• Foodysam
    • you just saw me stading there with a blank stare upon my
    • then you asked me for my name and you thought is was insane
    • and that's when you became ny mortal enemy
    • oh you punched , you kicked , you screamed , you've always hated me
    • and yet you've always been my friend since yesterday
    • i don't see how you can be my mortal enemy
    • my dream has come true , i've never hated you
    • it was just a cova for my love that i neva admitted you
    • turns out we wre never mortal enemies

    thx plz comment!!!!!! no flames!20:34, November 6, 2010 (UTC)Foodysam

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  • Foodysam

    yo yo yo . so i just saw the promo for the new big time rush episode. logan and camoile (sorry 4 bad spelling) and now dating when camoile kisses james for a movie but instead they kiss for reals and then logan but break up with her.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kk so here are some seddiers comin up:

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  • Foodysam

    seddie song

    September 25, 2010 by Foodysam

    here is song that i wrote it is so cool:

    rock on mighty seddie warriers rockon rockon

    rock on mighty seddie warriers rockon rockon rockon

    whos love love is shown beyond the stars - its seddie

    whos love that can fly sky high its seddie

    seddie warries fly to the stars and make it all the same !

    seddie warriers stay in the fight so long we've waited for the day!

    dear seddie warriers don't stop fighting have won battle of all 3 seasons

    who will win the war and fight


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