Just Watched iStart a Fanwar

Well, I can't say I was pleased. A direct quote from the commercial was "Is it Carly and Freddie? Or is it Sam and Freddie? Who belongs together? And this time, you'll finally find out!" Did we find out? NO! The whole episode was just about a bunch of Creddie/Seddie fans screaming at each other over who belonged with who! We didn't actually get the answer! And not only that, but we got a big, DRAMATIC speech from Carly about how "iCarly isn't about romance, it's about comedy; sometimes you should just watch it and share an apple with a friend!" YEAH, RIGHT!

Y'all remember the episode iKiss, iSaved Your Life, and iSpeed Date? Tell me those episodes aren't about romance! Dan Schneider needs to clean up his act or he's gonna lose a LOT of fans.

Edit: Okay, after reading Dan's "apology" and explanation on why he didn't mean to hurt his fans, I am still left with one big question:

There were obviously more than just "mean/violent" fans in the audience. In fact, most of the audience was made up of enthusiastic fans ["SEDDIE!!"]. Most of his fan-base is made up of those kinds of fans. So about the "I was not trying to hurt anyone" deal, why did he say that we were nerds who have no lives? o.0