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Wade Michael Collins is a rude competitor on America Sings, who appears in the episode, iRocked the Vote. He is played by Alex Schemmer. Because of iCarly, he loses to David Archuleta on America Sings, leading them to helping boost his career again. He hates everything including Americans, kids, teens, and animals. On iCarly, they encourage viewers to find him and beat him up, because "he thinks you're a loser and you can't beat him up." In iFix a Pop Star, the iCarly trio learns that Freddie's video for his song, Cry Like a Lion was very successful, as it was the #3 Most Downloaded Video on PearTunes.


Wade Collins, at first, seemed to be an innocent and kind person. But after the gang did iCarly with him, Wade revealed his true colors - being a rude, selfish, and mean person. Carly, Sam, and Freddie immediately developed a strong dislike for Wade, but were forced to create his video anyway, Gibby however, became Wade's assistant, he also ends up disliking him. Wade is shown to be extremely hateful and somewhat quick tempered, as he has an instant dislike for any and all others around him. He is also shown to be a liar, making up a fake news story about his mother to gain sympathy. He had an interview after he lost and said that he was planning to use the money from the contest for surgery for his ill mother.



  • I'm going down to get some yoh-gurt!
  • I've got a pimple in my ear!!!
  • I hate children, I hate teenagers, I hate animals, AND I HATE AMERICA!
  • No, you haven't ruined my life, you just ruined BIG PART of it...
  • Tell the director that I will be ready when I'm ready and to get out of my face!
  • You stupid hobnockers!
  • JIBBLY!!!!
  • Hey, my friends call me Wade, you call me Mr. Collins!
  • Hobnocker!
  • Why would I be friends with a group of teenage idiots who destroyed my singing career?
  • I wanted tuna fish!
  • TOO HOT!
  • You are a bunch of stupid, American, girls! YOU ARE A BUNCH OF HOBNOCKERS!!!
  • No, I hate puppies.
  • I swear, you're all just a bunch of hob-knockers.
  • No, you're all busy worshipping a filthy little beast.
  • Ucch! Why are all Americans such idiots?
  • I'm here for my music video.
  • Yeah, yeah, you can get back to your obnoxious little comedy show after you give me my video.
  • Um, is that any to talk around my mum?
  • Yeah, I said that to get sympathy.
  • Whoops mum!, You got six months to live.
  • Give me my video!
  • Get her, mum!
  • You're a stupid American, Freddie, stupid American.
  • I have to look beautiful!!!
  • UNNGH!!!