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    Space Name Game

    February 18, 2012 by Bori Freak

    OK, so this is my first game blog! Well, first cool game blog...

    Alright, so to play .the game you pic a name from a user from this wiki, but put a couple spaces through it. They can use nicknames, too. And you have to put who you think it is but in a comment. Example:

    Alicia123: Stra_ _ ghtA_arlaa_

    Bori Freak:Uh...IDK (Good thing it's just an example)


    Get it? Got it

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  • Bori Freak

    Nyan Cat farts out rainbows. True story.

    I'm sorry. I just had to make this blog.

    Bori Freak 16:28, January 22, 2012 (UTC)Bori Freak A bigger freak than ya think

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  • Bori Freak

    I just realized that Nyan Cat farts out rainbows. That is all.

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  • Bori Freak

    Heya! So, guess which girl a-who is making an iBalls part 2? This girl a-who! So, you guys can add on!

    • Groovy Smoothie*

    Carly:Guys! *Runs in* Why did you leave as soon as I walked into the apartment and- where's Sam and Freddie?

    Spencer:IDK, Sam saw some chick and ran out. Freddie followed her. Than BOOM I was here with Gibby...until he left. Now I am lonely. So Carly will you stay here with me, so I am not lonely-

    Carly:Bye! *Runs out*

    Sam's House

    Sam:Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no!

    Freddie:Sam, what's wrong?


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  • Bori Freak

    Sam's POV:

    Me, Carls, and Frednub were sitting at the Groovy Smoothie. We were sipping our smoothies and talking about the latest iCarly webcast. "That "Hey, What Am I Sitting On?" was so funny!" Freddie complimented. "Yeah!" Carly agreed. "Yes. I have a very smart butt!" I said. We all started laughing when the new girl at Ridgeway walked behind Freddie, smiling. Freddie didn't notice. "Hey guys!" She shreiked, happily. Freddie jumped. "You startled me!" He yelled. The new girl giggled. "I know!" Carly tried to break the awkward silence. You can always count on Carls, I thought. "Hey, so you're new to Ridgeway, right? What is your name?" Carly asked. "Patty Vonique!" She giggled. "Vonuk?" Freddie asked. I laughed. Vonuk. Haha, that sounds...wrong…

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