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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    Now I'm here to discuss weather or not this supposed episode 'iTake A Cruiser' is real.

    I've seen the script next to Jennette in that picture during the filming of iDSAF and the title is definitely there. But the question is, was it filmed on the Nick cruise or has it not gone forward? (maybe due to Miranda's injuries)

    There is also something else that may cause more confusion for all of you (I know it confused me!)

    Australia is having and iCarly/Victorious marathon...normal right? WRONG. It's called iCruise with Victorious! Basically what is different about this marathon is that Jennette, Nathan, Danielle etc are sort of hosting this marathon, of which was filmed on the Nick cruise.

    Here's the promo for it -…

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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    Alright...So as I'm sure you've all heard.. There is some..sorry...ALOT...of fustration and confusion going around at the moment...

    Firstly I'd like to adress the fact that yes...there will be a Seddie arc...and yes it will be 'resolved' BUT what exactly to they mean by 'resolved'? Could it be that we get our own little sweet moment of Seddie and then have it all completely CRUSHED in iBreak Up?

    Secondly...there's also the fact that we could be coming back to 'solve' iSYL as Dan indicated on twitter, in a supposed episode that comes after iMajor Guest which hey...for you Creddiers is absolutely swell isn't it...yeah...thought so...

    But really guys...what is there to solve? Sure Freddie said after Carly has finished her 'bacon' faze maybe they…

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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    I'm at school doing absolutely nothing in Photomedia and thought I'd write a blog about what goes through my mind every day. Bascially about 60% of my life I think about iCarly and the other percentage is Justin Bieber...yeah...I know...bash me all you want but he has got talent ;)

    So lately my obsession with iCarly has been so bad I can't even do homework because I'm too busy thinking, reading fanfics, writing fanfics, and quoting iCarly. So I came up with the fact that I'm suffering from something I like to call Obessive iCarly Disorder OICD. I'm sure most of you have it ;)

    There are many syptoms such as quoting iCarly, wearing red and blue, buying all of the merchendice, singing the theme song, shipping, using iCarly wiki EVERY DAY, stalk…

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  • SomeSortaSeddieFreak

    Hey guys SomeSortaSeddieFreak here :) Or you can just call me Jade I'm cool with that too :)

    Anyway I'll Just get stright to the point...


    Look...basically what I'm trying to say is that everyone is getting a little too obsessed with their shipping. Everyone so focused on the events of iOMG that their begining to lose it...This is directed at EVERYONE. I think the arguments are starting to get a little bit stupid and pointless guys...

    People are forgetting about iCarly, the wonderful comedy show we watch today... What I mean by that is people are more concerned about who freddie should be with than just laughing at spencer lighing something on fire or gibby making another one of his completely stupid and random remarks...It …

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