. Don't engage in heated arguments or be intentionally mean spirited. Do not excessively ping other users. If you have problems with another community member, please talk to a moderator or admin.
  2. Do not troll or engage in disruptive behavior. Ship warring is prohibited. Ship channels should be positive environments for shippers to express their love for their ship.
  3. Do not post NSFW or gore. Do not post unsafe or malicious links. Your Discord username, nickname, profile picture, status, linked accounts and playing status should not contain such content either.
  4. Do not spam. Examples of spam include making repeated posts, posting nonsense, posting zalgo or promotions. Users who spam for the purposes of gaining XP may be temporarily prevented from receiving XP.
  5. Please keep language within reasonable limits. Do not use overly sexually suggestive or obscene language. Do not make perverted comments to sexualize other people.
    1. Discussion of mature topics that younger teens may find uncomfortable should be discussed in #【🍺】mature and not in other channels.
    2. In #【🍺】mature, discussions about sex, adult entertainment and drugs are allowed. Sharing links/files related to adult content, graphic textual descriptions, soliciting favors or offering services are not allowed.
    3. To gain access to this channel, react to the "mature" role in #【🔨】role-setup.
  6. Do not solicit personal information, such as phone numbers and addresses, from other users. Do not dox users.
  7. Do not impersonate other users or famous people.
  8. Please keep your username recognizable. Your Discord nickname should resemble your iCarly wiki username.
  9. In voice channels, do not make unnecessarily loud noises or show inappropriate content. Do not play hateful songs or unpleasant noises.
  10. Please cover spoilers related to recently released episodes with a spoiler tag. If discussing spoilers, appropriately use ||Spoiler||. If in an image, check "Mark as spoiler" before posting.

Use common sense. Not every situation may be covered by these rules. If you're not sure if something is okay, ask a moderator or admin.

This server is governed by the policies of the iCarly Wiki consequences for actions on the iCarly Wiki may carry weight here and vice versa.





Text Channels

#【🍹】groovy-smoothie: General discussion.
#【📺】spoiler-chat: Discussions about spoilers and upcoming content.
#【🚴】off-topic: For off-topic convos.
#【😞】vent: For venting.
#【🍺】mature: For discussing mature topics.
#【🎨】creativity: For sharing and discussing fan art, fanfiction, edits etc.
#【🍰】birthday: Automated birthday messages.
#【🤖】bot-commands: Use bot commands here.






Administrative Roles

  • Server Administrator
  • Mod
  • Bot

Level-Up roles

  • Level 5 (Ridgeway Graduate)
  • Level 10 (Fat Cake Baker)
  • Level 15 (Spaghetti Taco Maker)
  • Level 20 (Pear Store Employee)
  • Level 25 (Pak-Rat Player)
  • Level 30 (Boomba Player)
  • Level 35 (Butter Sock Expert)
  • Level 40 (Bigfoot Enthusiast)
  • Level 45 (Skybucks Barista)
  • Level 50 (Vin Diesel Driver)
  • Level 55 (Bottle Bot Sculptor)
  • Level 60 (Fencin' Benson)
  • Level 65 (Spud Monkey)
  • Level 70 (Sandbassador)
  • Level 75 (Snoqualmie Explorer)
  • Level 80 (Feminest Designer)
  • Level 85 (Leap In Investor)
  • Level 90 (Pirate of the Lima Bean)
  • Level 95 (Magic Meatball)
  • Level 100 (Assassin)

Opt-in roles

Ship Roles

  • Seddier
  • Creddier
  • Cam Shipper


  • She/Her
  • He/Him
  • They/Them

Time zone

  • Americas
  • Europe/Africa
  • Asia/Oceania


  • 13+
  • 15+
  • 18+


  • Mature

Note: All opt-in roles are optional and self-assigned.