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My Own Similar Ships (S= Seddie; C= Creddie; S/C= Both)

S/C: Mandrake and Venus (OC) (Blue Sky's Epic/Epic: The Series)

  • C: Venus has a huge crush on Mandrake, but is unaware that he loves her back.
  • S/C: They have kissed.
  • S: Venus is sweet and kind to everyone (except the Jinn) like Freddie, while Mandrake is more of a rebel like Sam.
  • S: Mandrake likes to tease Venus, and vice versa.
  • S: Mandrake likes to laze around and watch TV like Sam.
  • S/C: Mandrake looks out for Venus.
  • S: Venus is sneaky and mischievous, like getting a headstart in a race against Mandrake in the series.
  • C: In the movie, Venus defended Mandrake from Ronin, and was injured (Venus was killed) in the process, like in iSaved Your Life.

C: Mars (OC) and Bomba (Blue Sky's Epic fanmade sequel/Epic: The Series)

  • Mars develops a huge crush on Bomba when they first met.
  • Mars and Bomba are both very smart.

S: Cupid (OC) and Pitch Black (Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians)

  • Cupid is very sweet and smart, like Freddie is, while Pitch is mean to others, like Sam is.
  • Despite being enemies, Pitch is in love with Cupid, but she loves E. Aster Bunnymund.

C: Vitawny (OC) and Uncle Max (The Lion King 1 1/2)

  • Vitawny is in love with Max, and ends up in a relationship with him.
  • Max was aware of Vitawny's feelings for him, and accepted (and reciprocated) them.

C: Shenzi (OC) and Chuckie Finster (Rugrats/All Grown Up/LiM Trilogy)

  • Shenzi and Chuckie are best friends.
  • Their unofficial first kiss ends in disaster (Carly is kicked out by Mrs. Benson; Shenzi and Chuckie's braces get tangled together)
  • They remain friends for years before they start going out.
  • Shenzi develops a crush on Chuckie, and feels jealous when seeing him with a girl other than their friends.
  • Shenzi and Chuckie are both very smart, although Shenzi has some moments of ditziness.
  • Shenzi and Carly both like an unusual sustenance (Carly, whipped cream on a carrot; Shenzi, pickle juice.)

C: Venus (OC) and Finn (Blue Sky Studios' Epic)

  • Venus and Finn are friends for years before going out.
  • They are both intelligent and friendly.
  • Venus has a crush on Finn before they start dating.


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