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Wendy is a recurring character on iCarly, in a total of eight episodes mainly in the second season. She is good friends with Carly, Sam, and Freddie, and two other unnamed girls who often appear with her, most likely her clique.

Though her last appearance was in iFight Shelby Marx, she remained friends with the main iCarly trio off-screen, evidenced by her being mentioned in iLove You and iToe Fat Cakes.


Wendy is an easygoing, fun person. In her first appearance in iFence, she seemed to be quite tomboyish and a troublemaker, wearing black clothing and inviting Sam to throw balloons filled with mayonnaise at Ms. Briggs' car.

In season two, she seems to have grown out of her "bad girl" phase and become more of a "popular girl" type, sometimes being seen with two other girls following her and showing "mean girl" traits when she teases Carly about her boyfriend (Nevel) in iChristmas.

Despite her apparent change in personality, she hasn't let go of her wild side entirely. She seemed to enjoy women's martial arts in iFight Shelby Marx and in iLove You, Sam said she and Wendy would hit golf balls towards the soccer field during soccer practice.

Relationships with Main Characters

Wendy at carly's.jpg

Carly Shay

Carly and Wendy seem to get along very well, and seem to be really good friends, as proven when they studied together at Carly's apartment in iDate a Bad Boy. Wendy enjoys the iCarly webshow and informs the iCarly trio that Totally Teri is ripping off their sketches, showing that she cares about Carly, Freddie, and Sam. In iFight Shelby Marx, Wendy is worried about Carly's upcoming battle with Shelby Marx, showing concern for her friend. In iChristmas, Wendy teases Carly about her "boyfriend" in a girly way. In iToe Fat Cakes, Carly tries to call Wendy for help when her toe gets stuck in the faucet of her bathtub, but drops her phone in the water.

Wendy at Sam's birthday party

Sam Puckett

Wendy seems to enjoy hanging out with Sam, such as in iFence, when she invited Sam to throw balloons filled with mayonnaise to throw at Ms. Briggs's car. In iFence, she seemed to be a tomboy like Sam, but changed in Season 2 when she appears to have became popular. Even though Wendy changed, she and Sam still are good friends as seen in iMake Sam Girlier when she makes a speech at Sam's party or in iTake on Dingo when Wendy comes to Sam and Freddie, telling them that Totally Terri is ripping off their sketches. Also, in iFight Shelby Marx, Sam and Wendy enthusiastically talk about the Russian girl that got her teeth knocked out by Shelby. In iLove You, Sam said she and Wendy would go pelt the girls' soccer team with golf balls.


Freddie Benson

Freddie and Wendy seem to be pretty good friends. In iReunite with Missy, Wendy says that it was nice of Freddie to give up the cruise for Missy, pinches his cheek and calls him a sweet boy, showing that she likes what a nice person Freddie is. Also, in iTake on Dingo, Wendy first decides to tell Freddie and Sam that Totally Teri is ripping iCarly's sketches off.

Gibby Gibson

Since Wendy has not appeared since season 2 and Gibby only started getting more screentime in season 3, Wendy and Gibby have barely interacted on-screen. Still, their romantic ship Gwendy does have some shippers.


  • Despite having very little screen time, she has become rather popular among fans as a recurring friend aside from the main cast.
  • There is some fan fiction involving her with characters such as the main iCarly trio, Gibby, or Shane.
  • She is frequently portrayed as the "gossip queen of Ridgeway", possibly because in almost all of her appearances she is informing the gang of something going on at Ridgeway.
  • Another popular role for her is a good friend or partner in crime to Sam, as shown in canon in iFence and iLove You.