I'm not sure if this subject has already been discussed.

Seddie is my favorite ship on iCarly. It always has been. But to all my fellow Seddie shippers; why are some of you guys so upset with Dan? In iStart a Fanwar, yes the commercials were a bit misleading, but you guys automatically assumed Seddie would happen. If you stop and think about it, why would Seddie happen right now? Sam and Freddie have been bickering for years and it's not like all of a sudden Freddie will confess his love and Sam would fall into his arms. Now in recent episodes almost everyone is bashing them because there's not enough Seddie. I mean, seriously!

iCarly is about comedy, not who gets the guy. Yes, having someone end up with Freddie is fun to think about. But that's not the point here. I personally think iCarly is much funnier than it has ever been. It actually makes me laugh now. I don't like it when people threaten to stop watching iCarly if Creddie happens. It's pretty embarrassing how crazy some of the Seddie fans get over this show. Poor Dan!

Anyways, to all mega Seddie fans, (I hope I haven't offended you too much) Please try to calm down a little bit. If anyone has a different view on this subject, I would like to hear it. Thanks for listening :)