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This Design Guide is new.

If you would like to help make existing articles comply with this Design Guide, it would be greatly appreciated.

The design should be standardized on iCarly Wiki.

Concerns or suggestions regarding this design guide can be discussed on the talk page.


When uploading an image, make sure it is of the best resolution possible. If there are duplicate images, the image of better quality will be kept.

The file should follow the following file name requirements if it is to be used in an article or gallery. Images for personal use, such as profiles and message wall threads, are exempt from these rules.

File names

Select a file name that describes the content of the image. (e.g. "File:Sam at the Groovy Smoothie.png")

If not much besides the name of the subject can be used to describe the picture, add a year or episode identification to the file name. (eg. "Jennette Dec 30, 2012.jpg")


To insert quotes on articles, use the {{Dialogue|<Insert dialogue here>}} template.
Remember to:

  • make character names bold
  • actions and descriptions should be italicized put between [ and ] (e.g. [falls over])


'''Carly:''' ''[angrily]'' Hi!
'''Sam:''' Did you get in trouble?
'''Carly:''' Of course I got in trouble!}}


Carly: [angrily] Hi!
Sam: Did you get in trouble?
Carly: Of course I got in trouble!

External Links

On pages about real people, such as cast and crew, please use the external link templates below:


*{{WP|Jennette McCurdy}}
*{{Tumblr|poshmob}} <small>(no longer available)</small>
*{{Tumblr|jumpingigawatts}} <small>(no longer available)</small>
*{{site|https://www.jennettemccurdy.com/|her personal website}}


Note: The name is based on the page that the template is used on, which is why it says "Design" here, as opposed to "Jennette McCurdy".


When designing templates for articles or project space pages, colors should match the iCarly theme.

For reference, the colors below are recommended:
#b30079 #80005b #00ffff #fffe30 #F9E1F1 #D6FFFF #FFFFDB

Appearance Tables

Main article: iCarly Wiki:Design/Appearances