Video Village is a fictional video store featured in iRocked the Vote.

Spencer received a letter saying that he had not returned a copy of "Boogie Bear Takes Manhattan," rented 10 years earlier. The store's late fee was $1 per day, meaning Spencer owed them over $3,650.

Spencer holding the letter from Video Village.

Sam taught Spencer how to lie, so that he could go to the store and claim that he actually returned the video on time. When he was actually there, however, he almost immediately caved in and told the clerk the truth.

The clerk, however, told Spencer that her boss only sent those letters out to scare people, and that she would simply remove it from the computer. In the end, Spencer and the clerk (who seemed to like each other) wound up flirting with each other.
Spencer and Video Store Clerk

The interior of the store was relatively small but filled with many videos. There were only a few customers besides Spencer.

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