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Shane is Freddie Benson's "nerd" friend in the Season 2 episode, iSaw Him First. At first, Carly and Sam believe he's a nerd because he is a member of the AV club with Freddie, but when they find out that he's attractive, they compete for his affection. Then things go haywire, resulting in Carly and Sam getting into an argument over who gets to date him. Shane decides this is too much for him and he goes to leave the studio, only to fall down the elevator shaft, leading him to be hospitalized. Subsequently, a post on iCarly.com revealed he developed a fear of talking to girls with the name "Carly" or "Sam."

Shane is played by James Maslow, who is also known for being "James Diamond" in Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush and a member of a band with the same name which no longer performs but is making a reunion.

Kissing Contest

Since Carly and Sam both saw him first at exactly the same time, they decide that whoever kisses him first gets to date him. They eventually start fighting, and Shane begins to like neither. He then falls down an elevator and is taken to the emergency room. According to an iCarly blog a doctor at the emergency room found a note in his pocket that that listed the positive qualities of Carly and Sam:

Awesome Things About Carly

  • Shane with Carly

    Is not wanted by the state of Nevada
  • Is an organ donor
  • Can add AND spell
  • Takes wrappers off of food products BEFORE she eats them
  • Is funny when she's angry
  • Doesn't watch the news
  • Regularly visits a dentist
  • Doesn't clean her ears with a paper clip (Sam does)
  • Has never bitten her finger thinking it was a hot dog
  • Does not think the capital of Washington is "D.C."

Awesome Things About Sam

  • Doesn't say "eww" when I burp
  • Is blonder than Carly
  • Has government-issued fake ID
  • Can eat her weight in chili
  • Was acquitted of almost all charges
  • Cute nose
  • Can break in anywhere with just a library card, spit, and string cheese
  • Only scares MOST children, NOT ALL
  • Is "challenging"
  • Was nowhere near Gibby's lunch sack when it blew up
  • Can be easily calmed down with a bag of barbecue corn chips

iKissed Him First Game

There is an online game for players called "iKissed Him First" based on "iSaw Him First." You have to drag Carly's lip kisses to Shane when Shane's heart points to pink color, and you have to drag Sam's lip kisses to Shane when Shane's heart points to blue color. If you make a mistake, he will get confused more and more with a "?" sign over his head.

Relationships with other characters

Carly Shay

At first, he liked Carly. Then he figured out her and Sam's plan and he hated that they fought over him. See Cane

Sam Puckett

He liked Sam, but when he found out their plan, it drove him nuts to see them fighting. See Sane

Freddie Benson

Shane is good friends with Freddie and is in the AV club with him. See Frane