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Sunshine Girls.

The shy young Sunshine Girl, Emily.

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The Sunshine Girls is a parody of the Girl Scouts. It is featured in the episode iOwe You in the original series, and in iNeed Space in the 2021 revival.

Spencer helps a young Sunshine Girl, named Emily, win a bicycle by selling the most Fudge Balls in her troop. During his efforts, however, he is harassed by two older Sunshine Girls, who steal his place at a local supermarket.

Sam had asked iCarly fans to send her money, (so that she could pay off a debt to Carly and Freddie), unaware that it is illegal to solicit money from minors over the Internet, unless a product or service is provided in return.

Spencer came up with the idea of sending Fudge Balls to all of the viewers, so that Sam could keep the money and Emily would win her bicycle.



  • The Sunshine Girls and Fudge Balls are a take on the real life Girl Scouts and their cookies.
  • Sunshine Girls also appeared in the Victorious episode "Tori the Zombie". They can be aggressive. However, they ran away when Tori came up to two of the girls with her zombie face.
  • In IOwe You Spencer mentions that Carly used to be a Sunshine Girl when she was younger.
  • In iCan't Take It, Carly and Sam pretend to be two Sunshine Girls harassed by a lanky villain (played by Spencer) in the fake movie trailer called The Adventures of Super Bra.
  • In the iCarly.com iCan't Take It gallery it reveals Sam was a Sunshine Girl but actually got kicked out of the Sunshine Girls for destroying a lemonade stand with a lead pipe.
  • Sunshine Girls have both been mentioned on other Nickelodeon Shows like Drake & Josh and Victorious. They have also been mentioned on Disney Channel shows like That's So Raven!, Cory in the House, Sonny With A Chance and So Random!.
  • According to Kiki, there is a class action lawsuit to change the name of Sunshine Girls, so that they are no longer referred to as "girls."[1]
  • iNeed Space
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