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Seddie Friendship is the friendship pairing of Sam and Freddie.

Sam and Freddie have most likely known each other since the sixth grade or elementary school, after Sam met Carly. They now go to high school together, along with Carly.


Throughout the series, Sam and Freddie's relationship has grown from pretending to be enemies (as a type of game played, as Dan has tweeted) to real friends. People also think that Sam and Freddie hate each other but deep down the two know they really care about each other. This has been shown numerous times when it's really important for one to receive help from the other. It is also known that people who think of the two as a couple also believe in their friendship.

Many Creddie shippers support this friendship, just like many Seddie shippers also support the Creddie Friendship.

Remember, this article is strictly for friendship, so no romantic pairings. (See Seddie for the Romantic Pairing.)


Seddie Friendship Moments


Season 1 Moments



  • Sam and Freddie knew each other before iCarly.
  • Sam makes fun of Freddie using "techie" terms, insults that only he would understand.
  • Freddie takes a piece of the ham Sam is cutting up, and she doesn't react to this.
  • Sam likes Freddie's idea of calling the webshow "iCarly."

iLike Jake

Seddie Sam Freddie Check iLJ.png

  • When agreeing that Jake sings terribly, Sam and Freddie turn to each other, give each other the thumbs up sign, and say "Check!"
  • Sam and Freddie both laugh about Jake's singing.
  • Neither Sam nor Freddie wants Jake on the show because they figure he'll ruin the show.
  • Sam plays mediator when Freddie and Carly fight.


  • Freddie lets Sam push him around in the shopping cart, even though he knows she might do something to him.
    Seddie Sam Freddie shopping cart iNevel.png
  • Freddie seems eager to help Sam when she said "I wanna do bad things to that chick Tasha."

iScream on Halloween


  • Sam doesn't insult Freddie when she sees him in his witch costume.

iSpy a Mean Teacher

  • Sam and Freddie give each other a fist bump, twice.
  • When Sam hears Ms. Briggs play bag pipe music, she said "She's torturing Carly and Freddie?", when she could've easily just cared about Carly.
  • When Freddie shows the girls Randy Jackson's cologne, Sam laughs, rolling her eyes, and she touches his shoulder as they walk.

iWill Date Freddie

  • Sam (along with Carly) helps Freddie get ready for his date with Valerie.
    Seddie Sam Freddie hug iWTDF.png
  • Freddie tells Valerie that Carly and Sam are his friends. When Valerie reminds Freddie how Sam is always putting him down, he tries to defend her, saying she can't help it because she's "naturally vicious."
  • Sam tells Valerie that she's mad at her because she stole Freddie from iCarly, and that hurt the show.
  • Freddie wants Sam to appreciate the work he does for iCarly.
  • Sam tells Freddie that he is just as important to the show as she and Carly are.
  • Freddie and Sam hug each other without Carly telling them to.

iRue the Day

  • After Freddie tells Sam and Carly he has bad news, Sam jokingly says, "The doctors can't fix your face?"
  • They fist bump in the end of the episode.

iPromise Not to Tell

  • Sam improves one of Freddie's grades as well as Carly's as payment for money she owe
    Lying gets easier iPNTT.png
    s him.
  • Sam wraps her arms around Carly and Freddie when they were feeling guilty.
  • While Sam said "I promise, it gets easier. Soon you'll be able to lie and feel nothing at all" to Carly, she was also talking to Freddie.
  • Sam and Freddie do not fight at all in this episode.
  • Freddie takes the blame for changing the grades so Sam wouldn't be in trouble.

iAm Your Biggest Fan

  • When the chair lights on fire, Sam runs behind Freddie, almost as if for protection.

iHatch Chicks

  • Sam pulls Duke off Freddie.
  • Freddie helps find the chicks for Sam and Carly's project.

iPromote Techfoots

Seddie high five iPT.png

  • Sam and Freddie high-five each other (and Carly) after learning that their latest webcast drew a record 355,000 viewers.
  • Freddie, along with Carly, helps Sam when she is choking on the sandwich.
  • Sam and Freddie sympathize with each other over the problems they're having with the Techfoots, and then start walking in circles together just to emphasize how much the shoes are squeaking.

iGot Detention

  • Sam is impressed when Freddie spraypaints the window in the Principal's office.
  • Freddie only brought Sam to the principal's office to show her his "Principal Franklin sucks eggs" message.
  • Freddie compliments Sam on how she makes getting detention look easy.


  • Sam seems concerned when Freddie is getting late for iCarly.
    Freddie gets a tattoo from Annie iStakeout.png
  • When Freddie explains all his spy gear to Carly and Sam, Sam doesn't make fun of him for it, and even seems impressed.
  • Sam could have made Freddie get a permanent tattoo, but lets him off the hook with a temporary one instead.

iMight Switch Schools

  • Sam is gentle with Freddie when he is scared that his mother's been hurt, and she assures him that his mother is fine.
    Seddie sabotage Briarwood interview iMSS.png
  • Sam and Freddie work together to make sure Carly does not move to Briarwood.
  • Sam and Freddie get along in this episode, because they are working for a similar motive.
  • While the kids are upstairs and Carly's coming down to confront them, Freddie happily brings Sam a drink and they compliment each other on their good work.


Seddie Sam Freddie bet the Ushe iFence.png

  • When betting, both Sam and Freddie go off in their little world, completely ignoring Carly.
  • Sam cheers for Freddie when Freddie is fencing with Toder.

iCarly Saves TV

Sam gets fired Seddie iCSTV.png

  • Freddie is upset when the producer fires Sam, defending her by saying "She IS pushy and aggressive!"
  • Sam looks worried when Freddie is rubbing ice on the sweaty guy.

iWin a Date

  • Sam is polite to Freddie while he hosts the game show.
  • During the game, Sam and Freddie glance at each other and smile.

iHave a Lovesick Teacher

  • Sam takes Freddie's history book to take notes from.
  • When Ms. Ackerman makes Carly and Freddie do jumping jacks as a punishment, Sam tells her that she's off her nut, knowing full well that she will be punished as well.
  • Sam and Freddie work together to get rid of Ms. Ackerman.

Season 2 Moments

iSaw Him First

  • Sam lets Freddie have one of her cookies.
    Seddie shares cookies iSHF.png
  • Freddie and Sam make a plan for her to win the bet (mostly because Carly likes Shane too.)
  • Sam is the first to notice Freddie's voice getting deeper.
  • Freddie wears a Penny Tee that says "Electric Ham" on it.

iStage an Intervention


  • After the show ends, Freddie compliments both Carly and Sam.
  • Freddie trusts Sam to get the spider off his cheek. Sam does kill the spider (although she does it by striking Freddie's face hard enough to send him to the floor).
  • Freddie deletes a chain e-mail from Gibby and is tricked by Sam into believing that this is the source of his bad luck. When he sees her manipulating his bike, he doesn't say anything and later gets back at her.

iOwe You

  • Freddie warns Sam that Principal Franklin is looking for her. He also warns her about all of the teachers stationed at the doors.
    Seddie iOY.png
  • Freddie helps to mail back the money Sam received illegally.
  • Freddie points out that Sam is too proud to accept the money from Carly and Freddie, showing that he knows her very well.

iHurt Lewbert

  • Sam helps Freddie install Lewbert's fan.
  • Sam defends Freddie against Lewbert.
  • When Freddie tells Carly and Sam that his mother likes Lewbert, Sam starts to make one of her usual cutting remarks, when Freddie shouts, "No jokes, Puckett, this is serious chiz!" Sam raises her eyebrows at this. She may have been surprised, and perhaps impressed, that Freddie was standing up to her for a change.

    Sam reacts to Freddie's "serious chizz" comment.

  • Sam does back off of Freddie when she sees that he's really upset, and says, "Benson..." in a caring tone.
  • Just the fact that Sam did not retaliate for Freddie raising his voice to her could arguably be considered a moment of friendship for them.
  • Sam helped Freddie put an end to his mother's relationship with Lewbert.
  • When Mrs. Benson and Lewbert are arguing, Sam and Freddie glance at each other and smile.

iGo to Japan

  • Sam correctly guesses that Freddie is looking through his peephole for Carly, showing that she knows him very well.
  • Sam and Freddie high-five when iCarly is nominated for the annual iWeb Awards.
  • Sam uses Freddie's camcorder and doesn't break it.
  • Sam doesn't hurt or resist Freddie when he hugs her. This shows that they are getting along better.
  • Sam and Freddie hug after the gang wins the iWeb Award.
  • Freddie tickles Sam's stomach after they win, and she laughs.


  • When Freddie asks the girls if they think he's funny, both Carly and Sam say yes, even though it's obvious that they don't.
    Seddie iPie.png
  • Sam touches Freddie's hair twice without causing him any pain.
  • Freddie touches Sam's hair and fights back against her.
  • Sam seems to feel sorry for Freddie when he can't make baby Stephanie laugh.
  • Sam cheers for Freddie when he makes Stephanie laugh.


  • Freddie doesn't seem too offended when Sam refers to him as a 'co-worker'.
  • Carly makes Sam feel guilty about what she did, which is a first for Sam to ever fe
    Seddie pin down iKiss.png
    el guilty about doing anything to Freddie. This shows that the two are progressing from full-blown enemies to more of a friendship.
  • Sam admits that she never kissed anyone in the webshow to save Freddie from embarrassment. She also threatens the audience if they tease Freddie again, and are considering teasing her.
  • Freddie lets Sam out to the balcony and talks to her, which Carly told Sam that he hasn't allowed anyone else to, not even his mom.
  • Sam offers Freddie a meatball.
  • Freddie says what Sam did was brave.
  • Sam apologizes to Freddie for everything.
  • She says that she'll apologize every few years. This implies that she hopes that she'll know Freddie for years.
  • Freddie says that it would be weird if she didn't make his life miserable, so he has gotten used to her as they have grown as friends.

iGive Away a Car

  • Sam and Freddie are playing Cupcake Slam before Carly turns up.
    Seddie cupcake slam iGAAC.png
  • While playing Cupcake Slam, they seemed to be getting along without Carly there.
  • When Sam loses Cupcake Slam, while Freddie is cheering that she lost, Sam looks slightly hurt/upset.
  • When Carly tells Freddie to put the envelope in his jewelry box he looks right at Sam who looks very amused but doesn't say anything.
  • They go to pick up Nevel's car together.

iRocked the Vote

  • Freddie turns to Sam to show her his new app he downloaded onto his PearPhone, but not to Carly.
  • Sam compliments Freddie on his music video for Wade.
  • Freddie compliments Sam for being a good liar.

iMeet Fred

  • When debating on watching another Fred video, Sam asks for Freddie's opinion.
  • Sam knows that Freddie wears anti-bacterial underpants.

iLook Alike

  • Freddie helps Sam get up when she is stuck between Spencer's feet.
  • Sam and Freddie both love MMA fights and Jackson Colt.
  • At school, Freddie happily shows Sam the text he got from Kevin.
  • When Sam insults Freddie's mother, she adds "No offense."

iWant My Website Back

  • In this episode, they don't argue and manage to get along.

iMake Sam Girlier

  • Freddie helps plan Sam's party.
  • Freddie went to Sam's party last year. "Not certain about that, he had to ask Carly about it."
  • Freddie says "Sam, even though you cause me physical and emotional pai

    Freddie toasts Sam.

    n -not joking-, I think of you and me as really close friends." This means despite Freddie and Sam's bickering, they're still really close and good friends and obviously care about each other.
  • Freddie also says that Sam's funny, cool and the only girl who can knock out a truck driver with only a carton of milk.
  • Sam smiles after Freddie´s speech.
  • Freddie leaves after Carly says she's making Sam girlier. (Maybe because Freddie doesn't want any part in making Sam change.)
  • Freddie and Carly cheer at Sam for beating up Jocelyn.
  • When Carly and Sam hug, Freddie joins them.

iGo Nuclear

  • Freddie insists that Sam should present her project (that he knows she didn't do) after she laughs at him for getting a bad grade on his project.
  • Sam looks disappointed when Freddie yells "NO!"
  • Freddie is jealous when Sam gets an 'A' on the project, and Sam seems satisfied about this.

iDate a Bad Boy

  • Freddie says he's willing to let Sam use his laptop if she asks.
  • Freddie and Sam are at the Groovy Smoothie together and not fighting.
  • When Sam asks Freddie to build her a website and he agrees, she smiles.
  • Freddie builds a website for Sam, and she approves of the work he does.
  • Sam agrees with Freddie (which she very rarely does) that Griffin doesn't seem like Carly's type.
  • Sam agrees with Freddie again when Carly tells him that Griffin's obsession with Pee Wee Babies isn't funny. Sam says, "It's kind of funny."

iReunite With Missy

  • Sam showed no real reaction to Freddie's rather harsh statement, "This THING is not my friend!" Sam has shown a tendency to hide her emotions, but in this case, it may simply be that she knew Freddie well enough to know that he didn't really mean what he was saying.
  • Sam holds Freddie's backpack when he goes to "penetrate" the mob of kids.
  • Freddie once warned Sam not to lick a swing set, indicating that he was concerned about her getting sick.
  • Freddie looks concerned about Sam when she gets sick from eating the expired chocolates that were given to her by Missy.
  • Freddie helps Sam up when she is on the ground, looking very concerned.
  • As Sam leaves the studio coughing, Freddie watches her leave with a sad and concerned expression.
  • Sam goes to Freddie for help, because no one else would believe her about Missy. She seems hurt and upset when he doesn't seem to believe her, either.
  • Freddie wins a six-month cruise around the world, which he really wanted to go on, but he gives it up, solely to help Sam. This is easily one of the greatest sacrifices that an iCarly character has made to help a friend.
  • In the end, when Carly is saying how he cares about Sam, which he denied in the beginning of the episode, he just says "Well, she was really upset." Avoiding the subject and basically saying that he does.
  • Freddie giving up the cruise not only shows how much he cares about Sam, but also how far their friendship has come. In the past, he would never have done something like this for her.

iTake on Dingo

  • Sam chases Freddie in school and grabs his hand, choosing to tell him first, instead of Carly, about the Bikini Dog Food Fight idea.
  • Freddie knows Sam well enough to know what she was thinking when she gives him a devilish grin, and pulls out the bikini. Even though he tries to run at first, he then starts to fight back and grabs the bikini from her, showing how he has grown over the show. In the beginning, he would just scream and try to run, but now he's grown used to her ways, and knows how to fight back.
  • Sam compliments Freddie's work on the ID badges.
  • When Carly asks Freddie to go with Spencer, he says "No! I wanna watch Sam beat up the tv writers!"

iMust Have Locker 239

  • Sam and Freddie have a little fun together, mocking Carly's poorly drawn bunny.
  • When they are explaining why locker 239 is so amazing, Freddie brings up the cheerleaders to Gibby with a smirk, flirty look. It is the same look he often gives Sam, such as when he volunteers Sam in iGo Nuclear.
  • Sam offers Freddie some salami. This is notable because it means Sam wouldn't mind eating food that Freddie's bitten into. Also, Sam rarely shares food with other people.

    Seddie laughs at Carly's bunny.

  • When Freddie thinks he is the only one who won the locker, he is cheering and Sam looks upset/hurt.
  • When Freddie says "In your face you blonde headed demon!", Sam stands there with a disappointed look. However, she looks more disappointed with not winning the locker than being called names by Freddie. This could be an indication that Sam isn't annoyed as much as before and that she takes the insults as part of their growing friendship.
  • Sam says she would have given Freddie the locker for free.
  • When Sam's mom's car breaks locker 239, Freddie jumps behind Sam and pushes her against the wall to protect her.


  • In a conversation with Sam and Freddie he mentions he's been to her house before yet never seen photos of Melanie.
  • After Freddie gets his scissors and makes his way back home, Sam comes into the scene, and though she calls him "dishrag", she says it in a some-what nicer tone than usual.
  • Freddie says "I thought you had detention today," meaning he knows a lot about Sam's life, and is worried about her getting in trouble for ditching.

iFight Shelby Marx

  • During the spat at the press conference, Freddie protects Sam from Shelby and Shelby's manager.
  • In a second shot of the spat a the press conference, Shelby's manager pushes Sam and Shelby aside trying to break up their fight, and Freddie is trying to pull the manager off Sam.
  • Freddie then says to Carly, "What's wrong with her?" meaning Sam, and that shows he cares for her.
  • Freddie and Sam both know about Shelby while Carly doesn't.
  • Sam and Freddie help each other to put up posters for Shelby and Carly's fight.
  • Sam and Freddie are the only ones into the MMA fight at the beginning.

=Season 3 Moments

iThink They Kissed

  • Sam does a sketch that was Freddie's suggestion in season one.
  • When she teases him, he doesn't seem that bothered by it anymore, like he was used to it.
  • Freddie is visibly upset when Sam's tooth falls out. He looks concerned, and wants her to feel better, persuading her to go to the dentist.
  • Sam and Freddie promise that from then on, they would all tell each other everything. That means that Sam and Freddie are close enough friends that even the two of them would tell each other everything.
  • Freddie asks Carly how Sam did at the dentist, which shows that he cares about Sam.
  • When Carly tells Freddie that Sam thought her thumb was missing, Freddie looks concerned when asking "Was it?"
  • When the prisoners escape, Freddie looks at Sam multiple amount of times like he is expecting her to beat them up for him.
  • Sam could've beaten up the prisoners, as Dan Schneider later blogged, but the reason she didn't was because she considered the safety of Carly and Freddie, showing that she cares about Freddie.
  • When Carly says it's his fault, and proceeds to mock him: "You do realize we have to call the police," Sam does not make fun of Freddie.



  • Sam licks her finger and sticks it in Freddie's ear.
  • After Carly warns Freddie not to open Sam's locker, she said "We do not electrocute friends!" to Freddie and Sam. She was typically talking about Sam and Freddie being friends.
  • While the judges are eating, Sam and Freddie appear to be whispering
    Seddie wet willie iCook.png
    amongst themselves, pointing at the judges.
  • Carly, Sam, and Freddie all group hug after they found out they won.
  • Sam and Freddie say, "What?! Why?!" at the same time.
  • When Sam slaps Freddie, he actually slaps her back. Their relationship seems to be getting less one-sided, as Freddie is learning to play Sam's game. Also, Sam doesn't retaliate when Freddie slaps her. They simply turn back to Carly as if nothing unusual had happened.
  • Freddie pulls Sam away from her locker when he believes that it is on fire, implying he doesn't want her to get hurt.
  • Freddie knows what Sam does to wake up her mother.

iSpeed Date

  • Freddie brings Sam bacon.
  • Sam shows concern for Freddie when he seems down, noting his expression when she pushes his face.
  • When Freddie snaps, "I'm not in the mood, Puckett!", Sam seems to have a slightly hurt/concerned expression on her face.
  • After Sam gets rejected by Gibby, Freddie is genuinely concerned about why she was upset.
  • Usually, Sam would've said something like, "None of your business!" But she tells him this time that Gibby said no to her.

iCarly Awards

  • Sam not only allows Freddie to go on-screen, she invites him. She clicks the applause button on her remote instead of the "boo" button when Freddie comes on.
  • When Freddie and Spencer are talking about the European swimsuit models (who Spencer, Carly, and Sam all assume are female), Sam is seen giving the boys an amused smile. (Normally, one would expect Sam to be rolling her eyes at Freddie and making a snide remark, such as "Yeah, in your dreams, nub," or something of the sort.)

iHave My Principals

  • Freddie tells Sam before anyone else about the new iCarly record. It does not show him informing Carly. They also knuckle-touch when he tells her.
  • When Freddie runs up to Sam and excitedly asks, "Are you ready for this?", she smiles and says, "Sure, tell me." (In the past, she would have responded instead with a disparaging quip, like "Did some girl finally get desperate enough to give you the time of day?")
  • Sam says "I feel like a nub." and immediately apologizes to Freddie. Usually, Sam would not have apologized for calling Freddie a nub.
  • Freddie and Sam do the "What?! Why!!" routine again like they did in iCook and Sam tells Freddie, "Dude, we have got to stop doing that!"
  • Freddie holds Sam back when she's talking with the principals, pulling her back by her shoulder.
  • Freddie allows Sam to punch his backpack to get her anger out, rather than her usual method of punching Freddie.
  • Right before the punch, Sam asks Freddie "You sure?", giving him an offer to back out, showing she doesn't want to hurt him.
  • Sam punches Freddie's backpack, not Freddie. Usually she would take up any opportunity to hit Freddie, showing they've gotten closer.

iFind Lewbert's Lost Love

  • Carly seems to not believe that Sam would suck the filling out of the cupcakes. Freddie asks, "Are you surprised?" He seems to know her better than Carly.
  • Sam asks Freddie to come with her to get her phone from Lewbert's office, and when he refuses she insists, picking him up.
  • When Freddie jumps on to the beanbag and bumps Sam accidentally, she doesn't seem to mind.
  • They are shown getting along and having a good time on beanbags without Carly.
  • They seem to enjoy looking through Lewbert's stuff together.
  • They go talk to Lewbert about Marta together.

iMove Out

  • Freddie times the 17 seconds it took Sam to pick the lock on the Petographers studio door.
  • When he says, "17 seconds," he seems impressed.
  • Freddie isn't bothered by Sam slapping him with the money. In fact, he smiles, like he enjoys it and Sam smiles back when correcting him with the right amount.
  • Sam looks impressed that Freddie's guess was so close to being correct.
  • Freddie is concerned when Sam is late getting back from The Petographers.
  • Freddie does not get upset with Sam, either for broadcasting his argument with his mother over the webshow or for holding him back when his mother was showing his baby pictures to the Ridgeway students, even though both of these actions made his ordeal worse. As he has indicated before, Freddie is used to Sam making his life miserable.
  • When Freddie asks the girls if they like his new apartment, both Carly and Sam say yes, although it's clear that they don't. Later, Sam does tease Freddie a little about his apartment being "disgusting."

iQuit iCarly

  • Despite his views of Sam, he encourages Carly to make up with her, because he knows their friendship means a lot to each other.
  • Freddie defends Sam at the Groovy Smoothie, causing Carly to say "Wanna get thumped?"
  • Sam looks upset when she finds out Freddie will be helping Carly on her video and not her, telling Carly "I have as much right on Freddie as you!"
  • When Sam hangs off the window washers platform, Freddie tries to reach for her while screaming for her, which shows he cares about her.
  • After pulling Sam to safety, Freddie looks her up and down to make sure she's okay.

iSaved Your Life

  • Sam is the first one to inform Spencer that Freddie is hurt, not Carly.
  • Sam is visibly upset when she was telling Spencer that Freddie got hit by the taco truck.

    "Freddie's hurt!"

  • She throws Spencer's pizza on the floor, showing that she cares about Freddie enough to waste food, which she loves.
  • When Freddie is hurt both Carly and Sam call 911.
  • Sam visits Freddie when he is in his room with Carly and Spencer.
  • When Carly comes out of the apartment, Sam asks if Freddie is okay.
  • Freddie listens to Sam about his and Carly's relationship, which shows that Sam and Freddie have grown closer.

iWas a Pageant Girl

  • When Sam tells him to bring her soup to her, instead of being annoyed, Freddie smiles and chuckles and gives her the soup.

iEnrage Gibby

  • When Carly says "awesome technical producer", Sam says "Fredalupe" and dances, agreeing that Freddie is "awesome".
  • Sam says that Carly made her go to Gibby's to convince him not to fight Freddie and she actually goes but Gibby says, "To no avail," meaning she actually tried.

iSpace Out

  • Freddie bursts into the Shay residence asking Carly if she heard that the billionaire picked up Sam in a helicopter. This implies that Freddie was the first one Sam called to inform on what was happening.
  • When they're doing the webshow and Sam says "Moon cheese, baby!", Freddie rolls his eyes and smiles.
  • When Sam and Freddie are having Space Madness, Freddie yells "Give me some of that meat!", which probably means that Freddie wouldn't mind sharing food with Sam.

iFix a Pop Star

  • Sam does not harass Freddie when he puts the camera on himself. In fact, they both smile together.
  • Sam compliments Freddie on the video for Wade Collins which he said Carly and Sam helped a lot, though Sam didn't seem to help him at all.
  • When Carly is saying that they were very proud of Freddie for directing the video, you could see Sam standing next to her smiling and nodding.
    IFix A Popstar -5.jpg
  • Sam and Freddie are sitting down together watching the #1 most popular music video.
  • Sam and Freddie look at each other and smile, showing they are having a good time together without Carly.
  • When waiting for Ginger Fox, Freddie says "I'll shut up." and stops talking when Sam says, "Dude!". Usually they would fight, like in past episodes.
  • Sam helps take the fork out of Freddie's shoulder.
  • They do not fight at all in this episode, which is very rare. This might mean that they are getting along better.

iWon't Cancel The Show

  • Freddie seems to be worried about Sam being in jail.
  • Freddie is the first one to know that Sam is in jail. This means that she first texted Freddie, not Carly.
  • Freddie wants to cancel iCarly because Sam isn't there.

iBelieve In Bigfoot

  • Freddie smiles at Sam when she says "...and went wee-oo-wee-oo-wee-oo!"
  • Sam and Freddie actually start a normal conversation without killing each other.
    Seddie gumbo iBIB.png
  • Some people say that Freddie and Sam are really starting to get along better now, for Freddie didn't seem the slightest bit amused by Sam eating from the crockpot.
  • Apparently, Sam thinks people screaming at each other is fun, meaning she probably has fun fighting with Freddie.
  • When Sam insults Freddie, he actually stands up to her (as a true friend should), even though he knows she could beat him up (and actually has in the past). When Sam glares at him confrontationally, he doesn't back down, and only seems to leave because Carly asked him to.
  • Freddie tells Sam to be careful when she's approaching Bigfoot.
  • After Sam beats up two guys, Freddie comments "It's refreshing when she hurts someone who's not me".


  • Sam teases Freddie about his pose.
    Sam makes fun of Freddie's pose iPsycho.png
  • Instead of getting angry about Sam teasing him like he would have in season 1, Freddie only says "All right, enough." and Sam actually stops.
  • Sam seems very amused by Freddie´s impression of a giant.

iBeat the Heat

  • Freddie knows Sam well enough to be able to guess exactly what she was doing in the freezer, while Carly did not know.
  • Sam asked Freddie to come rub her neck.
  • Sam and Freddie both seem very proud of Carly's speech. They also smile at each other while Carly's talking.

Season 4 Moments

iGot A Hot Room

  • Sam playfully pinches Freddie in the stomach.
  • Freddie wears a 'liquid chicken' Penny T. Sam loves fried chicken, and fans assume it also could be a code for Freddie.
  • Sam and Freddie along with T-Bo and Gibby help set for Carly's birthday breakfast that Spencer planned.
  • When walking into Carly's apartment, Sam and Freddie seem to be enjoying the conversation they were having.
  • Sam and Freddie do not fight at all in this episode.

iSam's Mom

  • Before the webshow starts Freddie says, "And look who's late again" to Sam. Sam replies, "Don't start with me" to Freddie and he doesn't fight back, showing that their friendship has become stronger.
  • Freddie gives Sam her remote before the show.

iGet Pranky

  • When Sam says "Show 'em the prank, Fredwiener!" he tries to come up with a nickname for her and responds "Sure thing, Sam...jerk."
  • When Carly notes that Sam is asleep, Freddie smiles and says "I thought she seemed less irritating".
  • Freddie agrees with Sam about Carly having to prank someone. When Carly tries to get Freddie on her side, he even says "I'm with Sam on this one". Sam looks back at him and smiles.
  • When Carly tries to prank Gibby and Sam walks away, saying "You got him dinner", Freddie smirks and follows her.
  • Sam and Freddie enter Carly's apartment together, meaning they were out by themselves.
  • Sam and Freddie were together in most scenes and they managed to get along.

iSell Penny-Tees

  • Freddie was about to tell her about a compromise, but when Sam slapped him while he was trying to talk, he nicely continued finishing his line instead of yelling at Sam.
  • When Sam eats the pineapple that Freddie was about to eat, he didn't yell at her.


  • Freddie offers Sam a golf putter to play "meat golf" with him.
  • Freddie knows Sam is on the meat patch.

iStart a Fanwar

  • Freddie looks into Sam's lunch bag.
  • Freddie, along with Spencer, tells Sam about Aruthor and Aspartamay.
  • Sam saves Freddie from the fans.
  • Sam wanted Freddie to taste her fat shake.

iHire An Idiot

  • When Sam threatens to give Freddie an "attitude adjustment," he doesn't back down, even though he has no reason to think she's bluffing. This indicates that he's grown used to her and is more willing to stand up to her now than he has in the past.
  • Also, the fact that Sam gave Freddie a chance to back out, rather than simply hurt him, indicates that she has grown to care more about him, or perhaps that she's more willing to show that she does, than she has in the past.

iPity The Nevel

  • Sam warns Freddie to get off the chair before pushing him off.
  • Even though Sam did not want Gibby to come to the karma party, Sam does not get mad at Freddie for inviting him.
  • Sam is the first to laugh at a joke Freddie made and he high fives her and Carly afterwards.


  • Sam and Freddie arm wrestle. Freddie isn't upset at losing to her, and instead celebrates getting his best time ever at holding out against her. Sam congratulates him.
  • Freddie says that 3.2 seconds was the longest it's ever taken Sam to beat him, implying Sam and Freddie have arm wrestled before.
  • Freddie is annoyed at Sam being nice, meaning he is used to Sam being mean.
  • Sam wanted to help Freddie and Brad on their project.
  • Sam sees a movie with Freddie and Brad.
  • To convince Freddie to help her set up Sam and Brad, Carly asks Freddie to do it for Sam and he agrees.
  • Sam asks Freddie if Carly sent him to find her, and he denies, meaning he decided to go talk to her on his own.
  • Freddie finds Sam and has a heart-to-heart talk with Sam about love, and he encourages her to express her feelings for the boy she possibly likes.

iParty with Victorious

  • Sam and Freddie didn't argue with each other.
  • Freddie laughs when Sam says his mother hasn't had a date since Seinfield got cancelled.
  • In the extended version, Sam and Freddie both imitate Carly and simultaneously say "Steven..." in a dreamy way.
  • Sam teases Freddie about having a "cool aunt" and Freddie retorts saying that her family isn't full of "freaks and mutants." Sam merely says "touché" at this. In the past, she would have retaliated with insults, threats and/or beatings.
  • Sam and Freddie sit next to each other in class.
  • They smile at each other when Steven comes to say goodbye to Carly.
  • Freddie laughs when Sam insults Mr. Howard and when she says it's her dream to get kicked out of the class.
  • Freddie backs up Sam when Gibby says he didn't know what a hundred day kiss was and she responds with "you're a Gibby."
  • Sam and Freddie are paired up together to find Steven.
  • Freddie supports Sam in her rap battle by jumping up and down with Tori Vega.

iLost My Mind

  • Freddie is worried about Sam after she's been missing for three days.
  • He also mentions that he's called her and texted her.
  • When they go to Troubled Waters and the nurse wouldn't let him and Carly see Sam, he insists saying that they're very close friends with her.
  • He tries to make her understand that she's not crazy.
  • Freddie is upset when the security wouldn't let Sam leave.

iDate Sam & Freddie

iCan't Take It

Seddie dating episodes

iLove You

  • Freddie and Sam decide to break up nicely agreeing that they forced their relationship.


  • Sam and Freddie sit next to each other at the Groovy Smoothie as they watch Carly and Kyle.
  • Sam asks Freddie what Kyle said.
  • They go talk to T-Bo together.
  • With the help of Gibby, Sam and Freddie dress T-Bo to look proper and nice for his interview with Mrs. Benson.
  • Freddie asks Sam to help him with his camera.
  • Freddie throws Sam her remote before the show.
  • They don't argue at all in this episode.

iStill Psycho

  • Sam looks concerned for Freddie when she sees Nora advancing to kiss him against his will.
  • When threatened by Nora and Mrs. Dershlit with fireplace pokers, Freddie shows concern for Sam's safety and pulled her back, saying that they were sharp.


  • Sam and Freddie work together to co-host iCarly while Carly is away.
  • Sam doesn't immediately shoot down Freddie's sketch idea but instead gives it a chance though it is clear she did not think it was very good or funny from she read the script.
  • When Freddie is sad over the failure of his hosting attempt Sam makes the effort to go over and comfort him.
  • Sam encourages him that tech stuff can be creative and they do a whole web show just to highlight this talent.
  • Sam along with Spencer are impressed that Freddie's invention cured Courtney's condition.

iMeet The First Lady

  • Freddie and Sam run out the Shay's apartment together when Spencer tries to get Sam to tell Carly about their Dad. They then return and question if Spencer called them 'weenies' before leaving together once more.
  • They work together (with Gibby and Spencer) to organise a surprise online Birthday celebration for Carly and her dad.
  • Sam includes Freddie and Carly in her plans to escape to Amsterdam.
  • Freddie tells Sam to stay calm when the Secret Service is checking out the Shay loft.

iToe Fat Cakes

  • Freddie along with Carly, arrange for sam to be rewarded for going ten whole days without getting into trouble.
  • Sam puts her arms around both Carly and Freddie's shoulders while they tell her about her gifts.
  • Freddie looks worried when the security finds the illegal Fat Cakes on Sam and when they drag her away.
  • Freddie asks if the security can't just let Sam through when she is detained because she had no form of ID.
  • Freddie comes up with the idea that the security ask Sam some questions about the US, so she can enter the country.

Season 5 Moments

iApril Fools

  • Before the opening, Freddie is sitting behind Sam.
  • Sam and Freddie enter the apartment together with boxes to help the Shays pack up their stuff.
  • Sam said "Maybe we can hang out with the new people who live here," implying she still wants to hang out with Freddie even when Carly is gone.

iGo One Direction

  • When Sam is in jail, visiting her cousin Tanya, she only texts Freddie where and what she is doing.

iOpen a Restaurant

  • Freddie says that Sam told him that the cops found Carly and Spencer’s stuff and he says that Sam went to go look for Gibby; this probably means that they (Sam and Freddie) were hanging out together before Sam left to find Gibby.
  • Sam and Freddie both agree with and encourage Gibby's secret restaurant idea.


  • During the iCarly webcast, while Freddie explains Halfoween to the audience Sam walks up behind him, wraps her arm over his shoulder, stands very close to him and speaks with her head beside his. Freddie is smiling while she does so.
  • She also gives him a little pat on the chest before she walks away.
  • Sam calls herself a "nub", which is what she used to call Freddie.
  • Sam playfully teases Freddie about his Lewbert costume saying it's an 'improvement'. She can clearly be seen smiling as she walks away after the exchange.
  • Sam is seem looking very concerned and upset when it is revealed Freddie was in the robot costume getting jerked.

iPear Store

  • Sam seems interested in Freddie's job.
  • Sam works with Freddie.
  • Sam quits her job after Freddie is fired.

iBattle Chip

  • They are next to each other numerous times.

After iCarly

  • For the first time since leaving Seattle, Sam contacted Freddie to track the IP address of where the negative reviews of her babysitting service originated.


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