Backflesh at the Shay's Apartment

Take Me Back is a Backflesh hit song featured in the iCarly episode iAm Your Biggest Fan.

It was originally sung by the members of Backflesh with Spencer Shay playing drums. The band decided to fire Spencer after they realized he was an awful drummer, even after he got them a gig on Seattle Beat. After they kicked Spencer out, they stole his drums to add insult to injury.

In a karmic blow, a major iCarly superfan, Amanda Valdez (Mandy), heard this song on the radio, went to see them live on Seattle Beat, and claimed to be their biggest fan (even though she couldn't say Suzay's name right), interrupting their performance. She proceeded by giving them personalized cookies like she made for iCarly. Backflesh tried to call the police and get her arrested.


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