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I'm famous for making icons, fanvideos and writing fanfiction. Please stop editing MY page. I don't go around and editing others personal pages. This goes towards everyone.

September 11th-I am now an iCarly wiki admins. I will be fair, but if I see that you are becoming a problem on this site to users, I will take action. Thank you. :)

S31304 This user ships Creddie!!!
SamGibby This user ships Sibby!!!

My favorite pages


CreddieShipper- My official Twitter page.

XOCreddieShipperXO-My official Youtube page. Originally XxCreddieShipperxX.

Fanfiction-My official Fanfiction page.

Live Journal Awards

  • 0002aphz
    Named Best Graphic Maker in an Nathan/Miranda Challenge at creddie_love community. Awards

  • Named Most Friendliest Member
  • Named Best FanVideo Maker

Administrator Positions Held

  • Currently an administrator at Creddie Fans.
  • Also, I am an administrator for the new Creddie fansite called Creddielove.

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#1 BartMAN
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