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  • I live in in a place that I call home. My god that sounds cheesy.
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is a student.
  • I am an octopus;)
  • Booklover101


    November 19, 2011 by Booklover101

    So I found this website called wordle. It takes words, or sentences or phrases and aranges the words in to neat pieces of art. It's very fun to play around with. So I made one with random words that describe me here.


    I couldn't figure out how to save pictures to the computer though so if you figure out how to, pleas let us know :).

    I also made one with SAT (Bleh) words that are used in the critical reading section which make vocab more fun to study.

    Check it out ->

    You should try it and post your creations here.

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  • Booklover101

    Name- I'm not giving it away


    Birthday-August 9

    Eye Color-Brown

    Hair Color-Black



    Favorite Colors-Green! And blue and purple and orange and yellow

    Favorite Food- Um, Samosas :)

    Sports-Dancing! It's a sport.

    Extracuricular Activities-Dancing, Singing, and Piano

    Favorite School Subject-Algebra II! Well actually all math. And that is tied with Biology. But when I get to junior year and we start Pysics, Pysics will be my utmost favorite.

    Least Favorite School Subject-History. Blah

    Grades- Mostly I'm a straight A student, but I've had a few B's

    Music-All music! Except for rap which in my opinion is not music

    One Interesting Fact- Hmm... I 've won a math competition before...

    Another Interesting fact- I can flip my tongue over

    Most Em…

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  • Booklover101

    Hello peoples. Here is my first caption contest for The Chizz Weekly. Just think of a saying that best represents the picture below and I will choose a winner. Good luck!

    (Aren't they adorable!)

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  • Booklover101

    The Future of Seddie

    September 27, 2011 by Booklover101

    This blog is meant for Seddiers, but Creddiers can read if they want to.

    So as we all know, Sam and Freddie broke up in iLove You. Don't fret. If anything this arc proved Seddie is possible.

    So let's think. What will happen to Seddie now that they have broken up? Well first, there is going to be a lot of awkwardness between them. I mean they just broke up. Any couple will fell awkward after a split. So if you see Sam and Freddie backing away from eachother, or even hating eachother, it is not because they have lost their love, but because they have just broken up. After a few episodes, they will be really good friend because, well, they love each other.

    Another thing that might happen is that Freddie might start drooling over other girls, and S…

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  • Booklover101

    Perfect Pairs

    August 1, 2011 by Booklover101

    So I thought since there has been a lot of unwanted tension going around this wiki, we should start a new game. I call it perfect pairs. First somebody will write a comment saying anythin that has a match.

    For example I comment saying


    The next person will probably reply saying

    Peanut Butter

    Here is another example. I comment saying


    The next person replies saying


    So there is the game have fun.

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