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73244 439845361754 53523601754 5785451 4627093 n.jpg This user LOVES iCarly!!!
Ikiss.jpg This user ships Seddie!!!
S31304.png This user ships Creddie!!!
{{Cam Friendship}}
Cam.png This user supports the Cam Friendship!!!
Carly & Sam(iCarly Awards).jpg This user ships Cam!!!
Best Player.jpg This user ships Spam!!!
Import 000389.jpg This user ships Fencer!!!
SamGibby.jpg This user ships Sibby!!!
CarlyGibby.jpg This user ships Cibby!!!
{{Sam enthusiast}}
Banana.jpg This user is a Sam Puckett enthusiast!!!
{{Carly enthusiast}}
15ha8n.jpg This user is a Carly Shay enthusiast!!!
On-the-icarly-set-Miranda-icarly-11744659-300-400.jpg This user LOVES *Carly*!!!!
{{Freddie enthusiast}}
Nathan = Freddie.jpg This user is a Freddie Benson enthusiast!!!
IDate A Bad Boy - Bad Boy Freddie.jpg This user LOVES Freddie!!!!!
{{Spencer enthusiast}}
Spy Spencer.jpg This user is a Spencer Shay enthusiast!!!
{{Gibby enthusiast}}
Gibby1.jpg This user is a Gibby Gibson enthusiast!!!
{{Jennette McCurdy}}
Jennette McCurdy, ScottPilgrim vs World Premiere 07-27-10 at zimbio-dot-com aUXju3R2bPJl.jpg This user loves Jennette McCurdy!!!
Miranda and Jennette, at 2010 Creative Emmy Awards - Aug. 2010 This user loves Jiranda!!!
{{Fat Cakes}}
Import 000531.jpg This user loves eating Fat Cakes, YEAH!!!
S3220x240-7.png This user throws Fat Cakes at joggers!!!
{{Miranda Cosgrove}}
Miranda-Cosgrove-Emmys-Awards-2010-miranda-cosgrove-15009191-816-1222.jpg This user loves Miranda Cosgrove!!!
{{Nathan Kress}}
ImagesCAEAAG21.jpg This user loves Nathan Kress!!!
Jen and Nathan on NICK cruise 24000 1298230054243 1185141672 30810980 326956 n.jpg This user ships Jathan!!!
Jerrete.png This user ships Jerrette!
25860 378189655945 313727230945 4326139 7675719 n.jpg This user loves Niranda!!!
T-Bo Donut.jpg This user is a T-Bo enthusiast!!!
64352 1419584519.jpg This user is a Guppy Gibson enthusiast!!!
Ig8.jpg This user is ready to give you a haircut!
71738 3909859952.jpg This user is part of the building watch patrol!
{{Creddie Friendship}}
SpacePopsicles.jpg This user supports the Creddie Friendship!!!
Criffin4.jpg This user ships Criffin!!!
SamPucket12.jpg This user loves to dance!
090605-02.jpg This user loves fruit bouquets!
70170 215149670.jpg This user loves funny hats!
The Sack.jpg This user loves infomercials!
Icarly-penguin-tshirt.jpg This user drank ketchup!
SamPucket133.jpg This user has competed in a pageant!
{{Seddie Friendship}}
61121531-408741876d06460372a11685906b7d93.4b63a867-scaled - Copydsahfkasd.jpg This user supports the Seddie Friendship!!!
65962 2816482307.jpg This user was voted sexiest woman alive!
Spencer makes Spaghetti Tacos-1-9.JPG This user loves spaghetti tacos!
{{Tasha enthusiast}}
Tasha.jpg This user is a Tasha enthusiast!!!
71976 68406654.jpg This user ships Tibby!!!
ITwins.jpg This user ships Felanie!!!
{{Melanie enthusiast}}
Melanie again.jpg This user is a Melanie Puckett enthusiast!!!
{{Nevel enthusiast}}
Import 000570.jpg This user is a Nevel Papperman enthusiast!!!
79962 3276743784.jpg This user is a self-proclaimed nerd!
69849 3983155268.jpg This user is ready to defend himself with food!
ImagesCAC97JRT.jpg You know you love this user in a tux!
72035 845212817.jpg This user believes in the beavecoon!
{{Arm Wrestling}}
Sam-and-Pete-Thumb-Wrestling-icarly-5561950-480-362.jpg This user loves to ARM WRESTLE!!!
Import 000472.jpg This user just got a lot of money!!!
Iget pranky 05HR.jpg This user loves pulling pranks, and eating bananas!!!
BadBear.jpg This user is a Bad Bear!
Freddie and the bra.jpg This User is a George the Bra Enthusiast!
185px-Images.jpg This User Loves Victoria Justice!
Like.jpg This user will always love Seddie no matter what!!!
SeddieLove.jpg This user is a Seddie Warrior!!! and ships it forever no matter what!
Seddie-sam-and-freddy-6773336-314-301.jpg This user is a Seddie Warrior!!!
Seddie4good.jpg This user *awwed* the moment Freddie and Sam kissed
SeddieSideLook.jpg This user is a 100% Seddie Super Fan!
SeddieHeadShoulderCute.jpg This user cant get enough of Seddie!!!
Tumblr l05kibgGbB1qzi7mco1 250.jpg This user is a Cam Defender!!!
CREDDIE.png This user is a Creddie Crusader!!!
Creddie Kiss 2.png This user loves Creddie forever!!!
Creddie-carly-and-freddie-10068476-300-300.jpg Creddie love!!!
Icarly-promo-pics-01.jpg This user is a neutral shipper!
{{Miniseddie friendship}}
61121531-408741876d06460372a11685906b7d93.4b63a867-scaled - Copydsahfkasd.jpg Seddie Friends!!!
{{Minisam enthusiast}}
73399 274187758.jpg Sam Puckett!!!
{{Minispencer enthusiast}}
Spy Spencer.jpg Spencer Shay!!!
{{Minicreddie friendship}}
SpacePopsicles.jpg Creddie Friends!!!
71976 68406654.jpg Tibby!!!
Ikiss.jpg Seddie!!!
Wam.jpg This User ships Wam!!!
Spencer.jpg This User ships Spasha!!!
9589286.jpg This user ships Fasha!!!
Yeah55.jpg This user ships Cevel!!!
Spencer Veronica.jpg This user ships Speronica!!!
Hugging.jpg This user ships Spug-Nug!!!
Lemonsandlimes.jpg This user ships Jax!!!
Fish feeder 1.png This user ships Spish!!!
Fendy.jpg This user ships Fendy!!!
Jerranda.jpg This user ships Jerranda!!!
Gencer.jpg This user ships Gencer!!!
Wendy2.jpg This user loves Wendy!!!
Its.a.good.picture.of.freddie.dont.delete.jpg This user is a techie!
{{Bad Luck}}
Import 000453.jpg This user has bad luck!
65384 399055588.jpg This user loves hobos!
SamCowboy.jpg This user loves mustaches!
{{Funny Shorts}}
64069 1100030824.jpg This user loves funny shorts!
{{Wahoo Punch}}
We love Wahoo punch!!!.jpg This user loves Wahoo Punch!
{{Fleck and Dave enthusiast}}
70850 2409553908.jpg This user is a Fleck and Dave enthusiast!!!
71716 3878471548.jpg This user loves cupcakes!
{{Creddie Rocks}}
Creddie-carly-and-freddie-9912364-453-604.jpg This user thinks Creddie ROCKS!!!
IChristmasCreddie.jpg This user just wants more Creddie!!!
Cam.jpg This user will always love Cam!!!
Creseddie.jpg This User ships Creseddie!
{{Fat Shakes}}
Fat shake.png This user loves Fat Shakes!
Spencer2.jpg This user loves *Spencer*!!!

Jennette CD.jpg

This user thinks Jennette's voice is magical.
Jennette mccurdy.png This user thinks Jennette is very Beautiful!!!
IPilot.jpg This user became an iCarly fan the same day it premiered!


This user ships Cadam!!!
{{Dan Warp}}
Schneider.jpg This User loves DanWarp
Duck8.jpg This user will not spoil the episode!

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