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! This article is about the iCarly.com blog. For the iCarly sketch, see Tech Time with Freddie.

Tech Time with Freddie! is an iCarly.com blog written by Freddie Benson where he answers questions from fans.


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Tech Time with Freddie!
The Fredster is back! So, I haven't blogged in awhile because it's been kind of crazy around here... you know how that goes. Anyway, I thought it was about time for another edition of "Tech Time with Freddie"! For the next 2 hours, I'll be live blogging and answering questions from all you techy iCarly fans out there. So if you wanna know ANYTHING -- like how I switch from camera A to B with my remote switcher or how I calibrate my sound board... ya know any tech stuff you're dying to know, just ask! And here we go!

Question from RidgewayGrl13:

Hey Freddie, what's up with Sam? We heard at school that something's going on between you two.

My Answer:

Hi RidgewayGrl13, I don't talk about my personal life on iCarly.com unless Carly or Sam makes me. Since neither are here at the moment… you'll get nothin' out of me. Besides this is "Tech Time with Freddie." I'm only answering tech questions. Next Question!

Question from iCarlyfan22:

So my cousin said she saw you and Sam kiss at the lock-in. Is that true?

My Answer:

First of all, this is SUPPOSED to be "Tech Time with Freddie." That is not a technical question. Second of all, is your cousin invisible? 'Cuz there was no one else around that night! I mean…uh…what? Next question?

Question from FloppieHats:

Hey, Freddie! What temperature do you keep the iCarly studio? Hot? Speaking of hot? Is your relationship with Sam heating up?

My Answer:

The iCarly studio is actually kept cold to protect the electronic equipment. As for your other question, it is NOT techy enough for me to answer.

Question from Seddiefreak:

Hi, I met you at Webicon and I just wanted to say I was right about SEDDIE!!!

My Answer:

First of all, that is not a question. Second of all, that is not TECHY at all! Third of all, who says you're right??? I didn't say you're right!

Question from Gibby:

Dude, I heard this weird rumor about you and Sam. Did you guys... buy a horse together? And are you keeping that horse in your apartment? Cuz that's awesome if you did! What are feeding it? And what's it's name? Can I play with your horse?

My Answer:

Gibby, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Okay, so much for this edition of "Tech Time with Freddie." Yeah, I might not be taking anymore questions for awhile.

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