aka Danielle

  • I live in San Diego, California
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is College Freshman
  • I am Female

About Me

Hello there!

I'm Danielle. I also go by Dani. I'm 17 years old and I live in SD, CA.

All ya need to know about me is that.......

I'm a huge nickelodeon/icarly/seddie shipper :)

But i do respect other ships and people who ship them as well

Fave episodes:

1. iLost My Mind

2. iOMG

3. iCan't Take It

4. iDate Sam and Freddie

5. iKiss

haha they're all seddie episodes :D

Fave characters

1. Sam~ i love her. i'm kind of like sam like i dress like her and i love food soo much and i'm lazy, except i don't get in trouble a lot :D

2. Spencer~ he's funny!! :D

3. Gibby~ Gibbaaayyyy!!!! :D though i kinda miss the gibby who always takes off his shirt. i guess it's cuz he's growing up. but he's still cool :)

4. Carly~ I like her. She's not my favorite but she has some funny moments, especially during the seddie arc :)

5. Freddie~ I'm very sorry if this hurts anyone. freddie is one of my favorite characters but i started to dislike him in iopen a restaurant. i mean, what kind of person says "i love you" to someone then goes back to liking their best friend? and sam was very upset :( sorry but i will like freddie again if he stops flirting with carly and goes back to sam. it's okay for freddie to flirt with carly if he didn't say "i love you" to sam but he did.


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