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World of Warlords is an online computer game and a parody of World of Warcraft. It was first seen on iStart a Fanwar.

It is an online game known to be played by Spencer, Freddie, and many other people. Freddie and Spencer referred to it as a 'MMORPG', or 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game'.

The game seems to have an extensive and massive fan-base. It even has its own section at Webicon. Many players seem to have quite an unexplainable obsession with the game (like some fans of the real World of Warcraft), seeing as how the fans at Webicon had an uncanny ability to remember and identify trivial facts and details about the game.

There are (at least) two different tribes in the game, and one of the tribes, the Huebscher Fjords is a reference to Ben Huebscher, a writer who has worked on iCarly extensively.

In iStart a Fanwar, Spencer and another World of Warlords fan, engage in a battle, role-playing a non-existent confrontation between to online characters, Aruthor & Aspartamay. Due to laws governing the World of Warlords Universe, in the game, the two cannot ever battle. Freddie stated that the two cannot fight, because the fallout, could destroy the 'multi-verse', a term for describing multiple universes within the game.

Seeing as that characters have made reference to such things as, "the Farquor Dimensional Plane", & "the Multi-verse", it suggests that the game goes extensively into the science-fiction aspects. Also, it is quite possible that within the game, there are languages that exist only in World of Warlords, due to a character declaring "Oog Fightious!" (most likely meaning "fight").

Although the game itself is only seen on screen once, when Spencer's character is shown to be able to use fireballs, it is suggested to look similar to World of Warcraft. World of Warlords continues the classic TV parodies of the online gaming obsession.

As is always the case with URLs mentioned on the show, Worldofwarlords.com redirects you iCarly.com.