SplashFace is a parody of YouTube, and also email address account question in the iCarly universe world.

It has been mentioned at least once in all Seasons of iCarly and Victorious.

If you type the URL, you'll be redirected to the page for Victorious (originally it redirected to, but that has now been changed as of 2018 due to Dan Schneider leaving Nickelodeon).

There are many fanmade SplashFace pages that can be seen below.


The most realistic SplashFace logo.

Screen shot 2011-05-17 at 6.35.23 PM (iPilot)

What videos can be found on SplashFace:
  • Carly and Sam making fun of Ms. Briggs' pointy boobs
  • Fred is dead
  • World's Fattest Priest Jump Roping Without Shirt On.
  • Fred Goes Swimming
  • The School Talent Show
  • Carly Shay Calls Out Shelby Marx
  • Shelby Disappointed in Carly Shay
  • Hate Me, Love Me videoclip
  • Ginger Fox washes her hair... with blue cheese!
  • Hamster in My Pasta
  • The Foot who talks (removed and re-uploaded as Talking Feet)
  • Ginger Fox PMAs performance
  • Spencer Shay's 20 second movie The Alien, The Space Hamster, and the Burrito
  • Nevel's fake press conference video which is about 
    The fake Splash Face

    The real SplashFace from iPity the Nevel

    Carly and Sam planning to push Shelby's grandmother down
  • Marta Trundel's SplashFace page
  • Nevel yelling at a little girl.

Accessing SplashFace Yourself

There are several fan-made SplashFace pages that are made to resemble the same fictitious page seen on iCarly. They are seen below with a link and picture. Feel free to add your own.