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"Dude, if I didn't have a little crush on you, you'd be falling for my baseball bat to your face bit!"
Sam confessing her crush to Spencer.

Best Player.jpg

Spam is the romantic/friendship pairing of Spencer Shay and Sam Puckett (Sp/encer and S/am). Its rival ships include Seddie, Cam, Sibby, and, on a smaller scale, Fencer. The two of them seem to be very close friends, and Sam likes Spencer very much, but Spencer sometimes gets annoyed when Sam eats all their food (mostly his food) or deletes his favorite shows just because she feels like it. Sam, like Spencer, has artistic talent (as demonstrated by her elaborate doodles in iHate Sam's Boyfriend, iDate A Bad Boy, and iMust Have Locker 239), and they discuss this from time to time. They have known each other for a long time now. Sam also helps Spencer with his art projects at various times. They can both be a bit eccentric. They might be a little closer than brother and sister, or even friends, considering they often hang out and do some things together, even when neither Carly or Freddie are around. They sometimes seem to have more patience for each other than they do for most other characters - especially Sam for Spencer.

This pairing is generally considered very unlikely to go any further than a friendship on the show, mainly because there is a major age difference between the 2 of them (12 years), and iCarly is on a kids/teens network. Despite this fact, many people still ship Spam romantically.

In iGet Pranky, Sam finally admits that she has a slight crush on Spencer. Spencer mentions it once again in iToe Fat Cakes, even though it has been awhile since Sam has mentioned her crush. 

In the finale of the show, iGoodbye, Spencer unexpectedly gives Sam a motorcycle they have spent the entire episode fixing. When she asks him, "Why would you give it to me?" he says, "Because you're a great best friend to my little sister. And you have a good heart. And you deserve it."

Spam Moments:

Season 1




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Spam on iGoodbye! :D

Spam ipilot.png
  • Spencer returns home after Carly, Sam, and Freddie have decided to start their own webshow, carrying the two halves of a nude female mannequin under his arms. Carly runs up to Spencer to ask him if she can use the third floor of the apartment as their studio, then before letting him answer, thanks him for giving permission. Passing him on her way up the stairs, Sam points at Spencer and tells him, "You rock!"
  • Seeing the iCarly trio jumping up and down with glee, Spencer joins them and asks why they are so happy. Sam brags to Spencer that over thirty-seven thousand people watched the premiere iCarly webcast. Looking straight at Sam, Spencer exclaims, "Get out!"
  • Sam suggests throwing a party to celebrate iCarly's successful debut, and Spencer agrees.
  • Sam and Spencer both wear shirts with Asian writing on them.

iWant More Viewers

  • When Carly announces that she is serving her "special spaghetti" for dinner, Spencer and Sam mumble, "Yay" unenthusiastically at the same time.
  • Spencer and Sam sit across from each other during dinner. Spencer asks Carly, Sam
    Spam Sam Spencer iWMV.png
    , and Freddie why they should care how many people tune into the iCarly webcast. Sam reminds Spencer that he is an artist and asks, "Do you want two people to see your sculptures or two million?" Spencer replies, "Two million."
  • Later, after Spencer tells Freddie he'll help him with their contest, Sam asks, "You're not still dating that girl?" "No, she only liked me for my socks," Spencer admits. "That's weird," Sam says. Spencer pulls up his pant leg, shows off his socks, and asks, "Is it?"
  • Normally a sore loser, Sam presses the applause button on her remote and concedes defeat graciously to Spencer when he activates the "Please go online to iCarly.com" sign successfully over the interstate.
  • At the end of the episode, Sam takes Spencer's hand when she brings him over to the computer to show him some comments on the iCarly website.

iDream of Dance

  • Overhearing Sam, Carly, and Freddie groaning because they have twenty-eight more dancing videos to evaluate that night, Spencer bounds into the living room, wondering what they're all grumbling about. Sam replies that they're "trying to find cool dancers to show on iCarly." Excited, Spencer want

    The "firecracker."

    s to know if relatives are eligible to audition.
  • Spencer describes his firecracker dance to Sam, Carly, and Freddie as a "firey explosion of flailing limbs and floppy passion."
  • When Spencer asks them if they want him to demonstrate his firecracker dance, Sam answers, "Sure."
  • Sam clearly fights the urge to smile at Spencer during their entire conversation about his firecracker dance.
  • Spencer is disappointed that the kids are too tired to watch him perform his firecracker dance, especially after he went to so much trouble to find his "special helmet."
  • Sam teasingly says to Spencer that his colorful helmet makes him "look like a ladybug," which bruises his feelings somewhat.

iLike Jake

Whoops, wrong tube.

  • Sam walks into the Shay apartment when Spencer is making a plaster cast of his head, and obviously finds it weird. Spencer explains to her that he's making a plaster cast of his head to put on his body sculpture. Sam replies sarcastically, "Of course you are," implying how crazy she thinks Spencer acts sometimes.
  • As she goes upstairs to leave, Spencer asks her to pour some coffee through his "drink hole." Sam awkwardly agrees to do so and answers with a cringe, "Sure, what are friends for?"
  • Sam then tries to give Spencer some coffee through the tube, but Spencer unkonwingly gives her the tube for breathing instead of the one for drinking (he really should've labeled those things). He then coughs and Sam's arms and legs jiggle. She looks, wondering what's going on.
  • Suddenly, a bubbling sound is heard. Spencer gags loudly and spits the coffee back up the breathing tube, making Sam jump back. It's here the two, especially Spencer, realize it was the wrong tube. With an awkward smile, a speechless Sam fails to repress a giggle when he does this.

iWanna Stay With Spencer

  • On the iCarly webcast, Sam introduces Spencer as "an amazing artist" who will now exhibit "his coolest [art project] ever," the Fan of Hammers.
  • Sam is much more effusive in her praise of Spencer's artwork than Carly is, calling the Fan of Hammers his "latest masterpiece." In this way, she implies that he creates masterpieces on a regular basis.
  • After Spencer unveils the hammer sculpture to the iCarly audience with much fanfare, he tells Sam to hit the applause button on her remote, which she happily does.
    Spam Sam Spencer iWSWS.png
  • When Spencer fires up the motor on the Fan of Hammers, Sam sincerely gushes to the camera that she thinks the sculpture is "fan-tastic!"
  • Carly starts pacing around the iCarly studio when she finds out Granddad Shay wants her to come live with him in Yakima because he thinks Spencer is too irresponsible a guardian for Carly. Sam tells Carly to chill out, but Carly says she can't relax until her grandfather is convinced Spencer is a dependable adult. Sam quips in response, "Yeah. Good luck with that." However, the mirthful expression on her face suggests that Sam doesn't intend her comment as a slight against Spencer.
  • Sam is the one who proposes the she, Carly, and Freddie come up with a way for Granddad Shay to see that Spencer is a good guardian, which indicates that Sam really does see Spencer as a responsible adult. Ultimately, they decide that Carly should act rebellious in front of her brother and grandfather so that Spencer will have to discipline her in front of Granddad Shay.


  • After Carly's disastrous interview with Nevel, the iCarly crew meet over at the Shay apartment to regroup. When Freddie asks incredulously, "Nevel's only eleven?" Sam retorts, "Yes, now stop
    Toasty bites the dust iNevel.png
    speaking." Spencer can be seen in the background smirking at this remark, indicating that he found her comment cute or amusing.
  • Although Spencer is clearly upset that his butter sculpture melted, he never gets angry at Sam directly for turning up the temperature in the apartment while he was with Carly over at Nevel's house. Instead, he assures Sam that "it's okay" she ruined his sculpture, then runs off to the grocery store to buy more butter for a do-over. He doesn't even make Sam clean up the mess she made.

iScream On Halloween

  • Sam blurts, "Whoa, daddy!" when she perceives the giant pumpkin Spencer bought
    Spam isoh.png
    from Socko sitting just outside of Spencer's kitchen. Sam's remark is especially significant, given that she often refers to herself rather pompously as "Momma."
  • Despite her screaming, Sam can't help but smile as Spencer gets "pumpkin guts" all over her while carving his enormous pumpkin with a chainsaw.
  • Just as Sam and Carly are on the point of signing off their "Halloween-y" episode of iCarly, Spencer walks through the door of his apartment, soiled in pumpkin pulp. Sam smiles at seeing him, and Carly invites him to say a few words to the viewers to close the webcast.

iSpy a Mean Teacher

  • Out of the many females Spencer knows, he asks Sam to model for him. His request is, thus, quite a compliment to Sam.
  • When Sam asks why Spencer didn't ask his girlfriend Connie to model for him, he explains

    "I get lonely..."

    that he broke up with her because she was "juggling for other guys." Sam awkwardly shows sympathy.
  • Under Spencer's close gaze, Sam straightens her posture while sitting on the modelling stool and smiles broadly. Spencer's face lights up when she does this, and he exclaims, "Yes!" while pointing at her.
  • Spencer appears impressed with Sam's modelling abilities, as he asks her while working, "So this is seriously the first time you've ever modelled for a sculpture?"
  • Sam seems understandably hurt when Spencer ends up sculpting a fish instead of her. When she asks why she´s still there, he answers, "I get lonely..."

iWill Date Freddie

  • To prevent Marissa from hijacking Freddie's upcoming date with Valerie, Carly offers her brother Spencer to prepare a spaghetti tacos entree for Valerie and Freddie's dinner. Although both Marissa and Freddie look up at Carly in disgust at the mention of spaghetti tacos, Sam does not.
    Spam iwdf.png
  • While spying on Freddie during his first date with Valerie, Sam is also spying on their "server" Spencer.
  • Spencer selfishly eats the pudding he had whipped up for Freddie and Valerie's dessert, which is the exact kind of thing Sam would do.
  • When Spencer argues with the "Girl Sprout" on the phone trying to sell him and Carly cookies, Sam watches him for an unnecessarily long time when he asks the girl, "Wait - how much for the twin mints?"
  • Sam and Spencer's hands are very close together as they are eating out of the same area of the watermelon half at the end of the episode.

iWant a World Record

  • While helping Sam carry Freddie's media cart down and back up the stairwell of Bushwell Plaza, Spencer whines about how heavy the cart is, yet Sam never chastizes him for his compl

    Wake up, Spencer!

    aints once.
  • When Spencer falls asleep during the marathon iCarly webcast, Sam insists on waking him up. She duct tapes an airhorn, throws it into the elevator, then sends the blaring airhorn down to Spencer.
  • Even though it was Spencer's fault the iCarly webcast didn't break a world record, Sam doesn't chew him out for his snafu like she would have done had it been anyone else's fault.
  • Sam, Freddie, and Carly warmly congratulate Spencer on getting into the Jonas Book of World Records even before he offers to share the credit for building the sculpture with them.

iRue the Day

  • Spencer proudly shows Sam, Carly, and Freddie the autograph Tom Higgenson (of the Plain White T's) wrote on Spencer's back.
    Spam Sam Spencer Tom Higgenson iRTD.png
  • Sam butts in front of Carly to read the message Tom Higgenson wrote in black marker on Spencer's bare back.
  • The gift Carly and Spencer's dad sent to Spencer is a two foot-long Italian meat stick (though Col. Roger Morgan ate part of it). Spencer thus shares a deep love of meat with Sam.
  • When Carly announces on the iCarly webcast that her brother Spencer saved Tom Higgenson from being injured by a falling menu sign, Sam pushes the applause button on her remote, smiles, and points to a goofy picture of Spencer in the top-right corner of the screen.

iPromise Not to Tell

  • Fully expecting Carly to ace the history report she worked so diligently on, Spencer creates a giant sculpture to celebrate his sister earning straight A's for the semester. When Carly admits that the implacable Mr. Devlin only gave her a B+ on the assignment, Spencer agrees that Devlin is extremely strict, chiming in that he once gave Spencer detention for playing with his fruit in the cafeteria. Sam and Freddie can be seen in the background smiling a few seconds later, presumably at what Spencer just said.
    Spam ipntt.png
  • Unable to bear the guilt any longer, Carly runs out in the middle of the webcast and confesses to Spencer what Sam did to "improve" the iCarly trio's grades and how Carly and Freddie then tried to cover Sam's shenanigans up. Interestingly, Spencer doesn't get the least bit angry with Sam for getting his sister into trouble and, ultimately, causing her so much stress.
  • In a gentle tone, Spencer wisely admonishes both Carly and Sam that doing the right thing by confessing to Principal Franklin what they did is more important than keeping a promise, even when one has "ankle sworn" to keep quiet. When Spencer glances meaningfully over at Sam while saying this, an uncharacteristically silent Sam sadly rolls her eyes and looks down at the floor in guilt.
  • Glibly watching Carly and Freddie stew for several days over their altered grades, Sam finally decides to come clean to Principal Franklin about hacking the school's computer only after the mild chiding she gets from Spencer.

iAm Your Biggest Fan

  • Sam is, arguably, the one most enthusiastic about the benchseat from the '66 Ford

    Sam, irritated at Mandy hugging Spencer.

    Spencer re-upholstered as a prop for the iCarly studio. Sam smiles practically the whole time Spencer showcases the Seat of Sitting's features, which include built-in cup-holders, working police lights, and sound effects console.
  • Sam appears jealous and irritated when Mandy Valdez repeatedly hugs Spencer around the waist after the iCarly webcast she attended as the show's first live audience member concludes. For his part, Spencer keeps looking over in Sam's direction as Mandy continues to embrace him.
  • Sam's reason for wanting to spend the night at Carly and Spencer's place (because her mom is supposedly breaking in a new bikini) is extremely lame, yet Spencer grants Sam permission to crash at the Shay loft anyway and without hesitation.

iHeart Art

  • Spencer says the Seattle Art Community is looking for great and unknown artists. Carly says he is a great artist and Sam says, "And you're definitely unknown." Spencer looks at her and says, "Thank you" sarcastically.
  • Sam understands that Spencer is worried about the gallery not liking his sculptures. Sh
    Spam Sam Spencer Elephicycle iHA.png
    e explains to Carly and Freddie that "all creative people worry their stuff's lame. It's an artist thing."
  • Sam laughs and claps her hands with delight at seeing Spencer's look of astonishment when his hero Harry Joyner materializes in the Shay apartment.
  • Sam comes up with the idea of showing Spencer's sculptures on iCarly, and then she and Carly actually showcase them on the show.
  • During the "virtual art exhibit" on the iCarly webcast, Sam refers to Spencer's whimsical creations as "awesomely cool sculptures."
  • Sam seems to be worried about Spencer when he's depressed.
  • When Spencer announces to the iCarly trio that he's getting a "real job" as a dental assistant, it's Sam who protests his decision, telling him with great sincerity, "You're an artist!"

iHate Sam's Boyfriend

  • Spencer has never shown to be supportive of Sam's serious romantic attachments, including Jonah and later Freddie (iThink They Kissed, iOMG (story arc) and iQ)
  • Spencer doesn't seem too thrilled when Carly and Freddie inform Spencer that Sam has a new boyfriend and that he's the only thing she can think about. Instead of expressing happiness that Sam

    "Why don't you stay for dinner, and RIP MY HEART OUT?"

    has finally found someone, Spencer trivializes her intense feelings for Jonah as a "honeymoon phase," possibly implying that her feelings for Jonah will soon flame out.
  • Rather oddly, Spencer compares Sam's love for Jonah to Spencer's own short-lived infatuation with one of his many ex-girlfriends, Jennifer.
  • Though justifiably upset with Jonah for wrecking the claymation movie, Spencer comes down on Jonah much harder than other people who have wrecked Spencer's artistic creations. When Spanky Stimbler's son demolished Socko's birthday cake (iStakeout), Spencer merely mumbled in shock, "You ate my sock cake. Why would you eat my sock cake?" Also, when Sam accidentally melted Toasty the Baker by turning up the temperature in the apartment (iNevel), Spencer assured her that "it's okay."
  • During his row with Jonah over the ruined movie set, Spencer yells, "Why don't you stay for dinner, and RIP MY HEART OUT?" Given that Sam and Jonah are currently dating, Spencer's comment about having his heart ripped out by Jonah may have a Spam subtext.
  • Spencer smiles and nods grimacingly when Sam squees, "Aww, how cute is he [Jonah]?"
  • Spencer laughs uproariously when he finds out Sam broke up with Jonah and has been wedgie-bouncing him for the past two hours.

iHatch Chicks

  • When Carly tells Spencer to turn up the temperature in the apartment to ninety degrees to keep the missing chicks warm, Spencer repeats incredulously, "Ninety degrees?" Sam sneer
    Spencer saves a chick iHC.png
    s, "No, ninety pickles. Yes, ninety degrees!" Spencer looks wounded and snivels, "No need to be hurtful."
  • While trying to free a chick stuck in the pipe under the sink, Spencer accidentally turns on the garbage disposal instead of the lights. Sam scolds him for almost making "a baby chicken smoothie." Spencer frowns back at her, embarrassed and hurt.
  • Spencer hears peeping coming from inside the apartment's heating duct and crawls in to find the chick, but gets stuck. Sam tries to help Spencer get his head out of the vent and looks away when his pants come off.
  • Sam rubs and pats Spencer's back along with Carly after he coughs up the last baby chick.

iDon't Want to Fight

  • Despite being Carly's brother and, thus, naturally inclined to take her side on an issue, Spen
    Spencer awws idwtf.png
    cer never once agrees that Carly was right to rebuke Sam for trading the one-of-a-kind iCarly t-shirt for tickets to a Cuddlefish concert. Spencer's dithering on this subject is curious, as he admits later to Freddie to knowing that Carly and Sam can't both be right at the same time.
  • Spencer wishes Freddie well when he commits himself to healing the rift between Sam and Carly, indicating that Spencer also hopes the two friends make up soon.
  • Spencer walks into the living room at the Shay apartment and notices Sam and Carly hugging on the couch. Spencer seems quite happy to see Sam and his sister reconcile.
  • Instead of asking Carly and Sam, "So, are you two friends again?" Spencer poses the much more ambiguous question, "Does everyone like each other again?"
  • Sam applauds and cheers loudly when Spencer demonstrates his Pee Wee Herman-esque automatic fish feeder.

iPromote Techfoots

  • Like Sam, Spencer is clearly a fan of meat. Spencer does not count his unintended bus ride to Vancouver as a total waste because he was able to pick up some Canadian bacon there. He then generously offers to make the iCarly crew night breakfast.
  • At first, Spencer is disappointed to discover the kind of bacon he bought strongly resembles ham, Sam's
    Spam Sam Spencer tired and sad iPT.png
    favorite food. Nevertheless, he sniffs a bacon slice and gobbles it up quickly, making Sam and Carly laugh.
  • Sam and Carly comfort Spencer after he ran into a dumpster with his roller blades.
  • Sam was holding Spencer's arm when he was hurt and helped him to the couch.
  • Sam makes her personal chef Sonya prepare him a "nice bowl of hot soup," even though Sam wouldn't let Sonya make Freddie a grilled cheese sandwich earlier.
  • Sam seems caring when she asked Spencer if he wants a nice bowl of hot soup.
  • Sam pats Spencer's thigh sympathetically when he whimpers that he is "tired and sad" about having to walk eight miles to get home.
  • Spencer and Sam have their arms around each other in the huddle near the end of the episode.

iGot Detention

  • Sam can't stop smiling when Spencer comes home wearing a wetsuit and
    Java-cuzzi iGD.png
    pushing a wheelbarrow full of golf balls. Spencer explains that he went ball diving at a local golf course and plans to sell the golf balls he found there to finance his next art project - a ten-foot tall coffee cup.
  • When Spencer leaves the living room to take a shower, Sam tells him to "scrub it up."
  • Sam sits next to Spencer in the Java-cuzzi at the end of the episode. Carly exclaims, "This isn't weird at all!"


  • When Carly, Sam, and Freddie walk into the Shay apartment after school, Spencer teases, "Hey, little sister and her two friends who never seem to hang out at their own homes."

    "Whatcha cookin' there, handsome?"

  • Without even bothering to take a moment to set down her backpack, Sam immediately heads for the kitchen where Spencer is to say hello and check out what he's doing. "Whatcha cookin' there, handsome?" Sam asks as she enters the kitchen.
  • Spencer's nonchalant reaction to her obvious compliment probably indicates that Sam's made similar flattering remarks toward Spencer before.
  • Sam, Carly, and Freddie applaud the sock cake Spencer made for Socko's birthday party.
  • Spencer smiles broadly and says, "MEEEAN!" when Sam tells him the tattoo she made Freddie get on his arm of her face is fake.

iMight Switch Schools

  • Sam is nice enough to grab Spencer and Carly's mail for them.
    Spencer falls off a ladder-iMSS.jpg
  • When Spencer falls at the sound of the bell, she looks concerned and helps Spencer up. She also ruffles his hair.
  • When Spencer protests that he can't take money from children to play on his mini-golf course, Sam asks, "You want these kids to spend ten, twenty bucks at some boring mini-golf course out there in the cold and rain, where bad kids might tempt them with unhealthy snacks?" Spencer smiles and agrees to let the kids play.
  • Both Sam and Freddie grin when Spencer tells Briarwood headmistress Linda Peeloff that his buttocks are "fine. Firm."


  • When Sam enters the Shays' apartment, Spencer playfully asks her if she would like to see him defeat his Bottle Bot sculpture in a fencing match. Sam declines, saying, "Nah, I'm gonna

    Sam "disarms" Spencer.

    go swallow some of your food."
  • As Sam and Carly leave the kitchen to go do iCarly with Freddie, Spencer blocks the bottom of the stairs while brandishing a fencing sword and swaggers, "What makes you waifs think you can get past Spencer the Fencer?" Sam grabs Spencer's sword, pulls him to the ground, then walks past him up the stairs. Without getting angry, Spencer hopes they "have a good show."
  • The afternoon of the Dorfmans' visit, Sam lets herself into the apartment and tries to walk past Spencer and Freddie fencing in the living room, even though she could have easily gotten to the kitchen by walking behind the couch. Sam casually knocks the swords out of both Freddie and Spencer's hands with her copy of The Penny Treasure.
  • After she does this, Freddie cries, "That's a foul!" Sam counters, "So's your social life," and Spencer nods.

iCarly Saves TV

  • TVS Records producer Brad Brenner shows up in Carly and Sam's biology class on
    Spam icstv.png
    e day, making the girls an offer to jump from internet comedy webcasting to television variety show broadcasting. As appealing as Brenner's business proposal sounds, Carly wants to talk to Spencer before making such an important decision. As it happens, Brenner has already brought Spencer along, who is happily enjoying the exotic fruit and drinks Brenner provides. Later, Sam appears similarly impressed with the food quality of Brenner's backstage spread at TVS studios.
  • In the limo ride over to TVS studios, Spencer asks Sam, Carly, and Freddie, "Who wants a bite of my guava?"
  • While sitting on the couch watching the sitcom TVS turned iCarly into (starring Amber Tate and Zeebo), Spencer is seated so close to Sam that his arm appears to be resting on top of hers.

iWin a Date

  • While acknowledging Freddie, the "I Win a Date" game show host on iCarly, Sam speaks into the camera Spencer is holding, "Hey, Fredward. How's it hangin'?"
  • Spencer is "coincidentally" editing his dating video for the matchmaking website Whynotdateme.com just as Sam and Carly are coming home from school. Delaying her usual refrigerator ra
    Spam iwad.png
    id, Sam immediately walks over to the kitchen computer where Spencer is sitting, curious and anxious to inspect his latest dating video.
  • Unlike Carly, Sam doesn't appear to mock Spencer's pathetic nine-minute video clip of him eating cereal severely.
  • Frustrated with his attempts to create an appealing video of himself for Whynotdateme.com, a depressed Spencer leaves the living room to go take a shower. When Sam asks why, he discloses to her and Carly that he always gets his "best ideas when I'm wet."
  • At the end of the episode, Spencer crows to Carly that the cereal-eating video he shot of himself and submitted to Whynotdateme.com - the one he claims Sam and Carly judged "so lame" - garnered nine responses. Although Sam, at least, never actually said anything of the sort about the clip, Spencer sounds a little hurt in believing she thought his video (which was supposed to advertise how attractive he is) was weak.

iHave a Lovesick Teacher

  • Sam seems much more physically affectionate with Spencer than Carly is during the iCarly webcast. When Carly calls out her brother to take a seat on a red stool in front of the camera, Sam h
    Spam ihalt.png
    oots loudly for him and presses the applause button on her remote. As Spencer makes himself comfortable on the stool, Sam slaps him on the back and thanks him for agreeing to appear on the show.
  • When Sam then reveals that the iCarly trio has a "little surprise" for Spencer, she rubs her shoulder hard against his as she leans toward the camera.
  • Sam pulls Lauren Ackerman off Spencer during their fight, then stands between them.
  • Clearly uncomfortable with the idea of the iCarly audience voting on whether he should break up or reconcile with Lauren, Spencer gets up off his stool and asks if he can say one more thing before the viewers vote. Sam pushes Spencer back onto his stool and orders him to sit down. She flashes a huge grin at the camera after doing this.

Season 2

iSaw Him First

  • Despite the major irritation of getting stuck in the cargo elevator half-way between the first and second floors of the apartment, Spencer peeks under the elevator door and smiles a "hello" at Sam with alacrity. Sam returns his smile and inquires, "Whaddup with the elevator?"
  • Spencer grins cheerfully at Sam when she asks him to explain how Socko's "smoker" machine works.
  • Sam stands closest to the elevator before the iCarly trio head up the stairs to be

    Sam vows never to compete with Carly over a boy ever again.

    gin the webcast and is the only one who doesn't retreat from Spencer when he accidentally turns the smoke machine on.
  • When the cargo elevator drops nine floors to the basement after building repairman Hal "fixes" it, he asks Spencer to show Hal the stairs. As the two men pass Sam on their way out the door, Sam worriedly looks up at Spencer and wonders what the huge crash was.
  • In Shane's hospital room, Spencer watches Sam assiduously when she and Carly vow never to compete over a guy again.
  • Spencer happily treats the iCarlies to turkey fingers at the hospital cafeteria, possibly in celebration of the fact that Sam and Shane broke up.
  • As Freddie, Sam, and Carly follow Spencer out of Shane's hospital room to the cafeteria, Sam butts in front of Freddie to walk closely behind Spencer.

iStage an Intervention

  • Sam and Spencer eat off the same sandwich.
  • Sam tries to help Spencer get over his addiction to Pak-Rat by having him beat Sasha Striker (which shows she cares for him).
  • When Spencer and Sasha look like they're about to kiss, Sam asks, "Do you want to make out or play some Pak-Rat?" (that could show Sam wants him to be with either her or no girl).
  • While Spencer vies for a record—breaking high score on the Pak-Rat machine, Sam is standing right behind him, loudly cheering him on. She is clearly his most vocal supporter, which is surprising, given the way she cut down people who play video games to Barry Schatz, the Video Game Channel host moments before.
  • After Spencer beats Sasha Striker, Sam and Spencer can be seen hugging in the background.
  • Sam looks upset after Spencer kissed Sasha.
  • Spencer glances over in Sam's direction both before and after kissing Sasha, perhaps out of guilt.

iOwe You

  • In keeping with canon, Sam is not rude to Spencer as she passes him in his apartment's doorway on her way to her horrible job at Chili My Bowl. Spencer, rumpled from his confrontation with some d

    "I'm in a bad mood."

    ock workers down by the shipyard, politely greets her, but she rushes past him with the warning "I'm in a bad mood." As if to indicate further that her crustiness is nothing personal against Spencer, she avoids eye contact with him as she exits his apartment.
  • Pretending Sam wished him a good day, Spencer murmurs, "You, too" as she bolts off to her shift.
  • iOY is one of many episodes demonstrating the manic, goofball nature of much of both Sam and Spencer's everyday behavior. During one shift at Chili My Bowl, her boss has to restrain Sam from jumping the counter to thrash an unruly customer who blew raspberries at her. Later, Sam goes crazy in the restaurant when she receives her five hundred-dollar tip, doing cartwheels in the dining area and helping herself to a patron's french fries.
  • The equally "mature" Spencer rides the little "Precious Pearls" bike he won for Emily in front his Sunshine Girls enemies, then finishes his gloating by overturning their fudge ball table.

iHurt Lewbert

  • Spencer volunteers to fill in as Bushwell Plaza doorman for Lewbert after he is unintentionally injured during an iCarly sketch. When Spencer walks into his kitchen wearing Lewbert's maroon and grey uniform, Spencer asks Carly, Sam, and Freddie, "It's cute, right?" Carly and Freddie frown a no in response to Spencer's question about the uniform, but Sam's facial expression remains neutral, suggesting that Sam probably thinks Spencer does look cute, even in Lewbert's tacky jacket.

    "It's cute, right?"

  • Instead of punishing Carly and her friends for "messing" with Lewbert so violently, Spencer gently insists that the iCarly trio look in on Lewbert three or four times a day and get him anything he needs. The fact that Sam actually follows Spencer's orders is notable, as Sam disobeys practically every other adult authority figure in her life, including police officers, teachers, and especially her own mother.
  • Spencer is angry at Sam for eating his ribs. She defends herself by saying, "I made the bones into a necklace!" implying that she wanted to make up for eating Spencer's ribs.

iGo To Japan

  • Sam helps put out a fire on Spencer's helmet twice. The second time she does so, she places her hand on his shoulder.
  • When it's time for Spencer, Carly, and Sam to jump out of Freight Dog's plane and parachute into Japan, Spencer cowers and insists that Sam and Carly go first. Spencer seems impressed with Sam's bravery as she jumps out of the plane holding Carly's hand. He calls, "Good job!" after them as they plummet to the earth.
    Sam Carly iWeb Awards iGTJ.png
  • Spencer, the last person to skydive out of the plane, crashes into Marissa Benson when he lands on the ground. Despite the fact that Marissa is clearly the one who needs help standing up, Sam runs over to assist Spencer, even though he already has Carly there to help him up.
  • Both Sam and Spencer deal with the obnoxious French comedian Henri P'Twa and his puppet Oompe in the same way - by snatching Oompe off Henri's hand.
  • After Spencer falls off a taxi cab, Sam rushes over with Carly and Freddie to help him. Spencer says he is okay and that he was worried. Sam hugs him.
  • Spencer can be seen in the background watching Sam for practically the whole time she and Carly pantomime the adventures they've had in Japan to the iWeb Awards security guards.


  • Spencer chases Sam upstairs after she gets hold of the coconut cream pie.
  • When the iCarly crew walk in on Spencer's "date" with Trudy Galini, Sam appears to be much more
    Spam talk.png
    disgusted than either Carly or Freddie about Trudy kissing Spencer.
  • Spencer generously decides to share the last slice of Galini coconut cream pie Trudy brought for him with Carly and her friends. As he hands out the dessert spoons, he gives one to Sam first. It's interesting that Spencer would do so, considering that Sam refused to share the coconut cream pie she stole from him before.
  • Sam volunteers Spencer to say a few words about Mr. Galini during his memorial service at the pie shop. Though Spencer clearly feels surprised and put on the spot when she does this, he doesn't even get angry with her about it.


  • As Sam descends the staircase in the Shay apartment after the iCarly Christmas special, Spencer waves her over to the living room, excitedly chattering to her about his avant-garde Christmas tree sculpture that he's rigged with a "dangerously large" electro-magnet.
  • With childlike delight, Spencer demonstrates the features of the scrap metal tree to Sa
    Spam Sam watches Spencer iChristmas.png
    m and Carly. He activates the electro-magnet in the sculpture by pushing a button, then sticks his keyring to one of the "branches."
  • Expecting Sam and Carly to be dazzled at his yuletide art project, Spencer appears disappointed that the girls don't seem all that impressed with his clever creation. Spencer glances wistfully after Sam as she sidles into the kitchen, heading over to the fridge to mooch some cheese.
  • Sam seems to be watching Spencer the whole time he is talking to Freddie about sticking a hammer to the magnetically-charged tree.
  • Strangely, Spencer asks Sam where she's going when she tells him she's leaving and will text Carly later. One would think it would be obvious where Sam is going (home), but perhaps Spencer's question really indicates that he's sorry she's heading out.
  • When Carly presses the angel Mitch about what has happened to Sam in the "alternate reality" sequence
    Spam singing iChristmas.png
    of the episode, Mitch reluctantly informs Carly that Sam's in juvie because "normal" Spencer "thought she was a bad kid. He never let you hang out with her when you were little, so you and Sam never became friends." Mitch's statement implies that "abnormal" Spencer (i.e. the real Spencer) considers Sam a good kid, or at least good enough to hang out with his sister.
  • In her conversation with the imprisoned Sam at the Seattle Juvenile Detention Center, Carly reveals that Sam sleeps with two different-colored socks on her feet every night for good luck. Spencer is also known for his rather eccentric taste in socks.
  • Both Sam and Freddie volunteer to help Spencer dispose of the scorched magnetic tree before Carly steps in front of the apartment's cargo elevator to prevent them from hauling the sculpture away.
  • Sam, Spencer, Carly, and Freddie share a tender moment at the end of the episode, humming Hark! The Herald Angels Sing in front of the tree a la A Charlie Brown Christmas.


  • When Carly tells Sam that it's Spencer's dream to get drafted by the Seattle Cobras, Sam smack talks that Spencer could make the team only if "all the other professional football players are eaten by lions."
  • Unhappy with how unimpressed Sam is with his football skills, Spencer attempts to show o
    Spencer football iKiss.png
    ff for her by getting her to scrimmage with him. Spencer hands her a pigskin and flatters, "Sam, you throw pretty hard, right?" Spencer's compliment to her strong throwing arm may indicate that they've played sports together before.
  • Not only does Spencer order Sam to send a long bomb down to him as he stands out in the hallway, he also wants Sam and Carly to try to stop him from running across the apartment with the ball. In this way, Spencer may be trying to get physically close to Sam under the pretense of playing full contact football with her.
  • There's good reason to believe that Sam hits Spencer in the groin with the football on purpose. If she's rightly known for throwing a football well (both Carly and Spencer evidently think so), her "bad aim" this time around seems suspicious. Sam also appears to suppress a guilty smile on her face after she knocks Spencer in such a vulnerable (and suggestive) spot.
  • As Spencer stumbles back into the apartment with the football between his legs, he falls to his knees and groans in agony, "Next time, if you could throw the football a little higher, that'd be great." Thus, even though playing football with Sam caused him great pain, he appears to want to continue their game at a later time.

iGive Away a Car

  • Spencer runs into the kitchen where Carly, Sam, and Freddie are playing Cupcake Slam and hollers, "Guess what just happened?" Pressing her hands together hopefully,
    Spam pickle juice iGAAC.png
    Sam speculates, "Your bellybutton started talking to you?" Spencer initially looks weirded out at her reaction, then his expression softens and he admits, "No. But that would be so cool."
  • "Jeffery Flanken" arrives at the Shay apartment to meet with the iCarly crew about his father's supposed car giveaway promotion, and Sam, Carly, and Freddie take Jeffery upstairs to discuss the terms of the contest. Sam waits until the others are out of sight before she runs up to Spencer and drinks a jar of pickle juice in front of him while he's admiring the proton cruiser he just bought on his computer. Spencer watches speechlessly as Sam chugs back every last drop of the pickle juice; then when she's done, S

    "Yeah, I'm thinkin'. We thinkin' the same thing?"

    am looks into Spencer's eyes for a couple of seconds before running back up the stairs to rejoin her friends in the iCarly studio.
  • When Sam comes over (while Carly is in the shower), she and Spencer sit down on the couch and put their feet up simultaneously.
  • When Sam tells Spencer they have twenty-four hours to get Nevel a car, both sit on the couch with a thoughtful expression on their faces. Spencer is thinking about a way to save iCarly, Sam about fried chicken.
  • Sam knows Spencer's "thinking look" and says, "I know that look! That's your thinking look!"
  • There is a possible double entendre in Sam's comment to Spencer as they're sitting on the couch: "Yeah, I'm thinkin'. We thinkin' the same thing?"

iRocked the Vote

  • To prove to Spencer that she's an excellent liar and would be able to teach him the art well, Sam fibs first that she won third place in a Washington state lying competition, then that she has to go to her great uncle's funeral the next day. When she finally disabuses Spencer of her lies, Spencer admits he was totally taken in and applauds her "fantastic" playacting abilities.

    "Dude, lying is easy."

  • Sam arrives an hour late at the Shay apartment for Spencer's first lesson in fibbing. Her clothes torn and hair disheveled, Sam tells Spencer shakily that two biker chicks just jumped her and stole her backpack. A frantic Spencer calls the police to report the attack, thinking that Sam was mugged, until Sam lets him know she really wasn't. Staring at her in admiration, Spencer admits, "You make it [lying] look so easy."
  • Spencer and Sam sit beside each other on the couch, and Spencer confesses that he doesn't think he has it in him to lie. Sam then assures him that he can do it because he is smart. Spencer smiles at the compliment.
  • During his "final exam" in lying, Spencer gets nervous and Sam slaps him across the face to snap him out of his anxiety. Sam roleplays as the video store clerk grilling Spencer about the missing video, and he tells her gross lies about winning an Olympic medal in luge and being the Pope's cou
    Spam fist bump iRTV.png
    sin. When Sam feels Spencer has passed her test, she tells him he's ready to face the video store clerk, and they fist bump twice in celebration.
  • Sam spends a lot of time teaching Spencer how to lie so Spencer doesn't get in trouble at the video store for not returning a video.
  • Spencer was temporarily able to lie because Sam helped him, although he is unable to lie at the video store - the whole point of Sam's training.
  • Spencer comes on to the Video Village clerk using a line Sam taught him.
  • Since Sam spent a lot of her time trying to teach Spencer how to lie, instead of hanging out with Carly and Freddie, it seems like Sam cares about Spencer, and wants him to be free of trouble.

iMeet Fred

  • The first thing Spencer does when he finds his Magic Meatball is rush up the stairs to the third-floor studio and show off the toy to Carly and her friends.
  • Sam busts a gut laughing as Spencer demonstrates the toy's putatively "magical" ability to predict the
    Spam Sam busts a gut imf.png
  • Even though Carly isn't home at the time, Sam sneaks into the Shay apartment and helps herself to Spencer's stash of Fat Cakes. When a startled Spencer walks by the couch where she's lying and asks her what she's doing there, she mumbles some rot about being "in the neighborhood," which is a ridiculous lie. Nevertheless, Spencer replies nonchalantly, "All right," and moves to answer Freddie's knock at the door.
  • Sam is the only one who smiles in amusement when Spencer comes home with an ostrich the Magic Meatball advised Spencer to buy.
  • When Carly begs Sam and Freddie to rescue Spencer from Lucas's vicious dog Tibbals, Sam agrees but Freddie refuses. Sam pushes Freddie roughly out of the treehouse then valorously jumps down herself. Although Spencer's extrication isn't shown on screen, the audience is left to assume that Sam is, indeed, the one who saves Spencer's life.

iLook Alike

  • Though both Spencer and Marissa Benson object to the iCarly crew attending Jackson Colt's MMA fight, Sam only tangles with Mrs. Benson about it, not Spencer. While trying to convince Marissa to allow Freddie to shoot an iCarly webcast from the backstage of the Colt fight, Sam sasses, "W
    hy do you always gotta irritate everybody?" However, when Spencer similarly denies Carly permission to go, Sam doesn't complain once and ends up exiting the Shay apartment quietly with Freddie in tow.
  • When Spencer catches the kids after they sneak out, Sam's first instinct is to lie to Spencer. She puts her hand on his arm, which he brushes off in agitation.
  • When Jackson Colt pushes Spencer into the table, Sam looks to be extremely distressed, but when Colt did it before to his manager, Sam was excited. This shows that Sam was concerned over Spencer's safety.
  • Sam helps carry Spencer to the couch after he is knocked out by Colt and somehow ends up caught under his legs.

iWant My Website Back

  • Spencer unstintingly offers to treat the iCarly crew to dinner after they wrap up their webcast to break in "his fancy new credit card."
  • When Spencer fusses to Carly that he hasn't been sleeping well due to a stiff neck, Carly nods in
    70257 2655890234.jpg
    understanding along with Sam, which suggests that she is also aware of Spencer's recent bouts with insomnia.
  • Unlike Carly and Freddie, Sam smiles up at Spencer the whole time he babbles on
    Spam iwmwb.png
    and on with his boring story about the phone fight he got into with his credit card company's customer service representative.
  • Sam starts to laugh when Spencer keenly shows her the holographic bunny security feature on his credit card. Holding the plastic card up to the light at alternating angles, Spencer demonstrates, "Happy bunny ... sad bunny."
  • Sam is the one who propounds sending Spencer over to Nevel's autograph-signing session at the Beverly Garvin Hotel to trick him into signing the iCarly.com URL transfer document.
  • Sam is the first one to understand what Spencer's inarticulate gasps for air mean when he runs home after eluding the security guards at Nevel's autograph-signing event.

iMake Sam Girlier

  • Spencer returns from his date with Veronica to find Carly and Freddie giving Sa
    Sam Freddie Spencer imsg.png
    m lessons in how to be more ladylike. As Carly leaves her friends momentarily to speak with Spencer about his evening, a physical fight predictably erupts between Sam and Freddie. With an amused smile on his face, Spencer points to Sam and Freddie wrestling on the floor and asks, "What's going on there?"
  • When Carly explains that she's giving Sam lessons in etiquette, Spencer claps Carly on the back and says, "Good work." Although apparently intended as a sarcastic remark, it's possible Spencer is unconsciously sincere in congratulating Carly on being unable to alter Sam's tomboyish demeanor. Indeed, he is often impressed with Sam's brute strength and tough attitude in many other episodes (iFence, iGTJ, iKiss, iMO, iSYL, etc.).

iGo Nuclear

  • When Sam comes over to the Shay apartment after Carly receives a D- on her Green Week project for Mr. Henning's science class, Sam notices Carly's completely burnt scooter par
    Spam smiling iGo Nuclear.png
    ked in the living room. Her first thought is to suggest that Spencer fix it, which shows Sam must have a lot of confidence in Spencer's handyman capabilities if she thinks he is capable of salvaging the barbecued electric scooter.
  • To help Carly with her school project, Spencer invites an MIT student he bummed a stain stick from in the Bushwell Plaza laundry room to meet with Carly. As Cal walks across the living room, describing to her how he can build a compact power generator for her Green Week assignment, Sam and Spencer can be spotted in the background smiling at each other, even though Cal isn't saying anything funny at that moment.

iDate A Bad Boy

  • When Sam and Freddie are at The Groovy Smoothie, Spencer walks in and doesn't notice them because they aren't "sitting on his couch."
  • Sam enters the Shay apartment looking for Carly, but Spencer says she's gone to see a movie with Griffin. Ostensibly wanting to show off his Sham-Pow! to Sam, Spencer asks her to touch his hair while it is wet. He begins to groan softly while towel-drying his hair with the Sham-Pow!, then asks Sam to confirm that his hair is dry by touching it again.

    Sam feeling Spencer's hair.

  • Spencer asks Sam why she looks so tired, and Sam confesses that she has been suffering from lost sleep due to a recurring nightmare she's been having about a monster eating her soup. Spencer is very insistent that Sam let him help her with her problem, saying ingenuously, "I really think I can help you." Spencer being so pushy about encouraging others to unburden their personal troubles to him is unusual, as he literally ran out of the room when his own sister Carly needed advice on whether or not she should accept a scholarship to prestigious Briarwood Prep (iMSS). He was also extremely unhelpful, and completely uninterested, in Freddie's dilemma over Sam and Carly's feuding in iDWTF.
  • At the end of his first "therapy session" with Sam, he asks her to come
    Spam Spencer psychoanalyzes Sam iDABB.png
    into the bathroom with him so that he can show her how well his Sham-Pow! works in the toilet.
  • In another session, Spencer attempts to psychoanalyze Sam by having her lie down on a couch, claiming that he wants to "probe" her mind and "delve deep into [her] inner psyche" by playing a word association game with her. Every time Spencer utters a word during the session, Sam mentions something about food. After only a few round of the exercise, Spencer ends up asking Sam to have lunch with him.
  • Calling out for Carly, Sam enters the Shay apartment again and notices a bowl of soup Spencer has made for her just sitting on the counter. While she sits down and slurps away at the broth, Spencer bursts out of his room dressed as a monster and runs up to her, looking like he's a
    Spam soup monster iDABB.png
    bout to grab her.
  • Seizing his arm, Sam shoulder flips Spencer onto the floor, leans over him, and starts beating him with a large soup ladle. When Spencer cries out that it's only him, Sam puts down the ladle and pulls Spencer up off the floor.
  • A wounded Spencer collapses on the couch and explains that he dressed up as a monster to make Sam confront and hopefully conquer her fear of the monster eating her soup. Sam apologizes to Spencer for the beat down, then tells him cheer up because she claims she feels quite a bit better having clobbered him. She then goes back to her stool and finishes the bowl of soup while smiling to herself.
  • Out of sympathy pains, perhaps, Spencer also starts to have nasty dreams about a monster eating his soup.

iReunite With Missy

  • Freddie stomps into the Shay apartment with Carly and Sam after school, complaining that Sam cut the sleeves off his shirt and the legs off his pants to Spencer, who is in the kitch
    Spam irwm.png
    en. At Freddie's insistence, Sam marches swiftly over to Freddie's apartment, ostensibly to confess her prank to Marissa Benson. As Sam crosses his living room floor, Spencer watches her with a lopsided grin on his face.
  • Sam seems very impressed with the thirty-pound brick of cheese that Spencer is bringing on his camping trip with Socko.
  • Sam looks a little jealous when Spencer mentions that two girls he met at the junkyard and Socko's grandmother are coming along with him on the camping trip.

iTake on Dingo

  • While Sam and Carly are relaxing on her couch, watching Totally Terri on the Dingo Channel, Spencer walks out into the living room wearing only a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Carl
    Totally Terri iTOD.png
    y reminds Spencer that he "forgot" to put his pants on again, while Sam sticks her tongue in her cheek and laughs.
  • When the iCarly gang puts pressure on Spencer to drive them all down to Hollywood to confront the Totally Terri writers about ripping off iCarly sketches, Spencer initially says no. Sam and Carly then remind Spencer that if he accompanies them to Dingo Studios, he has their permission to snoop around the "bowels" of the building for Charles Dingo's frozen head. After hearing this, Spencer soberly informs them that they "leave [for Hollywood] at midnight."
  • Sam supports Spencer's theory about Charles Dingo's frozen head.

iMust Have Locker 239

  • iMHL239 is one of several episodes emphasizing the love of (and talent for) art Sam and Spencer have in common.
  • On the iCarly webcast, Sam, Freddie, and Carly exhibit the bunny drawings an iCarly fan (Chad from Wisconsin) challenged the trio to create. Sam's bunny picture shows great skill and personality, as it is a comical portrait of a cartooonish rabbit in jail because he robbed a gas station. Later
    Bunny drawings imhl239.png
    , Spencer proves that he is similarly gifted as an artist when he sketches "a top-notch bunny" for Carly without even looking at the paper.
  • Sam apparently agrees with Freddie when he wonders how Carly can be related to an amazing artist like Spencer and yet produce such a horrible bunny drawing.
  • When Spencer crashes Carly's art class at the Seattle Community Center, Spencer argues with her instructor Ms. Fielder that art should be "creative, spontaneous, and passionate" - three words that describe Sam's approach to art (and life) perfectly.
  • Spencer thinks it is funny when he and Carly get thrown out of and banned from the Seattle Community Center for disrupting Ms. Fielder's art class. Both he and Sam thought it was equally funny when she jack-slapped a man in front of his kids while ice skating and were consequently banned from the Frozen Oval in iMO.


  • Up until this episode, Sam had trusted only Carly and Spencer with the knowledge of her twin sister Melanie's existence.
    Spam itwins.png
  • Spencer says, "Who was I talking to?" when Carly says she didn't want a pork roast. However the pork roast sounds a lot like what Sam would like. Maybe Spencer spoke or thought of Sam instead of Carly and her orange.
  • Sam chuckles when Carly tells Spencer to shave his toes in the bathtub.
  • Apparently, both Sam and Spencer share a belief that members of the opposite sex are motivated by a need to be right. After Carly and Sam let Freddie think that Melanie was a hoax, Carly shakes her head and sighs that Freddie loves to be right, to which Sam responds, "All boys do." Spencer said the same thing about women when Freddie asked for advice on how to heal the rift between Sam and Carly in iDon't Want to Fight.

iFight Shelby Marx

  • Sam is able to correctly guess Spencer's password to his remote to unlock Pay Per View channels.
  • Sam uses Spencer's TV to watch the Shelby Marx fight (in HD), which cost $100.
  • Sam gives Spencer the inexplicable nickname "skillet biscuit."
  • Spencer apologizes to Sam after getting "sneeze goo" all over the back of her neck, which Sam is only slightly irritated about. If someone like Freddie sneezed on her she would have most likely been furious.
  • Spencer protests that the Pay Per View rental is too expensive, but Sam shushes him so close to his face that he has to wipe her spit from his eye.
  • When Spencer sneezes during the fight, Sam shouts at him, "That's enough!" causi
    Spam Shelby Marx fight iFSM.png
    ng Spencer to look at her in a confused/hurt manner.
  • After the Pay Per View fight is over, Sam hugs Spencer vigorously and shakes him hard and laughs.
  • A side effect of the allergy medication Spencer is taking causes him to itch, but instead of scratching himself discreetly in the privacy of his own bedroom, he does so in front of Carly and her friends. First, he stands in the kitchen and sticks a wooden spoon down his pants to relieve his itchy thigh while Sam looks on from the couch.
  • Moments later, Spencer emerges from his bathroom covered in cream, walks out into the living room wearing only his boxer shorts, and proceeds to scrape himself with a golf club in front of Sam, Carly, and Freddie. Far from being disgusted at such a sight, Sam watches Spencer for several seconds with a smile on her face.
    Spam iFSM.png
  • When Shelby Marks shows up at the Shay apartment looking for Carly, she runs up the stairs screaming in terror. Spencer follows her to try to find her, but Shelby gets bored of waiting in the living room and threatens to split. Sam dissuades Shelby from leaving, then screams up at Spencer, "Spencer, will you hurry up and find Carly already?" Spencer lumbers down the stairs and tells Sam he's searched all over for Carly and can't find her anywhere. Just as he's speaking to Sam, his butt starts to itch, so he starts scratching it again while maintaining eye contact with her.
  • As the iCarly gang enters the conference room, Spencer can be seen with his hands on Sam's back as he searches for water.
  • Spencer roughly steals Sam's water bottle out of her hands while she talks to Carly.
  • Spencer unintentionally slaps Shelby across the face backstage after the "exhibition" fight and apologizes profusely. Nevertheless, Shelby responds to his slap by giving him a hard, swift kick to the nose. As Spencer gets up off the floor, he leans heavily on Sam's shoulder for support, then scampers out the building to wait for Carly and her friends in the car.

Season 3

iThink They Kissed

  • At the end of the iCarly commercial parody for The Sack, Sam and Spencer bump into each other a couple of times while jumping around.

    "Gimme the deets!"

  • When Spencer announces that he has volunteered to teach art to prisoners, Sam teases, "Sure, why would a dude rob a bank when he could build a robot out of soda bottles." As usual, Spencer ignores the taunt.
  • When Carly blurts out to Spencer that Sam and Freddie kissed, Spencer wears a stunned expression on his face and asks, "What did you just say?"
  • Spencer wants to know the "deets" about Sam and Freddie kissing.
  • Spencer tries to convince Carly that Sam and Freddie didn't actually kiss, maybe because he didn't want it to be true either. He also looked jealous when Carly told him.


  • During the "Eh, Why Don't You Cook Dis?" segment on the iCarly webcast, Sam gives Spencer, the inventor of spaghetti tacos, the flirtatiously odd (and feminine) nickname "Letitia McPeanut."
    Spam icook.png
  • Spencer arrives at Ridgeway to tell Carly, Sam, and Freddie about the phone call from Food TV, and the first thing Spencer notices is Sam's charred knackwurst. Unlike Carly and Freddie, Spencer appears impressed that Sam used her electrically-charged locker to cook her sausage link.
  • When offering Sam, Carly, and Freddie their choice of pens, Spencer seems to be walking up to Sam first.
  • Spencer is accidentally electrocuted by Sam's wired locker. At home, Carly tells Spencer that Sam feels really bad about it.
  • In keeping with his favoritism and double standards toward Sam and the bad things she does, Spencer forgives her immediately and completely for shocking him with her wired locker. He even sees a bright side to getting electrocuted: Spencer claims he had a vision during his blackout of he and Nug Nug sharing a hug at the Groovy Smoothie.

iSpeed Date

  • While wolfing down the bacon slices with which Freddie bribed her to quit pestering him, Sam avers that she's not going to the Girls' Choice Dance at Ridgeway because "there's no guys at this school that don't make me sick."
  • As a follower of @iCarly, Spencer chuckles over Sam's tweet about Carly accidentally spitting in Nate Garner's eye when she asked him to the dance.
    Spam windmills iSD.png
  • Sam and Spencer are the only ones who find it funny that Carly got her "DNA ... all over [Nate's] cornea" when she "hocked a loogie" right in his eye.
  • Though Sam doesn't have a date for the dance either, she only suggests that Carly use the power of their webshow to "beg for boys" over the internet.
  • When Spencer accidentally hits Freddie in the face while exercising, Sam claps and starts doing windmills with him. The two smile at each other.
  • Sam appears to be enjoying herself with surprising energy as she does windmills with Spencer. Her enthusiasm seems rather odd, given that she is normally averse to exercise and is a self-proclaimed couch potato.

iCarly Awards

  • Sam can be seen sitting on the Shays' couch, grinning up at Spencer as he closely q
    Spam awkward hug ica.png
    uestions Freddie about the European swimsuit models apparently loitering in the Bushwell Plaza lobby.
  • Spencer assures the iCarly trio that they will like the iCarly award he built for them so much that it will knock them "right out of [their] pants."
  • When Carly presents Spencer with the dual award for Best iCarly Award Builder/Best Big Brother of All Time, Sam whoops and hollers out his name in congratulations several times.
  • As Freddie swings his camera away from Spencer to film the European Fun Guys hauling his ten foot-tall iCarly award into the studio, Sam can be heard in the background calling for Spencer to hit her with a high-five. Presumably, he gives her one while the camera is turned away.
  • Although it's extremely difficult to see it because a model in green trunks is standing in front of them, Spencer hugs Sam rather awkwardly from behind at the 22:18 minute mark in the episode.

iHave My Principals

  • At the beginning of the episode, Spencer rolls his eyes when he tells Freddie that Sam is upstairs putting Gibby in a toga. At some point that evening, Sam must have shown off her costuming of Gibby to Spencer, as Carly was in the shower around that time.
    Gigantic pants iHMP.png
  • When Carly describes Spencer as an artist who makes "insanely awesome sculptures," Sam jumps in front of the camera and says with an enthusiastic smile, "It's true! He do!"
  • It is Sam's idea to use Spencer's bull-riding machine to torture Superintendent Gorman into rehiring Ted Franklin as principal of Ridgeway. Spencer must have agreed with her plan and allowed her to use his machine for that purpose. In all likelihood, it was Spencer who transported the mechanical bull and set it up in the school.

iFind Lewbert's Lost Love

  • Instead of coming to Freddie's aid when he calls for Spencer to help, Spencer actually holds the door open for Sam as she carries Freddie over her shoulder and out the door of the Shay ap
    Spam iflll.png
    artment down to Lewbert's office.
  • "You kids have fun!" he deadpans as Sam passes Spencer in the doorway.
  • Immediately after the two cops haul Lewbert off to jail for stealing TV remotes and assaulting an officer, Spencer turns in disbelief to Sam, who is equally baffled by Lewbert's false confession (Chuck Chambers was the one who actually stole the remotes). The two of them then burst into laughter.

iMove Out

  • In the pet photography studio Sam, Carly, and Freddie have set up in the third floor of the Shays' apartment, Sam makes Spencer feel her hand after a dog peed on it.
  • The Petographers barge into the iCarly studio and Spencer tries to pet their cat Harmoo, but Petographer Stuart Butler slaps Spencer's hand hard before he can. Spencer then runs and hides behind Sam, presumably for protection.
    Tumblr ku05k6i5di1qzi7mco1 500.png
  • When Spencer makes fun of how his aunt Margaret says "winder" (as opposed to "window"), both he and Sam snicker.
  • Spencer and Sam laugh together at the fact that Sam smacked a man in front of his kids at the skating rink. Carly doesn't thinks it's funny because they got kicked out, but they laugh anyway, showing they share the same sense of humor.
  • Upon discovering the Petographers in his apartment, Spencer chases them up the stairs. The Petographers then sic Harmoo on Spencer, which causes him to fall down the stairs. Sam and Carly rush over to Spencer to see if he's alright and help him up.
  • When the police arrive to investigate the Petorgraphers' vandalism of Carly's studio, Sam tells Officer Carl that she wants him to taze the Petographers before arresting them. Spencer echoes her sentiment by saying, "Yeah, taze 'em HARD!"

iQuit iCarly

  • Spencer throws a rope down to help Carly and Sam, but the rope hits Sam and causes her to almost fall off the window washer's platform.
  • After Carly saves Sam, Spencer, along with Freddie, Fleck, and Dave pull the girls up to safety.
  • Spencer hugs both Sam and Carly when he pulls the girls up to safety, not just Carly his sister, showing he also cares about Sam.
  • He pushes Carly and Sam towards each other to hug, causing the two friends to reconcile.

iSaved Your Life

  • For the duration of this episode, Sam and Spencer engage in a heated game of Assassin, a paintball game played using blowtubes. Carly and Freddie were originally part of the game but w
    She's a clever one iSYL.png
    ere eliminated quickly by Sam and Spencer before the episode started. The fact that they are the only two players left indicate that they are both very competitive and see each other as worthy opponents.
  • During the iCarly webcast, Sam dives into a beanbag chair and readies her paintball gun to shoot at Spencer, who she thinks she hears entering the studio. When Carly tells Sam that Spencer went night fishing with Socko, Sam looks disappointed and gets up to resume filming the webcast.
  • When Carly explains to the webshow's audience the game Sam and Spencer are playing, Sam assures her viewers that she will be victorious, boasting that "Spencer gonna get got!"
  • Both Sam and Spencer protest when Carly puts the Assassin game on hold and confiscates Spencer's blowtube and Sam's four blowtubes.
  • Spencer is very insistent that Carly frisk Sam for back-up paintball guns before the girls leave to shoot an iCarly segment with Freddie outside.

    "I gotta quit saying witty things before I blow."

  • Spencer licks the spot on the fridge where Sam shot a paintball at him and calls her "a clever one."
  • Spencer brings his blowtube on his visit to Freddie's apartment and shoots Marissa Benson thinking she's Sam.
  • For her part, Sam mistakenly shoots a rabbi at Ridgeway, believing him to be Spencer in disguise.
  • As Carly flees the Benson apartment after kissing Freddie, she notices Sam wearing camouflage and hiding behind a plant outside the door. Sam explains that she is lying in wait to ambush Spencer as he comes home.
  • After Sam calls Freddie Carly's "foreign bacon" at school, Sam walks up to her locker to open it. When she does, Spencer cackles from inside her locker, "Here's Spencey!" and she nonchalan

    "Yeah, baby! Momma wins!"

    tly closes the door in his face. Lamenting his lost opportunity to beat Sam, he moans, "I gotta quit saying witty things before I blow!"
  • When a delivery man rings the doorbell of Spencer's apartment to drop off a "parcel" for him, Spencer suspects that Sam is pulling a trick. In an old woman's voice, Spencer calls out to the delivery man from behind the door, "Do you see a devious teenage girl out there?"
  • Spencer allows the delivery man to bring the large box into the apartment and asks him to open up the box. When Spencer asks if there's a girl in it, the delivery man screws up his face and says, "No. Did you order one?" Spencer then walks up to the box filled with packing peanuts and stabs its contents with an umbrella.
  • Sam is able to shoot Spencer with her paintball gun after the delivery man stuns Spencer by hitting him across the face with a large lollipop. Sam is so happy to have prevailed in the Assassin contest that she jumps up and down in front of a defeated Spencer and screams jubilantly, "Yeah, baby! Momma wins!"

iWas a Pageant Girl

  • During the "Happy Baby, Sad Baby" segment on the iCarly webcast, Sam speaks in a cutesy voice to Baby Spencer and presents him with a teddy bear and stick of dynamite to gauge which he likes best. She and Carly then ply Baby Spencer's mouth with spoonfuls of salsa.
  • When Carly refuses to enter the Miss Teen Seattle beauty pag
    Who Am I iWAPG.png
    eant to help Sam get revenge on LeAnn Carter, Sam flops onto the Shay sofa and starts kicking and pounding the cushions. Spencer, walking down the stairs, notices Sam's conniption and deadpans, "Sam's throwing a tantrum. What happened - did we run out of bacon?"
  • While standing behind Carly and Freddie in the kitchen, Spencer appears to be squelching a smile as he watches Sam go berzerk on his couch.
  • Both Sam and Spencer find Carly's "special lemonade" revolting.
  • Both Sam and Spencer have tantrums when Carly and Freddie say no to them.
  • Sam tries to get Spencer to acknowledge that she won the beauty pageant. However, Spencer is too caught up in his competitive game with Freddie. This causes Sam to reveal Spencer's card.

iEnrage Gibby

  • Sam calls art critic Oliver Dixon a jerk for giving Spencer's sculptures a bad review in the Seattle Tribune.
  • Spencer puts his mouth onto Sam's ear so she can hear the Sizzle Rocks candy in his mouth.
  • Although Sam claims to be annoyed by it, at first, she's smiling when he does
    Get your face off my ear.jpg
    this, and lets him linger in her ear for a few seconds, suggesting she was listening to the pop rocks as he suggested.
  • Though Carly disapproves, Sam supports Spencer's scheme to sell his sculptures at inflated prices to gullible art collectors who think he's dead.
  • Sam and Spencer both agree that stupid people exist so other people can take advantage of them, indicating that they have the same selfish attitudes at times.
  • Spencer texts Sam to pass her his idea of getting Oliver Dixon to write a better review of his art, now that he's "dead" indicating he has Sam's cell-number on speed-dial, as he sends the text very quickly.

iSpace Out

  • During Spencer's therapy session with his psychiatrist, Dr. Paxil reveals to Spencer that the mysterious little girl who magically appeared in his apartment is really a figment of his imagination he created to replace Carly while she's away at Richard Blanton's SpaceCations test center. It is interesting, howe
    Spencer iso.png
    ver, that the phantom little girl both looks and acts like Sam and nothing like Carly, which suggests that Spencer appreciates Sam's personality characteristics even in a strictly platonic context like this one.
  • The phantom little girl is very mischievous (like Sam) and giggles practically the whole time she makes Spencer chase after her around the apartment. She also blows raspberries in his ear while he's on the phone with Socko.
  • At one point, Spencer even admonishes the child that his apartment is "not your house" - something he continually says to Sam.
  • A thrill-seeker just like Spencer, Sam thoroughly enjoys riding the wild contraptions at the SpaceCations test center Blanton uses to gauge the iCarlies' physical "testitude" in space.

iFix a Pop Star

  • Spencer feels the need to brag to Sam and Freddie about his "totally super hot" ne
    Spam high five ifaps.png
    w girlfriend Charlotte, who Spencer discovers later is actually Gibby's mother.
  • Spencer then proceeds to give a play-by-play breakdown of his meeting Charlotte outside the Hey Food grocery store and subsequent coffee date with her at the religious donut shop Amazing Glaze.
  • Sam says, "Nice!" and high-fives Spencer when he squees that Charlotte is coming over to his apartment tomorrow for dinner.
  • Sam appears to be pointing her finger at Spencer after she slaps his hand as if to say, "You're the man!" for scoring a date with the beautiful Charlotte. Sam and Spencer smile broadly at each other when she does this.

iWon't Cancel The Show

  • Spencer is the only one who doesn't get cross with Sam for getting herself thrown into juvie for shoving a chili dog down a foreign dignitary's pants.
  • When Freddie suggests that Spencer invite his sophisticated date Candace to the third-floor studio to watch the iCarly webcast live while he fills in for Sam, Spencer demurs, telling Carly that he can't have Candace thinking he spends his time hanging around Carly, Sam, and Freddie doing goofy stuff. When Carly reminds Spencer that goofing off with her, Sam, and Freddie is all Spencer ever does, he agrees, but admits he doesn't want Candace to know that.
  • Spencer covers for Sam on the webcast by announcing that she has been "unexpectedly detained" instead of revealing the truth that she's in juvie.
    Spencer fills in for Sam iwcts.png
  • Spencer hams it up on the webcast in a way similar to how Sam would perform, by acting silly and pressing the applause button on Sam's remote.
  • Spencer doesn't appear all that distressed when Candace walks out on their date after catching him pretending to be Baby Lumpley in The Englishman Who Was A Terrible Father To His Two Children Named Fuffley And Peeta sketch on the webisode.

iBelieve in Bigfoot

  • Sam sarcastically says she likes Spencer's "sexy dance."
  • Spencer starts off his anecdote about the time he sighted the beavecoon by saying, "I was in the eighth grade. My body was just starting to change..." Sam pretends to be grossed out at this thought by covering her mouth and groaning, "Oh!"

    Sam tells Spencer she likes his "sexy dance."

  • Much to Carly and Sam's chagrin, Spencer crashes the iCarly interview with Sydney Van Gurben to question him about the beavecoon. Sam touches Spencer's elbow as she helps Carly escort him out of the studio.
  • When Sam grumbles, "Yeah, and they're not even cute," Spencer agrees by saying, "Bummer" sarcastically.
  • Sam finds it funny when she hears Spencer making hissing noises over the helmet cam as he searches the forest for the beavecoon.
  • Sam and Carly are the ones who drag Spencer back into the forest to find Bigfoot.
  • Sam gets Spencer out of a tree by throwing a rock at him. This also causes the water in his right ear to come out (and some blood).
  • When Sam knocks Spencer out of the tree, she can briefly be seen holding his hand.


  • Spencer happily joins in Sam and Carly's good-natured ribbing of Freddie's Lewbert-esque glam shots at the beginning of the episode. Mocking Freddie's unnatural pose in his autograph-ready portraits, Spencer strokes his chin and teases, "Say, girls - how do your chins feel?" Sam replies, "Mine's
    Spam lemonade ipsycho.png
  • When Spencer says, "You know, I read that this year's Webicon is going to be twice as big as last year's," Sam notices his glass of lemonade and walks right up to him, snatching his beverage out of his hand. In typical style, Spencer merely shrugs silently and pours himself another glass of lemonade.
  • Interestingly, Sam's helping herself to Spencer's drink was completely unnecessary, as there was a clean glass ready for use just sitting next to the lemonade pitcher on the kitchen counter.
  • Spencer doesn't seem too pleased when Sam sticks her tongue in Freddie's ear.
  • Sam tries to warn Spencer that the fly he's been trying to kill has landed on his nose, but Spencer is already aware of that fact and shushes her.


  • Spencer and Sam have and adorable tendency to copy each other's mannerisms and turns of phrase. When Carly tricks Spencer into letting the fly he caught in his hand go, Spencer calls the escaping insect a "stubrag" - a word Sam had used just moments before to insult Freddie's family. Sam smiles when Spencer uses her word.
  • Sam and Spencer are the only ones who think Webicon is a waste of time. Sam quips that only "nerds and losers and stubrags" attend conventions like Webicon. Equally, when Carly double-checks with Spencer to see if he's changed his mind about coming to Webicon, Spencer replies dryly, "You know, I so would, but I so don't want to."

iBeat the Heat

  • This episode proves yet again that both Sam and Spencer can indulge in some fairly vulgar behaviors from time to time. Carly utters, "Eww" after Sam wipes her armpits with Carly's Utopian City assignment sheet and also after Spencer pulls a bag of ice from his pants and shoves it into C
    Spam Norwegian air conditioner iBTH.png
    arly's neck.
  • Fanning her sweaty underarms, Sam growls at Spencer, "Will you turn that thing [the portable generator] on before my pits start growing mushrooms?"
  • Sam and Spencer have the same look of pleasure when they're cooling themselves down with tubes of air.
  • When Sam and Spencer are sitting on the couch together, Sam is pointing a tube of air at Spencer. She won't share the
    air with anyone else, except if they massage her neck.
  • Sam seems pretty upset when Lewbert takes Spencer's place with her on the couch.

Season 4

iGot a Hot Room

  • Spencer helps Sam into her chair during Carly's birthday breakfast.
  • Sam compliments Spencer's new haircut.
  • Sam clearly feels sorry for Spencer when the Seattle fire department determines that the Gummy Bear lamp he made for Carly was the cause of the fire that burnt her room down. With a pained look on her face,
    Spam Show her the hair dryer iGAHR.png
    Sam defends Spencer's good intentions by telling Carly that Spencer wanted to surprise her with the Gummy Bear lamp as a special birthday present.
  • When Spencer waves the insurance check for $82,000 in Sam and Freddie's faces, only Sam touches Spencer's hand when he shows the check to her.
  • Sam is the first name off Spencer's list.
  • Instead of easily walking around Carly and Sam to show his little sister her new vanity table, Spencer needlessly squeezes between them, brushing hard against Sam's shoulder as he pushes through.
  • Sam grabs Spencer by the shoulders as he's sitting at the vanity table and orders him to demonstrate Carly's boffo new hair dryer for everyone.
  • Although Carly only winces slightly when Sam body slams Freddie in Carly's bed, Spencer loudly groans, "Ooooh!"...

iSam's Mom

  • Spencer is willing to make Sam some eggs at 4 AM.

    Spencer picks up Sam's underpants.

  • Spencer allows Sam to stay at his house when she has family trouble, which shows that he cares for Sam.
  • Spencer is seen picking up Sam's I ♥ Vegas panties off the couch after Carly throws them at Sam.
  • Spencer gets angry at Sam for deleting Celebrities Underwater from his recorded TV programs.
  • Spencer tries to irritate Sam by repeating the word he thinks she doesn't like - "stairs."
  • When Carly corrects Spencer that the word Sam hates is "panties," not "stairs," Spencer avoids looking at Sam and admits, "Now, I'm embarrassed." Spencer doesn't bother to clarify exactly what he's embarrassed about.

iGet Pranky

  • When Spencer helps Carly prank Sam and Freddie in the third-floor studio, Spencer runs up to Sam and Freddie and tickles their stomachs.
  • At the height of his pranking binge, Spencer saves his harshest practical jokes for Sam. First, he walls up
    Spam brick locker prank igp.png
    her locker with bricks and mortar, then he dangles hard plexiglass in front the elevator in the Shay apartment, knowing full well that she will walk right into the hard plastic pane upon exiting the elevator.
  • After Spencer pulls the plexiglass trick on Sam and Freddie, Sam snaps, "Dude, if I didn't have a little crush on you, you'd be falling for my baseball bat to your face bit!" which leads to some odd looks from Spencer, Carly, and Freddie. When Carly questions this comment, Sam avoids repeating it, looking somewhat embarrassed and seeming to glance over at Spencer.

    Sam confesses her "little crush" on Spencer.

  • Spencer looks half-surprised, half-flattered by Sam's comment.
  • Sam claims that she knew what Spencer was going to say something immediately after he said it ("The King!").
  • The iCarly crew meet at the Groovy Smoothie to brainstorm ways to put the kibosh on Spencer's out-of-control behavior. To get revenge on Spencer for his obnoxious pranks, Sam volunteers to sneak up on Spencer and hit him from behind with her nunchuks. Although Carly tells Sam to put the nunchuks away, Sam reiterates her offer to whack Spencer a few moments later, as if it would give her much pleasure to cause him pain.

iSell Penny-Tees

  • Sam and Spencer stand very close together when he pops out with his banjo during the iCarly webcast's suggestively-titled prop auction "Show You Our Junk!"
    Spam ispt.png
  • Sam smiles when she sees Spencer dance in a goofy manner after he receives an Uzbek DVD by parcel delivery at the Shay apartment. Furthermore, he seems to be looking at Sam while dancing galvanically around.
  • Sam appears grumpy and jealous while Spencer gushes on and on about his "crazy hot" new girlfriend Krustacia. When Spencer exclaims that Krustacia smells like a fancy hotel bathroom, Sam blurts out that her cousin Tanya smells like a "gas station bathroom," drawing a comparison between a member of her family and Spencer's girlfriend.
  • Sam tries to catch Spencer's attention by holding up the prototypical "Uncle Female" shirt and telling him that she, Carly, and Freddie plan to set up a penny tee business, but Spencer's too distracted with his new DVD and his thoughts about Krustacia to pay the iCarlies any mind.


  • When Spencer crashes the iCarly webcast to show the viewers the tortilla chip he found in a bag of potato chips, Jodi Flooger waves at Spencer over her webcam and gushes that he should be on iCarly all the time. Spencer agrees, saying, "No, I know, but Carly and Sam are always like, 'You're not in our demographic, so ...'" Spencer thus reveals that if it were up to him, he would j
    Spam ido.png
    oin the iCarly cast and do the web show with Sam and Carly every week.
  • Sam puts her hand on Spencer's back as she and Carly escort him out of the iCarly studio.
  • After Jodi comments on Spencer's pecs and Spencer says, "What?" Sam angrily snaps, "She said she likes your pecs!" showing her jealousy and irritation at Jodi for showing interest in Spencer.
  • When Sam complains that Gordon and Jodi's wedding ceremony is "eternal" (i.e. taking too long), Spencer is the only one who nods.
  • Sam, Carly, and Freddie take turns saying unflattering things about Spencer to
    Jodi, trying to dissuade her from breaking up with Gordon to be with Spencer. While telling Jodi that Spencer has no job, Sam thumps his back twice, letting her hand linger there on the second pat.
  • Sam told Spencer that he has a flat butt, and Spencer is very hung up over that throughout the rest of the episode, even taking her fish stick and throwing it across the room. He keeps trying to showcase his butt to Sam in order to convince her that it's not flat.
  • While Carly and Freddie are trying to convince Gordon to perform his song Shakespeare to win back Jodi's affection, Spencer points to his butt and blurts out at Sam, "Come on, it's like two fresh apples here!" Sam ogles his butt several times and raises her eyebrow (possibly in approval) as he gestures for her to direct her gaze down there.

iStart A Fanwar

  • Spencer pokes fun at Sam for her lack of knowledge about World of Warlords. This results in a death stare from Sam, shutting Spencer up.
  • While Freddie and Spencer are in the throes of squeeing over the awesome pow
    Spam Sam pushes Spencer iSAFW.png
    er the characters Aruthor and Aspartamay wield in the online WOW multiverse, Carly deadpans, "It's so weird how you guys don't have girlfriends." Sam adds, "Idn't it?" in agreement, though she averts her gaze away from a frowning Spencer as she says this.
  • As Sam walks by Spencer to get to the kitchen, she pushes him playfully in the stomach while he rambles about World of Warlords.
  • Spencer calls Sam an "erk" (jerk) after she makes fun of his use of the word "stume" (costume).
  • Spencer seems worried for Sam's safety when she jumps into the crowd of fans to retrieve Freddie.
  • Sam shows genuine concern for Spencer when he gets impaled below the belt with his long staff. Had this happened to anyone else, Sam likely would have found it hilarious.

iHire An Idiot

  • When Carly complains to Spencer that the webshow is becoming increasingly popular and therefore requires more and more preparation, he suggests that the iCarly crew hire an intern who'll work for free. Sam, who has been lying down on the couch, suddenly perks up and asks Spencer, "Would it [the intern] bathe me?" Spencer, clearly unsure of how to respond, just stares at Sam

    Sam asks Spencer to dress up like a lady.

    and knits his eyebrows. Sam explains further that she likes being clean but is too lazy to go through the actual motions of bathing herself. Spencer continues to stare speechlessly at Sam, brows furrowed.
  • Sam says that she wants Spencer to dress up like a lady on the Fourth of July.
  • Both Sam and Spencer use the apparently derogatory term "scutter" to mock someone they find irritating. Spencer uses the epithet twice against his meddlesome grandfather, who is pressuring Spencer to give up being an artist and return to law school. Perhaps in imitation of Spencer (or because of his influence), Sam also calls Freddie a "scutter" when he pushes her to fire their handsome but clumsy intern Cort.

iPity The Nevel

  • With typical Puckett grace, Sam bursts into the Shay apartment and pushes Freddie off the kitchen stool he has been sitting on while "frediting" the short film Moonlight Twi-Blood on Carly's comp
    Spencer butters face iptn.png
    uter. Commandeering the computer, Sam tells everyone she wants to show them something about Nevel on SplashFace. When Sam mentions Nevel's name, Spencer asks, "Papperman?" Sam replies sarcastically, "No, Nevel Van Hooterschmuzen." Spencer brightens, "The pianist?" and Sam frowns back at him.
  • Apparently, Spencer begins to feel left out and hurt that no one wants his advice when the iCarly crew decide to help Nevel redeem his reputation after a video surfaces of him screaming at a child in a grocery store. Pouting and starved for attention, Spencer does bizarre things like counting screws and buttering his face in front of Sam, Carly, and Freddie so they will pay him some notice.
  • Spencer even goes so far as to intrude on the highly emotional reconciliation scene between Nevel and Molly on the iCarly webcast. In Spencer's defence, however, it doesn't appear that Sam or Carly throw him out of the studio this time.


  • Spencer appears to react more negatively than either Carly or Freddie to the news t

    Spencer reacts to Sam hanging out with Brad and Freddie.

    hat Sam has recently been making a habit of passing time with Brad and Freddie. After the iCarly webcast, Sam asks Freddie and Brad if she can work on their Mood Face App school project with them. Freddie then squeezes Sam's shoulder and Carly sniffs her neck to see if it's really her. Carly and Freddie seem more shocked that Sam is actually volunteering to do school work than they are surprised that she wants to hang around Brad and Freddie.
  • However, when Carly tells Spencer that Sam ditched on having dinner with Carly that evening to catch a movie with Brad and Freddie, Spencer stops cold from fiddling with the fire extinguisher he's been adjusting and asks incredulously, "Sam wants to hang out with them?" Carly shrugs carelessly, "I know. Weird, right?" Spencer answers somewhat passionately and, perhaps, with some irritation, "Yeah!" Spencer's strong reaction to this bit of gossip may betray his jealousy of Brad, Freddie, or both of them.

iParty with Victorious

  • When Spencer attempts to comment on the picture of Tori on The Slap website he is met with an upset look from Sam (and Carly) which stops him from calling her attractive.
  • Clutching his lower back and moaning in pain, Spencer walks into his kitchen and teases Carly's friends, "Oh, look. Sam and Freddie are here; that's different." Sams asks him why he's "walking like a bloated zombie," and Spencer reminds her that he spent five hours wedged in his sculptture trying to glue his radios together. He then pulls a tube of cream from his back pocket and rasps, "Who wants to rub some of this meth-thermal cream on old Spencer's back, huh?" As everyone declines, Spencer decides to make the same offer to Gibby.

    The iParty with Victorious hug <3

  • Instead of finding a more secluded spot in the apartment, Gibby ends up giving Spencer a massage on the kitchen counter in full view of Sam, Carly, and Freddie. When Spencer starts to scream in pleasure at Gibby's massage, Sam looks up from the computer curiously at them for several seconds.
  • At Andre's party in Kenan Thompson's house, the iCarly crew decide to split up to search the property for any sign of Steven and Tori. Sam mocks Freddie's overly serious set of instructions, "If you see Steven, do not engage," and Spencer is the only who laughs.
  • When Sam starts singing, Spencer is seen looking at her several times.
  • They sing together during Leave It All To Shine and hug at the end of the song.

iLost My Mind

  • After Sam has skipped school for the third day straight, Carly asks Spencer (who is bizarrely trying to fit into Carly's jeans) if he's heard anything from Sam. Carly's question would suggest that Spencer and Sam are in fairly regular contact with one another.
    Spam ilmm.png
  • When Carly tells her brother that she won't talk to Freddie until he admits that he and Sam kissed, Spencer pauses, then clearly wants to change the subject by saying, "These pants are squeezing me in ways you can't understand." The pained look on Spencer's face as he says this may symbolize the discomfort he feels inside over Sam and Freddie becoming more intimate (kissing).
  • Spencer dressed up as Sam's mom to get her out of the mental hospital, and seemed to only want to do it because of her, not because Carly and Freddie asked the favor.

    Spencer and Sam exchanging looks after she kisses Freddie.

  • Sam seems to be smiling at Spencer while Caleb goads Spencer into kicking Caleb's thighs.
  • During the iCarly webcast from Troubled Waters mental hospital, Freddie decides to tell Sam how he feels about her. Moments before he does so, Spencer can be seen adjusting his bra. Just like the incident with Carly's jeans earlier, Spencer's fidgeting with his bra could indicate how uncomfortable he feels with the idea of Sam and Freddie being together.
  • When Freddie grabs Sam and kisses her, Spencer is seen in the background looking very jealous.
  • After Sam kisses Freddie, she looks back at Spencer and he stares back at her, frowning.

iDate Sam & Freddie

  • Spencer acts uncharacteristically toward Sam at the beginning of the episode. When she barges through his door like she's done thousands of times before, Spencer barks, "You don't live here!" He even leans his head toward her as she walks by to get in her face.
  • When Gibby told Spencer that Sam and Freddie were probably making out, he said "Eww" and looked jealous and sad.

    Spencer mocking Sam and Freddie kissing.

  • While making fun of Sam and Freddie's budding relationship by mimicking their kissing, Spencer is, technically, pretending to be Freddie kissing Sam.
  • Spencer sarcastically says, "Awwww" when Sam and Freddie kiss and make up after a fight.
  • Spencer also seemed to cheer up a bit when Carly told him that Sam and Freddie were having problems.
  • When Sam and Freddie kiss at the end of the episode, Spencer, behind them, looks shocked and uncomfortable, and either says something or clears his throat.

iCan't Take It

  • Spencer refuses to help out Sam and Freddie's relationship by lying to Mrs. Benson. The only reason he seems to agree to this is to help Sam because she had lied for him in the past.
  • Sam touches Spencer's arm when she asks him to lie to Mrs. Benson for her and Freddie.
  • Spencer opens a bakery in his apartment so that the lie he told Mrs. Benson

    I hate Sam's boyfriend?

    about starting a bread business would actually become the truth. The next time Carly walks through the door after he decides to do this, he can be seen angrily pounding and kneading bread dough. He snaps at Carly, "Oh, let me guess - Sam and Freddie are with you," and then beats his dough with a rolling pin.
  • Spencer looks up and stops rolling his dough when Mrs. Benson bribes Freddie, awaiting Freddie's response with anticipation. Perhaps in hopes that Freddie will accept his mother's offer and break up with Sam.
  • Spencer tries to help break up the fight between Sam and Gibby by grabbing her leg. However, this backfires when she kicks him in the groin.
  • Spencer is sarcastic when he asks Carly why Sam would ruin Freddie's chanc

    "I'm eating YEAST!"

    es on getting into camp if she was "so in love" with him. He then follows this up by calling it Freddie's "nerd dream" as if he were angry with Freddie.
  • Spencer runs over excitedly to the computer screen to watch Sam and Freddie argue.
  • Whenever there is a moment of high tension between Sam and Freddie, Spencer mutters something nonsensical and irrelevant like "My bread is on fire" and "Have you ever smelled yeast?"
  • At the end of the episode Spencer cries when Sam and Freddie kiss and make up.
  • Watching Sam and Freddie reconcile on the computer screen makes Spencer crazy and irrational enough to eat yeast.

iLove You

  • Spencer was excited to watch Sam (and Carly) perform a sketch on iCarly and was upset when his babysitter girlfriend wouldn't let him.
    Carly Spencer Jenna ily.png
  • If you follow the idea that Carly's conversation with Spencer and Jenna (the babysitter) is really a metaphor for Freddie and Sam's relationship, then in turn Spencer would be agreeing that Sam and Freddie shouldn't be together.
  • It comes off as too much of an odd coincidence that Sam breaks up with Freddie literally within hours of witnessing Spencer dump Jenna Hamilton.


  • Spencer already has a ham, cooked and ready to eat, in the fridge. He even directs Sam over to it, possibly hinting that he bought it just for her.
  • Spencer calls Freddie "diptuck" which is reminiscent of something Sam would call Freddie. Also, Spencer's resentment towards Freddie (which seems to have surfaced when he started dating Sam) could also be a result of his relationship/break-up with Sam.

    Spencer touches Sam's shoulder.

  • After Spencer says he won't help stop Mrs. Benson from crying by giving her the money in the safe, Sam replies by telling Freddie, "We like it when your Mom cries".
  • To quiet Sam, Carly, and Freddie so their chattering won't continually break his concentration as he tries to open the safe, Spencer recommends that Mrs. Benson rent her guest room to T-Bo. Offended that everyone seems so astonished that he actually came up with a good suggestion, Spencer reminds them that he's "not all about goofy antics and spontaneous fires." Sam cheekily replies, "But mostly you are?" to which Spencer agrees.
  • Spencer seems to enjoy acting macho in front of Sam and Freddie by enacting "Plan B" to open the safe - taking a chainsaw to it. Holding the chainsaw at hip level, Spencer yells rather suggestively, "GET SOME!" while he saws maniacally into the carbonized iron safe.
  • Spencer touches Sam's shoulder while the gang backs away from the safe before he blows it up.

iStill Psycho

  • Spencer plays Clem, the brother of Carly's farm girl character in the latest installment of The Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought the Cowboy's Mustache was a Squirrel sketch on the iCarly webcast. Cowboy Sam snaps Clem's suspenders when Farm Girl Carly introduces him to Sam.
  • Clearly a moron just like his sister, Clem shoots Cowboy Sam's mustache with a pea
    Spam isp.png
    nut, mistaking his facial hair for a squirrel during the segment.
  • Spencer high-fives both Carly and Sam after the webcast concludes.
  • Sam appears breathless with worry when Nora shows everyone on her large TV that she and her mother have Spencer trapped on a large spinning wheel in the Dershlits' basement.
  • Sam apologizes to Nora's chicken Maurice so she will stop torturing Spencer by spinning him on the large wheel.
  • The shock pen Sam and Carly use to short out the locater chip Marissa had implanted in Freddie's head is the one she stole from Spencer in iGet Pranky during the scene in which she confesses her "little crush" on Spencer.


  • Sam is the first iCarly to agree that TV show host Cameron James should interview Spencer for her behind-the-scenes report on iCarly for Hollywood Download.
  • Clearly irritated with Spencer for having a date with a social worker, Sam abuses the woman as "desperate" and willing to wait for Spencer at Pini's restaurant while he conducts his interview with Cameron. Spencer smiles and agrees with Sam when she says this, and Sam smiles back at him.
  • Psychologically speaking, Sam may be projecting her own feelings for Spencer onto his date when Sam mocks his girlfriend as willing to "wait" for him.
  • After Freddie and Sam come downstairs once the Carly-less webcast conclud
    es, Spencer tells Sam how much he enjoyed her character Baggles on the show. Much eye conversation ensues between Sam and Spencer, with Sam trying to communicate to Spencer that he shouldn't hurt Freddie's feelings by complimenting the dummy garbage bag prop that upstaged Freddie during the show.
  • Spencer glances over at Sam while bragging about the large amount of money he has in his account as if he is trying to impress her and then seems embarrassed when he realizes his mistake.
  • Spencer has an absolute blast watching the next iCarly on his kitchen computer while his personal assistant Marty gives Spencer a pedicure. Noting the amazing 3D effects of the webcast, Spencer exclaims, "It's like Sam's finger is comin' right at me!" when Sam pokes her finger at Freddie's camera.
  • Spencer also finds it highly entertaining when Sam throws a bag of marshmallows at the camera during the webcast.
  • After finishing the 3D iCarly webisode, Sam bounds down the stairs of the Shay apartment and drums Spencer's shoulders playfully while he's sitting on the couch.
    Spam iballs.png
  • Sam can be seen in the background behind the island giggling when Marty sets out three fresh plums, a blue napkin, and a bottle of Dr. Gibs for Spencer on the kitchen table.
  • Sam punches Spencer's shoulder lightly, then touches it again with an open hand as she exits the kitchen to head out to the Groovy Smoothie with Freddie and Gibby.
  • Spencer glances with great surprise over at Sam when Marissa's therapist Dr. Scholl and his daughter Courtney drop by the apartment to thank the iCarlies for healing Courtney's vision problems.
  • Sam appears to agree with Marty when he gushes that Spencer is the "best boss a fella could have."
  • Sam seems a little jealous when Spencer reveals (through a flashback) that he frosted a cake with Marty.
  • If you follow the idea that Marty and Spencer's relationship parallels a romantic relationship, then when Sam tries to convince Spencer to fire Marty because of money problems she is actually trying to get Spencer to "dump" him, perhaps because she is jealous of their relationship.

iMeet The First Lady

  • Sam seems more vexed with Gibby than even Carly is when he asks Carly if Spencer is her dad. Sam then shoots Gibby in the butt with the blowtube she presumably used to defeat Spencer in their game of Assassin, possibly because it annoys her when people think Spencer is old enough to be the father of someone Carly and Sam's age.
  • Spencer runs out of his bedroom wearing a dapper suit and asks, "Whatcha guys think?" while doing a goofy marching dance. Sam looks Spencer up and down several times and smiles during the whole conversation about him pretending to be a lawyer to please his father.
  • When Spencer receives a phone call from his father indicating that he won't be coming home for his birthday party after all, Spencer clasps his hands and puts on a goofy face for Sam, beseeching her to break the disappointing news to Carly for him.
  • Sam refuses the undeniably unpleasant task, averring that telling Carly that her dad won't be making it home for his own birthday party would be akin to "slapping a sweet puppy in the face."
  • Spencer calls Sam and Freddie "wienies" as they scamper out the back door of the apartment to avoid being there when Spencer tells Carly the sad news about Colonel. Shay's party fail.
  • After a heartsick Carly mounts the apartment stairs to be alone in her room, Sam and Freddie sneak back into the kitchen once the coast is clear. "Did you just call us wienies?" Sam asks Spencer with an edge in her voice. "Yeah," he retorts defiantly. "Okay," she replies, and leaves again.
  • When Sam questions Freddie about the glitchy webchat with Carly's father, Sam pushes lightly on Spencer's stomach to move him out of the way.
  • After the iCarly gang sing their comic birthday song for Col. Shay, Sam touches Spencer's arm and reminds him to light the candles on the plane-shaped cake.
  • Sam is the first person Spencer introduces to the First Lady.
  • Sam smiles each time Spencer cheers whenever the First Lady guesses the answer correctly on the Is Gibby wearing a hat or criticizing a hamster game show on the iCarly webcast.

iToe Fat Cakes

  • As a reward for going ten days without getting into trouble, Spencer, Freddie, and Carly present Sam with a miscellany of gifts on the iCarly webcast, including a "golden ticket" to visit the Fat Cake World Headquarters in Canada.
  • Dressed up as Mayor Mustachio, the pretend mayor of Seattle, Spencer is the one who presents Sam with her Fat Cake factory tour prize. When Sam screams disbelievingly, "Shut up!" Spencer bellows back, "We shall not shut up!"
  • Still in his Mayor Mustachio costume, Spencer complains that his "mayor trousers are too tight in the crotch." Sam replies, "Charming," while watching Spencer adjust his pants live on the webshow.
  • While at the Fat Cake factory, Sam yells, "Mama's home!" and hugs Spencer.
  • As Sam continues to hold on to Spencer's waist, he pats her back several times and utters, "She really likes Fat Cakes."
  • When the Fat Cake tour guide offers the group a chance to sample a Canadian-style Fat Cake, Sam knees Gibby in the gut when he indicates that he would like to be the first to give the Canadian confection a taste. With false civility, Sam then asks the tour guide for a cake, and he hands one over to her without hesitation. Sam then proceeds to lick and chew the Fat Cake noisily in front of Spencer, Gibby, and Freddie. "It's really good, huh?" Spencer asks, and Sam responds with a quiver in her voice, "It's so much better than good - it's like eating a Fat Angel!"
  • Impatient with the rigamarole involved in crossing the border back into the United States, Sam nags Spencer about the long wait. Bored with Spencer's detailed explanation of the protocol of passing through customs, Sam cuts him off by moaning, "Blah, blah, blah." In response to her mocking, Spencer randomly blurts back at her, "I know you have a crush on me." When Sam looks back at him and asks him to repeat himself, he sputters, "Nothing!" defensively. This might indicate that Spencer returns Sam’s crush.
  • Sam calls out for Spencer to rescue her when the customs agents haul her away for attempting to smuggle illegal Canadian Fat Cakes across the American border.
  • Denying that he's Sam's guardian, Spencer informs a border agent that Spencer is, rather, Sam's lawyer.
  • When Sam escalates the already touchy situation with the customs inspector by sassing him even after he'd already determined to let Sam go, Spencer loudly advises his "client" Sam to "SHUT HER FACE!"
  • Thinking that Gibby is suggesting that they bail on Sam and return home to the US without her, Spencer tells Gibby emphatically that they're "not gonna just leave Sam in Canada."

Season 5

iApril Fools

  • Spencer is sitting next to Sam when they are watching the flashback on TV. When Sam looks over at Spencer he looks back at her and nudges her in the ribs with his elbow.
  • Spencer and Sam high five when T-Bo blinks them a party.
  • Sam and Spencer look over at one another and clap, commenting about T-Bo blinking in the party bush.
  • Sam touches Spencer's knee and Spencer puts his hand on her wrist when they remember the time Carly was in a bad mood.
  • Sam and Spencer are sitting next to each other when they are reading in the flashback.
  • Sam teases Spencer about how long his hair used to be.

iGo One Direction

  • When Spencer mentions he has a date to Sam she immediately leaves upset to go see One Direction; she hates one direction.

iOpen a Restaurant

  • Sam says a joke that Spencer will have a funeral and to send friend Chicken instead of flowers for Sam.
  • Sam says that her and Spencer are "good" friends.
  • When Sam and Spencer find out that the Shay's have been robbed, they both worry about the bacon, instead of valuables or expensive items.
  • Spencer asks Sam if they took the bacon, Sam says no, while smiling and eating the bacon. Spencer smiles back at her.
  • Spencer is willingly to take off his robe infront of Sam, Carly, and Freddie.
  • When Carly says for Spencer to not take off her robe in front of Sam, Carly, and Freddie. Spencer then points to Sam and says "right" to her, before the camera cuts to the opening credits.

iPear Store

  • Spencer gets annoyed when both Sam and Carly son't show a lot of interset in his snow-woman.
  • When Gibby is showing off his deodorant to Carly, Sam yells across the room to Spencer, "I would stop this if it wan't hilarious!"
  • When Spencer defends Carly from Trey, he put Trey's arm into a lock. That's the same thing Sam would do.

iBattle Chip

  • Sam asks Spencer what's in his leaves, meaning she was looking down there.
  • When Spencer goes out to get some fruit, Sam asked him where he's going and why the weapons.
  • Sam asks Spencer, again, where he's going when he gets back home after Chip attacked him.
  • Sam starts to get annoyed when Chip calls Spencer an idiot during the pearchat.
  • Sam wants to hurt Chip for bothering Spencer, and Carly.
  • When Sam sees Spencer tied up on the island in the kitchen, she is surprised.
  • Sam just sits and watches Carly and Freddie untie Spencer, instead of helping.
  • When Chip tries to get Spencer to unglue him and then they could go get some tacos, Spencer gives a sarcastic smile in Sam's direction. Sam smiles back at Spencer.
  • Sam stays behind with Spencer and Carly for no real reason.
  • Sam starts smiling and laughing when Spencer puts shaving cream on Chip's butt.
  • Spencer and Sam both walk next to each other when heading back to the apartment, While, Carly just tags along behind.


  • Spencer and Sam work on a motorcycle together throughout the episode.
  • Sam picks on Spencer for having a date with a certain girl, and for how he speaks to her on the phone.
  • Spencer gives up his date with the girl in favor of going to a dance with Carly. Possibly because he didn't want to go with her anyway, because he likes Sam instead.
  • Sam stays up all night at the Shay apartment working on the motorcycle, and Carly didn't even know she had spent the night until the next morning.
  • Spencer gives Sam the motorcycle, saying that the reason is because she is a good friend to Carly, she has "a good heart" and because "you deserve it".

Episodes with a Spam Subplot

iRocked the Vote

  • Sam tries to teach Spencer how to lie, but he ends up failing at the critical momen

    Sam attempts to teach Spencer how to lie.

    t in the video store.
  • When Sam arrives to teach Spencer, she lies about being mugged as a demonstration for realistic lying. Notice that Spencer was very concerned and began to panic a little before he realized Sam was lying.
  • When Sam tells Spencer that he's smart, Spencer asks if that was a lie and her gentle reply is, "No, I really think you're smart." Spencer is still unsure of whether this is truthful or sarcastic.
  • Sam helps Spencer prepare for his confrontation with the video store clerk by forcing him rehearse what he going to say. Pretending to be a Video Village member of staff, Sam interrogates Spencer about the lost video, and Spencer lies that he returned the video the same day he won a silver medal in luge.

iDate a Bad Boy

  • Spencer demonstrates his Sham-Pow! for her.
  • He shakes out his hair and lets Sam feel it.
    Spam Sam touches Spencer's hair iDABB.png
  • When Spencer buys a Sham-Pow!, he asks if she'd like to see him dip it in the toilet. Sam agrees and they run off to the bathroom.
  • Spencer tries to help Sam overcome the nightmare she has of a monster eating her soup.
  • Spencer goes as far as to dress up as a monster to help Sam and ends up getting beaten up by her.

iSaved Your Life

  • Sam competes with Spencer (and eventually defeats him) in a game of Assassin.
  • Sam and Spencer are the only ones left in the game.
  • Spencer watches closely as Carly frisks Sam for back-up blowtubes before the girls rejoin Freddie outside to shoot an iCarly segment.
  • Spencer calls Sam a "clever one."
  • Sam rushes into Spencer's apartment to tell him that Freddie got hurt (after she grabs the pizza from his hand and slams it to the ground). This shows that she believes he is trustworthy enough to help Freddie.
  • Determined to beat Sam at the Assassin game, Spencer hides in her locker at Ridgeway and lies in wait for her to open her locker. When she finally does, he cackles, "Here's Spencey!" before Sam closes the door in his face. Figuratively kicking himself for wasting his opportunity to defeat Sam, Spencer whines, "I gotta quit saying witty things before I blow."

iLost My Head in Vegas

  • After Sam finds out her mom is in jail in Las Vegas, she asks Spencer to drive them there to bail her out.?
  • Sam agrees with Carly, Gibby, and Freddie's plan to ask Socko to borrow his trailer.
  • In the trailer on the car ride to Vegas, Sam tells Spencer to stop driving like a girl and go faster. He says he isn't, but when Sam isn't looking, he puts chapstick on his lips while driving.


  • Sam helps Spencer finish the 1964 Sterling motorcycle Socko is giving to his cousin Ryder for his birthday.
  • When Sam finds out Spencer's girlfriend is visiting, she taunts him by asking him if the one who's visiting is one of the two girlfriends he ran over.
  • Sam seemed worried when she saw that Spencer was sick.
  • When Spencer finds out Ryder and Socko got into a fight and he's not taking the motorcycle anymore, Spencer gives the motorcycle to Sam for being a good friend to Carly, having a good heart, and because "you deserve it."

Spam Quotes


Sam: "Whatcha cookin' there, handsome?"

iDate a Bad Boy

Spencer: Monster. Sam: Soup.

Spencer: .......Soup.

Sam: Monster.

Spencer: ...Ate.

Sam: Soup.

Spencer: Food . Sam: Hungry.

Spencer: Lunch?

Sam: Sure.

Spencer: Ribs?

Sam: Absolutely.

Spencer: Now?

Sam: Let's.

iBelieve in Bigfoot

Sam: "That's a pretty sexy dance there."

iGet Pranky

Sam: [angrily] "Dude, if I didn't have a little crush on you, you'd be falling for my baseball bat to your face bit!"

iToe Fat Cakes

Spencer: I know you have a crush on me...

Sam: What?!

Spencer: [looking away and speaking quickly] Nothing!


Sam: Socko just gave you the coolest motorcycle on the planet?! For free?

Spencer: Mhmm. But...I don't think I'm gonna keep it.

Sam: What?! You're gonna sell it?!

Spencer: Nah. I think I'm gonna give it away.

Sam: Are you insane? Give it away to who?

Spencer: ...You. [holds up key]

Sam: Wh...Why would you give it to me?

Spencer: Because you're a great best friend to my little sister. And you've got a good heart. And you deserve it.

Website Hints

  • In one iDrive Thru episode Spencer says, "I kissed a ham and I liked i-it!" (following the tune of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl"). This is especially notable because Sam loves ham. Sam replies that "the ham liked it more." She also ruffles Spencer's hair as they are driving away.
  • In the blogs, it is revealed that Sam kept Spencer's hair after he got a haircut in iGot A Hot Room. It was later eaten by Guppy, as decided in a fan poll.
  • In Wake up Spencer: The Hospital, Spencer's 'wife' Mrs. Pillow has long,
    Spam you're in luck.png
    curly blonde hair and is voiced by Sam.
  • In the web clip We eat a Giant Zucchini, Sam has her arm around Spencer (and Freddie) the entire time they are eating the Giant Zucchini. When she, Freddie, and Spencer pass out, her arm is still around Spencer and they are facing each other.
  • In the web clip Hey Hey Hey Hey What Am I Sitting On? A Meatloaf, Sam ate the meatloaf that Spencer sat on.
  • In the iCarly.com exclusive video You're In Luck, Sam pranks Spencer by showing up on a TV screen over a urinal he wants to use in Pini's restaurant. Startled, Spencer asks Sam, "Wait a minute - can you see me?"
  • During the Hillbillies Vs. Sick Cheerleaders "game show," "hillbilly" Sam squeezes "hillbilly" Spencer's face and bicep.
  • While giving a makeover to BabySpencer, Sam puts a pair of polka-dotted panties on Spencer's head.

Spam Galleries

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Spam Fanfiction

iLove You, Always by Simmzy-Poo- Spencer gets married. Fluff Spam. Rated K+.

The Way They Are by Abster1 - Carly can't stand not knowing what's going on with Sam and Spencer, and the more she investigates, the more she freaks out, while Sam and Spencer have virtually no reaction whatsoever. Rated T.

Side Effects by PigSlay- In "iFight Shelby Marx" the doctor listed all the major side effects from the allergy medicine... except one. Rated T.

A Stolen Moment by doornumberthree- Sam seizes a rare and very unusual opportunity for her second kiss, Spencer enjoys it a lot! ... and all because of some experimental allergy medication! Rated T.

Finally by Abster1- There's more heat in that twelve feet of separation than Sam's ever felt before. Post iKiss. Rated T.

Best by Abster1- Sam deserves the best. But that's not Spencer. Even if it's what she wants. Rated T.

Artistic Endeavors by EverSmilingMaze - Spam friendship. Or not, depending on how much you read into it in that case, there are a LOT of "oh..so close" . Sam and Spencer decide to collaborate. Rated T.

My Best Friend's Wedding by Walking Wit Sam heads to Carly's wedding and her old feelings for Spencer resurface. Rated T.


Spam Fansites

Spam Forum - The main forum site.

Spam Livejournal-Livejournal community for Sam and Spencer.

Spam FanPop -The Fanpop Club for Sam and Spencer together.

Spam Love-Tumblr for the relationship of Sam and Spencer.


  • The pairing has the same name as the word "Spam" which is when you type a whole bunch of letters over and over at someone or something (it often is against rules).
  • The idea of Sam having a crush on Spencer might have been based on the fact that Jennette McCurdy had a crush on Jerry Trainor when she was younger. (See Jerrette)
  • The pairing has been compared to that of Maya Hart and Cory Matthews on Disney Channel show Girl Meets World.
  • The songs that are used for Spam are usually seen on Spam or Spencer and Sam edits the songs include: Confident by Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber, Boyfriend by Big Time Rush, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and Last Friday Night by Katy Perry but the main song that fits there relationship together is Save Your Tears by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande. Some other songs that are included are Levitating by Dua Lipa, Game of Survival by Ruelle and Nothin On You by B.o.B
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