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Hey, I'm just a regular iCarly fan. It's one of my favorite scripted TV shows along with Fraiser, Modern Family and Victorious.

I'm mainly on the iCarly Wiki to try and clean up the pages that need technical edits like grammar, spelling, wording, etc. I do update pages when I find information that is not included, but there are so many fans on this site that there's often not a lot to add. I find myself removing tons of unnecessary categories these days, so please just don't add categories that are not the main topic of the article to spare me the trouble.

I make userboxes by request, especially if you provide me with a photo to use. Just leave a message on my talk page and I'll get back to you.

I have shipped Seddie ever since I discovered the iCarly wiki and pairings. I think their love/hate relationship is really cute and I feel bad for Sam for always being second to Carly. Recently I've started liking Cam more and I would be happy if they got together but I still prefer Seddie.

In terms of Victorious, I either want the show to end with Jori and Bat or Cade and Tandre. I really can't decide between those two options.

My favorite iCarly main plots are iKiss, iHave My Principals, iMust Have Locker 239, iBelieve in Bigfoot, iOMG, and iThink They Kissed. My favorite subplots are definitly "Assassin" from iSaved Your Life and when Freddie and Spencer play "What am I?" in iWas a Pageant Girl.

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My friends are Tastytape, Roxas82 and SunriseDaisy.

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