Hey. So after Dan posted that blog post today all about the upcoming episodes of iCarly in the next season, I've thought of 3 different reasons why I believe it'll be amazing!

1) Seddie!!!- Now, this obviously isn't a reason for everyone but being a Seddie shipper, it makes me extremely excited. Lots of Seddiers have been waiting for this and it's finally happening. I just hope Sam and Freddie don't break up within the beginning of the season but even if they do, I'll still be ecstatic that they actually went out on a date. Even if you're not a Seddier, Dan said, "Whether you're Seddie or a Creddie, trust us - you'll have plenty to be happy about the future of iCarly."

2) Comedy- On his blog, he stated that it's going to make us laugh very hard and the writers and crews have said that the episodes are probably the best ones of the entire show. Previously, I feared that making Seddie happen would lead to them cutting down on the comedy and having more romantic moments. However, if Dan says that we'll "be really happy and laugh alot", I won't doubt him.

3) Guest Stars- I don't know why but I love seeing guest stars on iCarly. I'm obsessed with The Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons and having him on the show is just really awesome. Michelle Obama is also an incredible guest and I'm glad to finally see her on Nick rather than on the Healthy Living segment on Disney.

So, yeah this is why I think Season 5 is going to be one of the best. Tell me in the comments whether you agree or have another reason that I missed.

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