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Map of Webicon.

Webicon is an Internet convention that for web stars and fans. It is first mentioned in iPsycho, where Carly, Sam, and Freddie were about to attend before Nora Dershlit trapped them in her basement. Carly and Freddie were excited to go, but Sam says that only "nerds, and losers and stubrags go to Webicon." The convention is finally shown in iStart a Fanwar, Carly, Sam, and Freddie finally get to visit Webicon. Only 2 parts of Webicon were seen/mentioned: the World of Warlords part, and the iCarly part. World of Warlords has a costume competition. iCarly has its own conference room.

Webicon is also featured in the revival series, but takes place in a forest instead of the actual convention.

Known booths/locations

  • iCarly room
  • World of Warlords panel
  • iShorts.com Panel
  • Galaxy Wars Panel
  • Conference Room


  • Webicon is a parody of the ComicCon, and VidCon convention.
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