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About me

Like another user(and maybe others), I'm way past the target demographic of iCarly as well as most shows on Nickelodeon. I'm familiar with Miranda Cosgrove from Drake & Josh, of course, but I'm also familiar with Jennette McCurdy from her riveting performance in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Contagious."

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Who are these people?

My ultimate goal is to find out every obscure guest star who appeared on the show. Many actors were given credit without characters in various episodes. The Internet Movie Database isn't always right about this(and I know, because I also contribute to IMDb on a frequent basis.). I've even tried writing to Dan Schneider himself about this, but he refuses to answer me. The incomplete list of characters I've wondered about include the following;

Random photographic observations

Other stuff

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  • I could use an image of one of the posters from the show reading "I <3 Seattle: City of Rain."

  • Another site with somewhat obscure cast members:

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