The Fencin' Bensons
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Freddie Benson's great-grandfather


Tingling Brothers

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iStill Psycho

The Fencin' Bensons were a group of talented fencers who were very popular. They performed for the Tingling Brothers Circus. Their presumably best fencer was a Freddie Benson's great-grandfather. In fact, all of the fencers are Freddie's ancestors: the group consisted of Freddie's great-grandfather, his brother and seven of their cousins.


  • The "Tingling Brothers Circus" is a parody of the Ringling Brothers Circus.
  • Freddie's great-grandfather's last name is Benson but he is on Freddie's mother's side of the family. This either means the writers either overlooked the issue or Freddie received his last name from his mother's side of the family, which is unusual.
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