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Shawn Hillard is a very smart student at Ridgeway High School. He is a member of the Mathletes. It is suspected that he may have a crush on Carly, or that his mother believes he is gay and wants Carly to be his girlfriend to stop his mother from questioning his sexuality. This can be implied from a conversation between them in iHave My Principals:

  • Carly: "Any ideas how to get rid of Howard and Briggs?"
  • Shawn: [raises hand]
  • Carly: "Shawn?"
  • Shawn: "If I find a way to get rid of Briggs and Howard...would you consider being my girlfriend?"
  • Carly: "If you figure out a way to smooth out the whole Middle East, I won't be your girlfriend."
  • Carly: "Does anyone else have an idea?"
  • Shawn: [raising hand] "Will you be my girlfriend for just one hour to prove to my mother that--"
  • Carly: "No, Shawn!"

Shawn is portrayed by Matthew Moy who previously starred in the CBS hit sitcom "2 Broke Girls".

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