Superintendent Gorman

Harold Gorman is the superintendent of all the Seattle Public Schools. Although he played an important role, he only appeared in iHave My Principals.

Ms. Briggs and Mr. Howard often defend him so that they can keep their jobs. He has a very deep voice and very visible Adam's apple, which "amazes" Sam.

He is portrayed by Weston Blakesley.


He has a major role in the show as the superintendent of the Seattle Public Schools and Principal Ted Franklin's boss, who temporarily fired him and replaced him with Ms. Briggs and her co-principal Mr. Howard. He is disliked by the iCarly cast, who formed a plan to show him that the two new co-principals aren't capable of running a high school. After Mr. Howard and Ms. Briggs were unable to stop the riot of the students in the hallway, and after his crazy ride on the mechanical bull that Spencer disposed of, he re-hired Principal Ted Franklin after he stopped the riot using a bullhorn.


As a superintendent, he is very strict. He is also shown to be quite unreasonable, for example, firing a principal only because he appears as a guest on iCarly, and does stuff he doesn't approve of, like sitting on fudge balls because he was playing a game called "What am I sitting on?" He also doesn't like children telling him his business. Despite his personality, he is shown to have a kind side, as he rehired Ted his job. He is also shown to be afraid sometimes, as he is terrified of the mechanical bull after he is forced to ride it, even though the bull was unplugged.