I know this is iCarly but in honor of Harry Potter just coming out, I want to know what's everyones favorite Harry Potter ships! I would ask least favorite, but that could lead to ship warring. Everyones so worried about iCarly ships like, Seddie vs Creddie, so let's talk about a new one.

My favorites in order:

1. Ron/Hermione- (They'll always be my favorite ship overall from any fandom)

2. Sirius/Remus- (I know you're thinking, "What!?" Read fanfictions of them, it's incredible. For some reason I've loved them for forever, I think they're perfect.)

3. Rose/Scorpius- (I love how JK hinted towards them, imagine that, the malfoy and weasley family combining)

(1-3 are the ones that I actually ship, from here down are ones that I just find interesting/like the idea of)

4. Snape/Lily- (After deathly hallows who can't love them)

5. Draco/Hermione- (I'd never want them to actually happen in the books, but I love reading fanfictions of them)

6. Draco/Harry- (I know, another "What!?" one, but it's more of an inside joke between me and my friend).

7. Harry/Luna

8. James/Lily

9. Grindelwald/Dumbledore- (I can't believe they're canon, even if it is one sided, it makes you feel so bad for Dumbledore).

10. Neville/Luna