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The Adventures of Super Bra is a fake movie trailer the iCarly crew plan to de

Aosb icti.png

but as a segment on their next webcast in the episode iCan't Take It. Clearly a parody of big-budget super hero summer blockbusters, The Adventures of Super Bra stars a rather unlikely hero as the film's protagonist - George the Bra.

At the beginning of iCan't Take It, Freddie strolls into Carly's bedroom announcing that he's done putting the finishing touches on iCarly's latest fake movie trailer. Carly, Sam, and Freddie then watch the trailer on Carly's vanity mirror TV. Although Sam and Freddie find the trailer hilarious, Carly rightly complains that Freddie, in deference to his new girlfriend Sam, has edited Carly out of the sketch. Carly then asks Freddie to re-edit the trailer so as to give her a little more "screen time."


The trailer begins with several shots of two Sunshine Girls (Carly and Sam) playing patty-cake while tending a lemonade stand. The camera then focuses on Spencer, dressed as a "lanky thug," who threatens The girls with a steel pipe if they don't hand over their money jar to him.

Seeing the girls' distress, "Super Bra" (i.e. George the Bra suspended by several very obvious wires) orders the hoodlum to return the money jar to its rightful owners. When Spencer's character refuses to do so, Super Bra beats Spencer across the face using "two cups of justice."


  • "You got change for a steel pipe?"
  • "I ain't afraid of no bra!"
  • "Prepare for two cups of justice!"


  • The unedited version can be seen online.