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"You're hot, you're a wedding guest and at some point you gave me your number!"
— Spencer to Harper in IRobot Wedding

Spencer and Harper are main characters of iCarly (2021). They are neighbors and live in Bushwell Plaza.


Spencer and Harper know each other through their relationship with Carly. When Carly invited Harper to be her roommate, Harper and Spencer become neighbors.

Harper and Spencer don't always see eye to eye. Harper sometimes doesn't take him and his art seriously, and she referred to him as "a ding-dong." Despite the two not being particularly close, Spencer cares what she thinks about his sculptures and seeks her approval.



Additional Names

Nicknames for each other


Season 1 Moments

iStart Over

  • Spencer wanted Harper's approval of his sculpture and even tried adding her sunglasses to it.
  • Harper says the sculpture is great even if she doesn't like it.
  • Spencer wants Harper to like his sculpture as if to impress her.

iHate Carly

  • When Spencer returns and says he can't see, Harper jokingly says "too bad, I'm super naked".
  • Spencer asks Freddie if Harper really is naked and says it so casually that its almost like the thought of it doesn't bother him.

iRobot Wedding

  • Spencer and Harper dance at Nevel's wedding
  • Spencer and Harper compete to see who can get the most phone numbers from wedding guests.
  • Spencer calls Harper hot.
  • Spencer accidentally puts Harper's number in his phone.

i'M Cursed

  • Spencer tells Harper to come upstairs as he has something important tell her about Carly's birthday plans.
  • Harper tells Spencer that her idol came to her work and that she froze, as she didn't know what to say.
  • Spencer invites Harper's idol to Carly's birthday party at his apartment so that Harper can have a do-over.

iLove Gwen

  • Spencer and Harper played pool table together.
  • Spencer and Harper got competitive together to get the prize from Millicent's school play.
  • Spencer and Harper got their blue ribbon and got promoted to become co-chair for the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) at Ridgeway Junior High.

Season 2 Moments

iGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now

  • Spencer tells Harper she smells like an angel.

iObject, Lewbert!

  • They sit next to each other in court.

iHire a New Assistant

Harper helps Spencer turn The Groovy Smoothie into Shay What?!

iThrow a Flawless Murder Mystery Party

  • They both want to leve Freddie's birthday party early to be with their dates.
  • They stand next to each other when dancing.
  • Spencer says he and Harper will both die alone and she agrees with him.
  • They both find out that they were actually matched with each other under other names and are each other's date.



Harper: Ugh. The straights. Engagement, bridal shower, bachelor, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, wedding, post-wedding brunch, if you haven't had seven parties celebrating your conformity to social norms, did you even get married?
Spencer: I'm with you on the showers, but rehearsal dinners hold a solemn purpose to pick out who you want to hook up with at the wedding. I regret I have but one Spencer to share with so many lonely women.
Harper: Uh-uh. Not having it because at this wedding, you'll be sharing the lonely women with me, and I'm the undisputed queen of wedding hook-ups.
Spencer: Undisputed? I dispute it.
Harper: Is that a challenge? (iRobot Wedding)

Spencer: Let's see who gets the most phone numbers by the end of the weekend, then we'll know who's the true hook-up king... Gender-neutral monarch.
Harper: Winner plans a date that the loser has to go on.
Spencer: Bet... Wait, this is unfair. You have twice as many targets because you go both ways.
Harper: Always, and... ha ha... I know that you didn't just try to insinuate that you're at a disadvantage because you're straight.
[Harper and Spencer awkwardly laugh and shake hands]
Spencer: No.
Harper: I didn't. I thought so.
Spencer: That would be crazy. (iRobot Wedding)

Harper: Give me your phone, what are their names?
Spencer: Right there. Hot wedding guest one, hot wedding guest two, hot wedding guest three-
Harper: That's my number! You reprogrammed me.
Spencer: You're hot. You're a wedding guest, and at one point, you gave me your number. (iRobot Wedding)



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