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The Floors (which is also the subplot for IGet Banned) is the fictional band Freddie and Gibby claim to be in, in order to impress two girls. Sam gets them a gig at the Groovy Smoothie, but their musical talent is limited. In order to keep themselves from being publicly humiliated, Freddie came up with the plan to start a fake fight right during the gig, breaking up the band before it ever plays. However, Gibby doesn't follow the plan exactly and accidentally knocks Freddie out for real.


  • Both Freddie and Gibby are left-handed, however, they play their guitars right-handed, as seen in the photo.
  • Under pressure from Sam, Freddie is forced to invent the name "The Floors" for his and Gibby's band. This may be a reference to American rock band "The Doors".

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