Hey ppl who hate the first day of school this is the perfect blog for you. If you can't bare with the the first day of school and everthing has gone wrong your hair is messed up and your favorite pair of cloths are not clean uhhhh.Well gus try to bare with it is what parents say I say dont put up for turn that day upside down. Wash your cloths get a shower and go to school and be nice be friendly and you will have friends the whole year thats what I did. Even if you don't like them be nice and friendly don't be a bully be nice. If you hate the meanist kid in the schol be nice to them and make them a friend and you will be her/he friend but you dont have to to be mean just be nice to them .At thae end of the year everybody in the grade will be your friend. Rember be nice nice be frienly andd not to be a bully.