This blog is meant for Seddiers, but Creddiers can read if they want to.

So as we all know, Sam and Freddie broke up in iLove You. Don't fret. If anything this arc proved Seddie is possible.

So let's think. What will happen to Seddie now that they have broken up? Well first, there is going to be a lot of awkwardness between them. I mean they just broke up. Any couple will fell awkward after a split. So if you see Sam and Freddie backing away from eachother, or even hating eachother, it is not because they have lost their love, but because they have just broken up. After a few episodes, they will be really good friend because, well, they love each other.

Another thing that might happen is that Freddie might start drooling over other girls, and Sam might be checking out other guys. This is perfectly normal when you are getting over another relationship. They will start looking for someone, so they can get over their hurt feelings. So if you see that happining, don't start complaining and bombarding the Seddie page with useless comments. They will get over it. The small feelings that they might have for others doesn't compare to love. Creddie might happen too for a while, but that doesn't mean that Seddie is hopeless. Remember when the Creddiers thought that they had no hope. Well now some of it has come back.

And when you feel like your ship is getting hopeless, write something about it, a fanfiction, a song, a poem, etc. You could even draw a picture. That is what fandom is for.

So the over all message is be calm and never stop loving your ship.