• I live in England
  • My occupation is School Student
  • I am Female
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About me

Hi. somehow you have ended up my page! Im a 14 year old girl from England who is quite a big fan of iCarly. I would say I am happy, positive girl who is a great listener and the one to cheer everyone up in my group of frineds :-). I am a BIG fan of food and can eat all day - "Momma does love the meat"

Import 000531 This user loves eating Fat Cakes, YEAH!!!
Spencer makes Spaghetti Tacos-1-9 This user loves spaghetti tacos!
71738 3909859952 This user is part of the building watch patrol!
69849 3983155268 This user is ready to defend himself with food!
-282 This user loves to play Boomba!
Seddie 70 This user wants some Bacon!
Fat shake This user loves Fat Shakes!
72035 845212817 This user believes in the beavecoon!
65384 399055588 This user loves hobos!
A5 This user has alot to say

What I Ship

Ikiss This user ships Seddie!!!
Cam This user supports the Cam Friendship!!!
CarlyGibby This user ships Cibby!!!
SpacePopsicles This user supports the Creddie Friendship!!!

Favourite Characters

15ha8n This user is a Carly Shay enthusiast!!!
Nathan = Freddie This user is a Freddie Benson enthusiast!!!
Banana This user is a Sam Puckett enthusiast!!!
T-Bo Donut This user is a T-Bo enthusiast!!!
64352 1419584519 This user is a Guppy Gibson enthusiast!!!
Gibby1 This user is a Gibby Gibson enthusiast!!!
Spy Spencer This user is a Spencer Shay enthusiast!!!

Seddie - My Favourite UserBoxes

Seddieiomgkiss10 This user thinks never is a strong word!
This user thinks Freddie will pick Sam!
2963325981 d6551628341 This user loves the Seddie Love/Hate relationship!
IOMG Kiss 2 Wake up and smell the girlfriend, Benson!

Best Episodes

  • iKiss
  • iTwins
  • iMust Have Locker 239
  • iOMG
  • iDate Sam and Freddie
  • iCan't Take It
  • iTake On Dingo
  • iBloop
  • iWon't Cancel the Show
  • iThink They Kissed
  • iBeat The Heat
  • iHave My Princaples
  • iCarly Awards
  • iLove You
  • iStill Psycho
  • iPsycho
Iomg-16 This user LOVED iOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Not-so-good Episode :/

  • iWant a World Record - Makes me wanna scream "WHYYY????" everytime
  • iHatch Chicks - uhhh..... Really?????
  • iCarly Saves TV - Where do they save TV?
  • iSell Penny-Tees - Need I say anything?

Tumblr ll309jqoM51qeomoho1 500 This user is a Certified Seddie Shipper!

"They say when a girl constantly rips on a guy,

It just means she has a crush on him."

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