• Princess Audrey

    Hi, This is my first blog! ok here's a list of pathetic play and movie. Well not some of them can be pathetic.

    1. The Englishman who's terrible father to his children named Fuffley and Peeta

    2. The Cowboy with a moustache and the Idiot Farmgirl who thought a cowboy's moustache was a squirrel

    3. Moonlight Twi-Blood

    4. Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie

    5. The Blowing

    6. The Prisoner who just wants some soup and the man who refuse to give him some(I'm not sure if is a movie or play?)

    7. The Vampire with gigantic nose and the hobo who thought the vampire's nose was a grapefruit(Same thing to #2 and 8, i think)

    8. The Cowboy with a chicken and the idiot farmgirl who thought a cowboy's chicken was a sportscar(Same thing to #2 and 7)

    Sorry, i'm ranning out of …

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