Shannon Mitchell is a girl whom Gibby had a major crush on in iWin a Date. She is openly interested in Freddie, always acting very flirty with him, even to the point of staring at him in class while smiling suggestively and making flirty poses, as well as sending him tons of love letters and even touching him a few times, which made him nervous, although he still liked her personality and appearance. She and her friends got to appear on a special segment on iCarly called iWin a Date, but only Shannon herself appeared, because the other two girls received tickets to see "Girly Cow on Ice". After saying that she is attracted to Freddie, she gets insulted by Sam. In the iWin a Date game, Gibby was the mystery date, and he had to pick the correct date out of Carly, Shannon, and Sam, all anonymously, to join him for dinner for two at a restaurant. He ends up picking Carly by mistake, (or perhaps strategically as a sneaky trick to change plans), and she ends up setting Shannon up with Freddie, and they go on a triple-date with Sam and Reuben. However, the date eventually ends in disaster when Gibby ended up accidentally scaring Shannon away. She is never seen or mentioned again.


Freddie Benson - She thinks Freddie is cute and smart. She is constantly asking him out and slipping love notes into his locker. Freddie remains uninterested in her. However, she goes on a triple date with him to the Cheesecake Warehouse in an attempt to make her like Gibby.

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