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Creddie's cute, too! ;D

The Beavecoon is saving up all of its money for a nose job. He thinks he'll get more dates that way.

Beavecoon... o_O

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Jennette McCurdy's so pretty!

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Seddie lovechild?! WHAT??!!

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Yes, I love you, too!

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iCarly rocks my socks!!! (No joke :D)


Aw, yeah!!! Feel the love!!! ;)

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Poor Miss Briggs...


Like I said, rocks my socks!!!


Yes, we are going out!! ;)

We give the tattoo artist an A+ on Sam's face! (But she gets a D- on Sam's hair!)

Aw! Freddie got a Sam tattoo!!!

Carly Spoon Hat


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I made this on MS Paint; you can tell how bored I am...


God, Nathan is so sexy!!!

About me

"Don't mess with the princess!" ~Cartoonprincess LOL xD

Hello, everyone!!! This is Cartoonprincess, and, as my name implies, I adore cartoons and hope to rule them someday! Anyway, I've been watching iCarly since its premiere, and at first, I didn't like it that much, but Season 2 is what officially got me hooked. To be honest, I didn't really get into the shipping until a little over a year ago. I had always been a Creddie shipper until mid-Season 2, then, I watched iKiss and fell in love with Seddie! I've always found they're bickering so adorable! Although I tend to get pretty opinionated, I really have nothing against Creddie. It's just kind of boring and predictable to me. I love the Creddie Friendship, though. I discovered this wikia very recently, and I feel as though I've watched the show long enough to add my $0.02. Or more like $0.50...sorry, I suck at jokes :/

Some other things you may or may not want to know about me:

1. For some reason, I am very sassy, by nature. I may come across as a little rude when I point things out. So if you are easily offended, I suggest you do not read my posts. I normally don't mean anything by it, though.

2. I have a huge appetite, and enjoy eating out. My favorite restaurants are Mongolian Barbeque, Olive Garden, Johnny Rockets, Panda Express and Red Lobster, just to name a few.

3. I love green tea. XD

4. I turned 20 on Oct. 12th! I can sorta drive now! :3

5. I am a fan of many Schnieder's Bakery shows, like Drake and Josh, Victorious and I was obsessed with Zoey 101, back in the day.

6. I am in love with Nathan Kress!!!!! Well, more like lust, but whatever! I hope I will someday get a chance to meet him.

7. My mind sometimes wanders to an alternate universe where I interact with cartoon characters! I know, I'm pretty messed up....

8. My entire family is from Venezuela, but me and my younger brother are first generation American.

9. I have two best friends: One of them is hilarious and goofy, and we write crazy stories about celebrities together. The other one is very caring, understanding and a good listener. To protect their privacy, I will not mention names.

10. I try not to get all worked up over politics, but I am pro-life (for the most part) and don't believe in carrying guns, even if it's just for self-defense. Please don't judge me, it's just my opinion.

So, yeah, that's me in a nutshell! I'm usually a pretty agreeable person and will try to get along with everybody. GO DAN SCHNIEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite Shows: iCarly (of course), Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Everybody Loves Raymond, George Lopez, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Hey Arnold!, Looney Tunes, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fairly Oddparents, House of Anubis, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons Adventures, The Simpsons, Futurama, among others...

My Favorite Musical Artists: Juan Luis Guerra, Willy Chirino, Mana, Niche, Simon Diaz, Shinedown, Willy Colon, Juanes, Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, Elton John, Bread, Billy Joel and of course, the Beatles!!!

Favorite Episodes: (in no particular order) iThink They Kissed, iPilot, iTwins, iWant More Viewers, iDream of Dance, iLike Jake, iHeart Art, iQuit iCarly, iChristmas, iKiss, iFred, iReunite With Missy, iTake on Dingo, iFight Shelby Marx, iGet Pranky, iWant My Website Back, iMust Have Locker 239, iGo Nuclear, iBelieve in Bigfoot, iCarly Awards, iBloop, iPie, iWanna Stay With Spencer, iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, iMove Out, iHate Sam's Boyfriend, iWill Date Freddie, iSpace Out, iStage an Intervention, iWin a Date, iRue The Day, iHave a Lovesick Teacher, iFix a Popstar, iSpeed Date, iSaved Your Life, iFence, iWas a Paegent Girl, iSam's Mom, iGot a Hot Room, iCook, iWon't Cancel the Show, iHave My Principals, iOMG (duh!)

Least Favorite Episodes:

iLook Alike~Carly was acting like such a spoiled brat in this episode!

iDate a Bad Boy~How could Carly possibly break up with Griffin just because he likes PeeWee Babies!!!??? I think it's cute!

iPsycho~I didn't like Nora, and it got so violent near the end.

iGo To Japan~Highly unrealistic plot.

iBeat the Heat~There was so much hype about this episode that it was impossible for it to meet any of our expectations.

iSaw Him First~Carly was being selfish with a guy, again! Also, horrible ending!!!!

iDo~The main plot was predictable and the subplot was just pointless...

iSell Penny Tees~God, where do I begin!?!? Seddie being demoted? Sam enforcing CHILD LABOR!!??? What the heck!!!??? This episode never should have aired!!!!

iDon't Wanna Fight~Such a stupid fight...

iHatch Chicks~This episode was so bizzare; even for Season 1!

iCarly Saves TV~I must've missed the part where they actually save television.

iStart a Fanwar~Don't get me started! So much wasted potential. Did not deserve to be one hour. I know the show's not all about shipping, but there have been way too many episodes building up to this to just end the show with nothing.

iPity the Nevel~The previews made this episode seem amazing, but having Nevel change so beautifully just to have him change back and yell at a poor man in a wheelchair is unacceptable.

iParty With Victorious~Way too much going on at once and minimal character interaction.

iWant a World Record~This episode always makes me sooo mad every time I watch it! They were so close! Why, Spencer, WHY!!!!!!?????

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