The Therapy Box is a room inside a therapist's room that was seen only in iSam's Mom. It is very small and used as a treatment to help people get along and settle their arguments without any distractions to prevent them from doing so. In iSam's Mom, it was revealed to be a new technique that therapists were trying out.


Sam Puckett and her mom had to stay in the therapy box for nine hours while they were fighting in iSam's Mom, driving the therapist treating them off the wall because they couldn't get along. It has a small bathroom next to it, although it is never actually shown during the episode (the door to it is shown). When Sam didn't call or text Carly for nine hours, she decided to check up on Sam and Pam to see how things were going. When she found the two arguing in the therapy box, she asked the therapist to be let in and, as a result, was locked in with them. Due to her claustrophobia, Carly begins to freak out and Sam tries to calm her down. Sam demands that Sam and Pam make up so that she can get out of the therapy box, and they do so, admitting that they love each other but find it difficult to admit so.

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