• Seddie4ever!

    First shouldnt ihire an idiot air before ISTAFW? if you read the plot for IHAI it makes no sense, weird sequence of events. , and besides the icarly cast filmed i hire an idiot before istart a fanwar. I also saw the pic of carly and freddie in the hallway talking, but online it said carly said 'you swore you wouldnt fall in love with me' or something like that. Does this mean neither creddie or seddie happened in isafw? But i also saw a blog post stating that the line is from iSTART A FANWAR and not IHIRE AN IDIOT.

    But anyways moving to my speculation, heres what i think might happen.... First freddie carly and sam will start off filmimg icarly and then they'll put somebody on the moniter who is Adam (carly's love interest) "Hey guys my nam…

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