aka Ashleigh M.

  • I live in Tampa
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Being A Student
  • I am Female
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73244 439845361754 53523601754 5785451 4627093 n This user LOVES iCarly!!!
Ikiss This user ships Seddie!!!
Cam This user supports the Cam Friendship!!!
Carly &amp; Sam(iCarly Awards) This user ships Cam!!!
Best Player This user ships Spam!!!
Import 000389 This user ships Fencer!!!
Banana This user is a Sam Puckett enthusiast!!!
Spy Spencer This user is a Spencer Shay enthusiast!!!
Jennette McCurdy, ScottPilgrim vs World Premiere 07-27-10 at zimbio-dot-com aUXju3R2bPJl This user loves Jennette McCurdy!!!
Import 000531 This user loves eating Fat Cakes, YEAH!!!
S3220x240-7 This user throws Fat Cakes at joggers!!!
Jen and Nathan on NICK cruise 24000 1298230054243 1185141672 30810980 326956 n This user ships Jathan!!!
Jerrete This user ships Jerrette!
T-Bo Donut This user is a T-Bo enthusiast!!!
SamPucket12 This user loves to dance!
69849 3983155268 This user is ready to defend himself with food!
ImagesCAC97JRT You know you love this user in a tux!
Import 000472 This user just got a lot of money!!!
Iget pranky 05HR This user loves pulling pranks, and eating bananas!!!
BadBear This user is a Bad Bear!
185px-Images This User Loves Victoria Justice!
Like This user will always love Seddie no matter what!!!
SeddieLove This user is a Seddie Warrior!!! and ships it forever no matter what!
Seddie-sam-and-freddy-6773336-314-301 This user is a Seddie Warrior!!!
Seddie4good This user *awwed* the moment Freddie and Sam kissed
SeddieSideLook This user is a 100% Seddie Super Fan!
SeddieHeadShoulderCute This user cant get enough of Seddie!!!
Ikiss Seddie!!!
Spencer This User ships Spasha!!!
Jerranda This user ships Jerranda!!!
Import 000453 This user has bad luck!
We love Wahoo punch!!! This user loves Wahoo Punch!
71716 3878471548 This user loves cupcakes!
Creseddie This User ships Creseddie!
Fat shake This user loves Fat Shakes!
Spencer2 This user loves *Spencer*!!!

Jennette CD

This user thinks Jennette's voice is magical.
Jennette mccurdy This user thinks Jennette is very Beautiful!!!
IPilot This user became an iCarly fan the same day it premiered!
Seddie This User ships Seddie 4eva!
Nevieischeessyy This user Loves Seddie and can't get enough of it!♥ SEDDIE WARRIOR!
Seddiebernie6 This user has OSD!
180px-Seddieschool This user is OWS!
Seddieiptn14 This user knows Sam loves Freddie
Seddieantonio30 They can deny it all they want, we know the truth
Seddie This user thinks that we need more Seddie!!!!
2963325981 d6551628341 This user loves the Seddie Love/Hate relationship!
154952 109729199096622 100001786271106 62327 3024230 n This User is going to tickle a Pinapple!!!
Seddiemeatgolf2 This User Likes Playing Meat Golf!
Seddie 70 This user wants some Bacon!
Tumblr ljghtrsJ4i1qim2f4o1 400 This user loves the iomg Kiss!!!
207539 114019135347299 100002176380830 130985 4801260 n This user thinks Seddie is the most amazing ship on iCarly!!
Tumblr ll309jqoM51qeomoho1 500 This user is a Certified Seddie Shipper!
Seddie300535198 This user KNOWS Freddie Loves Sam!
Kiss525 This user screamed SAY WHAA?? when the Seddie iOMG kiss happened
Seddie123 This user knew Sam was going to kiss Freddie before iOMG Aired!
Fear This user's FAVORITE Seddie song is What Hurts The Most by Rascall Flatts!
Hug o This user loved the Seddie hug! And in sparkly colors!
Seddieiomgkiss10 This user thinks never is a strong word!
00517rq5 This user knows he secretly ♥'s it!
Thislookklol4 He wishes he was dancing with Sam.....
Ep-ispeed-date She wishes that she was in Carly's place.
10 This user can't wait for iDate Sam & Freddie!
ISafw13 This user loves the Seddie guy in iStart a Fanwar!
Omg This user wants to see iLost My Mind NOW!!!!!
Meat! Mighty Seddie Meat Warriors Unite!
-282 This user loves to play Boomba!
Datethedork This user knows Sam wants to date the dork!!!
00111 This user hits the *applause* button for Seddie!!!

My Seddie Userboxes

-68 This user loves the Seddie Moments from the past, present and future!
Seddie Kiss Timeline This user LOVES all of the Seddie kisses even if they haven't happened as yet! <3
IOMG Kiss 2 This user OMG'd when they saw the Seddie kiss in iOMG! <3
200px-IOMG kiss edited Seddie has a special place in this user's heart. <3
002dk2bx This user wants you to ship Seddie, pretty please. :D

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