Hello, I have a few announcments.

1. Pm's are working (for the time being) as of 1:19 EST. (When I wrote this down)

Now onto more important things

TV Reviews Blog

I have this new blog on blogger for TV Reviews. I hope to become famous and stuff.

Art thou have high hopes.

Read it.


Tell her friends.

Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, daughters, sons, aquantinces, twitter followers, enemies, stalkers, hobos from your nieghborhood, hobos from other nieghborhoods are also welcome for telling.

Beware of Link Rape


The next big game will be next week. I will update my other blog after this on details about that. It will be a solo competition, and it will be over the course of a couple days. Not constant playing, just constant challenges. I am modeling after the hunger games, so, even before you start, feel free to make alliances and such. Because you will need them. It will be around 8:00 this Friday, and I will have a bakcup for ruler if I am not there. After that, you have a day to respond to each challenge.

Could an admin please...

delete my last blog, I kind of want it gone. Thank you.

The play...

I had an idea about a wiki play group. Basically we would act out plays on a chat. If I get enough people interested, I can start auditions and such. It will nee commitment to rehearsal times and show/shows. Of course, things happen, so I will give understudy roles too. *I might get people from other wiki's involved.* But I am the director and stuff. Plus the audience CANNOT SPEAK DURING THE PERFORMENE OR YOU WILL BE KICKBANNED. Comment if you think this will be interesting. If I get enough people, I will make the wiki and such. *I will also need an assistant director(s) in case anything happens to me*

EDIT: The play thing is happening. See here

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