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"Freddie: I love you.
Sam: I love you too.
Freddie and Sam in iLove You.


Seddie (sometimes referred to as Fram or Saddie) is the romantic pairing between Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson (S/am and Fr/eddie). It's the most popular and the most supported ship on the show, partially because of being the "official" ship. This pairing mainly rivals Creddie (C/arly and F/reddie), Cam (C/arly and S/am), Sibby (S/am and G/ibby), and Spam (Spencer and S/am

"Seddie" is first mentioned on the show in iStart a Fanwar when Carly is video-chatting with Adam. (Note: in the episode the followers of the ship were called "Seddies", when in reality they are more popularly known as "Seddiers"). It was next mentioned in the episode iLost My Mind in which the episode is centered around Seddie getting together. Carly spoke to fans on iCarly, live from Troubled Waters Mental Hospital, asking what they thought about Seddie.

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"Sam's in love!" -Carly

Ikiss kiss lips.gif


Relationship Dynamic:

Sam and Freddie started off with a love-hate relationship, showing strong feelings of dislike towards each other, constantly fighting and arguing. First, it was Sam showing hatred towards Freddie, then he started showing hatred towards her.


Sam and Freddie kiss in iLost My Mind because Freddie loves Sam back

SEDDIE FOR THE WIN :D <3 <3 <3 <3

However, as time has progressed, the two are shown to have developed their relationship to one that is similar to a friendship, which led to a romantic relationship as seen in iLost My Mind but ended in iLove You. Yet, they still have deep feelings for each other, which were made clear by the fact that they declared their love for each other. It is unknown if they will get back together.

They have kissed eleven times; ten, on the lips, once on the cheek.

During iQ (the episode right after iLove You), they seem to act awkwardly to each other. In the episode, they don't talk to each other that much either. This may prove that they are still feeling a little bit weird after their break up.

Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly, had put out many hints that Sam and Freddie may end up together (even some of the iCarly cast members have hinted on this). In some of his shows, he has paired up the most argumentative characters, such as Logan and Quinn (Zoey 101), Jade and Beck (Victorious), Josh and Mindy (Drake & Josh), and Gary and Tina (What I Like About You). Many of these love/hate relationships can be compared to Seddie. Seddie can also be seen as an "opposites attract" relationship.

Tumblr lr7xotZeh41qesmejo3 250.gif


150526 1316716927751 full.jpg

Tumblr lrr0l62hxA1qb46bzo1 500.jpg

In the Season 4 special iOMG, it was revealed that Sam is in love with Freddie when she unexpectedly kisses him at school during the "lock-in." This is the second time they shared a kiss, iKiss being the first. In iLost My Mind, Freddie kisses Sam live on the iCarly webshow, showing that he has also feelings for her. This is the third time the two have shared a kiss. They eventually become a couple as of iDate Sam & Freddie. In iLove You, they break up because of how little they have in common, but they state that they love each other and share their final kisses in the elevator.

Their relationship has been brought up in iPear Store. Sam told Natalie, her boss, that she and Freddie dated and that Freddie is still in love with her. This suggests that Sam and Freddie may still have feelings for each other.

Freddie then asks Sam if she wants to get back together in iGoodbye. The two never had a proper goodbye, and Dan said that he wants to get Nathan on Sam & Cat for more Sam and Freddie fun. It is possible that the two will continue their unfinished relationship in Sam & Cat. In the Sam & Cat special #The Killer Tuna Jump, their relationship was shown as Freddie came to Los Angles because he was worried about Sam as Cat had made up a lie about her being seriously hurt. This shows how much Freddie cares about Sam and Freddie also almost admitted he loves her but he did admit that he still has feelings for Sam. At the end of the episode, Sam asked Freddie out to dinner showing she still has feelings for Freddie too. This shows that it's possible that they might get back together in the future. On July 1, 2020, the official Nickelodeon YouTube channel posted Sam and Freddie’s Relationship Timeline, and towards the end of the video (the part featuring the last Seddie clip from this crossover episode), the video’s commentator confirmed that the two got back together at this point, though it is unclear if this is what Dan Schneider had in mind for the two, or what happened next, after the ending of the show.

Additional Names:

  • Sreddie (S/am and F/reddie)
  • Saddie (Sa/m and Fre/ddie)
  • Fam (F/reddie and S/am)
  • Fram (Fr/eddie and S/am)
  • Sameddie (Sam and Fr/eddie)
  • "Shoddie" or "Suckie" is sometimes used to insult this ship.

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Seddie Facts:

  • Freddie and Sam both seem to be good with technology, as seen in iStakeout, iDate a Bad BoyiMust Have Locker 239 and iOMG.
  • Because of Sam's tough demeanor and tomboyish personality (especially in the first and second seasons), it's possible that it's hard for her to express her feelings towards Freddie, often hitting, teasing, and humiliating him because she can't express her feelings in a softer way. It's also possible she wanted to hide her feelings from others including Freddie.
  • They stand close to each other often and both don't seem to mind. Often, when they do iCarly, Freddie turns the camera to himself, and Sam then proceeds to turn the camera back to her. Sometimes she'll grab the camera from him, or she'll stand behind him and tease him, or physically harass him in some way (example: sticking her licked finger in his ear).
  • Sometimes, whenever Sam and Freddie are arguing, the people around them smile as if they knew the true meaning behind the fights (iNevel, iSpeed Date, iGo to Japan, to name a few).

Seddie factss.jpg

Standing close to each other.

IMG 0994-1-.PNG
  • Sam and Freddie often finish each other's sentences, almost like they know exactly what the other is going to say. Sometimes, they say the same thing at the same time (iLook Alike, iHave My Principals, and iCook).
  • Sam and Freddie often play as a married couple in iCarly segments (for example: The Jitters).
  • Both prefer to be called by another name than their full name. (Fredward=Freddie, Samantha=Sam)
  • This pairing is similar to Jade and Tori's friendship from Victorious.
  • When not insulting him, Sam's comments on iCarly often refer to Freddie. This is particularly evident in iEnrage Gibby, where almost every other comment from Sam was about Freddie ("Freddie's gonna speed up the video," etc.).
  • Many fans think that Dan is a Seddie shipper because he wrote the scripts of iKiss and iOMG, but not iSaved Your Life or iSpeed Date. This is, however, not confirmed.
  • Usually, Sam doesn't want Freddie to see her cry (iOwe You), which could mean that Sam cares about what Freddie thinks of her.
  • Freddie has gotten into a few physical altercations with Sam since going through puberty, but Sam always manages to hurt him/pin him down. It's possible that he lets her overpower him, as he has visible muscles starting in Season 4.
  • While Mrs. Benson openly admits her dislike of Carly, she rarely says anything regarding Sam. But, as shown in iCan't Take It, Mrs. Benson does dislike Sam. (But it hasn't been seen at other times, which may be due to Freddie personally requesting she not mention her.)
  • In iOMG, Sam is wearing a red striped shirt, the official Seddie pattern, and Freddie's wearing a blue shirt. Red + Blue = Purple, the official Seddie color.
  • In iOMG, it has been confirmed that Sam is indeed in love with Freddie, as she made a move and kissed him. Freddie further reiterated this fact when he replied "It's cool." after Sam apologized. This was an indicator that he was not angry that Sam had kissed him, just shocked, and was hinting that he does have feelings for her.
  • Freddie is an Aquarius (air sign), and Sam is an Aries (fire sign).
  • Sam often calls herself "Mama" and calls Freddie a "Mama's boy".
  • They both have rather "crazy" mothers in common, even getting into a fight in iDate Sam & Freddie over just whose mom is the "freakiest."
  • In iLove You, Sam and Freddie confirm their love for each other, saying "I love you" after they break up.
  • Both Sam and Freddie are good at insulting each other. Whenever Sam randomly bursts out, Freddie comes out straight away.
  • Once in awhile, they say the same thing at the same time (iLook Alike, iHave My Principals, and iCook).
  • Sam and Freddie have shared their first kiss.

Seddie Song

The official Seddie song is "Running Away" by AM . Fans consider this as the pairing's official song because it was played during Sam and Freddie's first kiss. Some consider the official Seddie song to be "Call Me" by Kari Kimmel because that is the song that was played during the iOMG promo. [2]

Seddie Color

The official Seddie color is purple due to the fact that during almost all Seddie moments Sam and Freddie are wearing red and blue making purple. In their kiss in iOMG, Sam was wearing red and Freddie was wearing blue. Sam's phone is red and Freddie's phone cover is blue forming purple. Freddie's backpack is blue and Sam's backpack is red, again forming purple. Some fans think this is a "connection". Often in romantic scenes between the characters on the show, one or both will be wearing purple. In iDate Sam & Freddie, Sam and Freddie go on a date in a purple booth.

Seddie Jewel

The Seddie jewel is an amethyst. It is because of it's color (purple) which happens to be the Seddie color. 


Seddie Spot

The official Seddie spot is the fire escape. This is because this is where Sam and Freddie had their first kiss and the official Seddie song "Running Away" is playing while they had their kiss in iKiss. This episode is the only time we see the fire escape. The fire escape is mentioned in most Seddie fanfictions.

Fire escape.jpg

Seddie Food

The official Seddie food is Meatball Spaghetti Spicy Sweet Chili Dorito Lasagne due to the fact that Sam offered Freddie a meatball in iKiss, and in iLost My MindGoopy Gilbert shouted "Seddie!" after Sam and Freddie kissed, then when his mom said, "Gilbert, dinner time!" he replied saying, "Spaghetti!" Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos are a kind of doritos, the spicy represents Sam and the sweet represents Freddie. Lasagne is part of the Seddie food because in iDate Sam & Freddie, Sam and Freddie ate lasagne on their date, and they both love it. Livin4Skating, a former user on this wikia made a fanart of those foods combined as 1 food, and here it is:


Seddie Moments:

Season 1 Moments

Season 2 Moments

Season 3 Moments

Season 4 Moments

Season 5 moments

Sam & Cat

  • In the episode #TheKillerTunaJump, Freddie visits Los Angeles after having heard that Sam got injured in a motorcycle crash, as he was very worried about her. He is also aware of her criminal history.
  • Before coming to LA, Freddie got a call from Sam's phone. As soon as he checked the caller ID and saw it was her, he got visibly nervous and deepened his voice to impress her.
  • Sam says Freddie is in love with her. Freddie looks as if he's about to protest, but is interrupted by her and Cat arguing.
  • Sam later calls Freddie the only guy she ever loved. When Freddie asks for clarification, Sam claims she's only exaggerating to make a point.
  • Freddie almost says he loves Sam, but cuts himself off before saying he "really likes" her instead.
  • At the end of the episode, Sam asks Freddie if they can go out to dinner sometime and he accepts, implying that they have feelings for each other still and their relationship may return in the future.
  • In response to the special, "We Want Seddie Again" trended worldwide on Twitter.BeYyo0PCQAArjHz.png

Seddie Episodes and Subplots

iHeart Art

  • Freddie bets Sam that she can't go a week without insulting him.


  • Freddie loses a bet to Sam, so he has to get a tattoo of her face on his arm.

iMight Switch Schools

INevel -3.jpg


  • Freddie makes a bet with Sam, saying that if she can read a whole book in a week, then he'll put a washing hose in his pants.
  • Sam roots for Freddie during his fencing match against Doug Toder.

iSaw Him First

  • Freddie wanted Sam to win against Carly on their contest on kissing Shane.

iStage an Intervention

  • Sam plays various pranks on Freddie to make him think he has bad luck.


  • Sam reveals Freddie's secret that he never kissed a girl live on iCarly, making all of the kids at school start to make fun of him. In the end, they share their first kiss together. This was a major Seddie episode.

iDate a Bad Boy (first half)

  • Sam pays Freddie $50 to create a website for her. They spend much of this episode alone together.

iReunite With Missy

  • Freddie wins a cruise, but he gives up the prize to Missy (Carlys ex-best friend) because she is trying to replace Sam.

iMust Have Locker 239

  • Sam and Freddie share a locker.


  • Sam's identical twin sister Melanie comes for a visit, but Freddie thinks that Melanie isn't real and Sam is just pretending to be her. Freddie also kisses mythical "Melanie" when he thinks it's Sam.
  • Sam lets Freddie think that he won and that Melanie's not real.

iThink They Kissed

  • Carly finds out that Sam and Freddie kissed.

iSpeed Date

  • When Sam comes in the Groovy Smoothie and sees Carly and Freddie dancing, she has a hurt look on her face and left with the hurt look. This may imply that Sam already has feelings for Freddie.

iSaved Your Life

iOMG kiss.

  • Sam convinces Freddie that Carly is dating him for the wrong reasons.
  • Sam seems more worried about Freddie being hurt than Carly and even threw down a pizza to get Spencer to believe her.

iStart a Fanwar


  • A crowd of Seddie fans wish for Seddie to happen and wage war with the Creddie fans.


  • Carly and Freddie start to think that Sam is in love with Brad, their new intern on iCarly, when she's in fact in love with Freddie. She shows this by kissing him in the end of the episode.
  • Sam was wearing a red striped shirt (Melanie kissed Freddie and he was wearing a striped shirt) and Freddie was wearing a blue shirt; the Seddie color is purple. 

iLost My Mind

  • Sam checks herself into a mental hospital because she thinks she is crazy for liking and hating Freddie at the same time.
  • This episode is the first episode of the four-episode Seddie arc.
  • It is also revealed that Freddie feels the same way when he kisses her live on iCarly. while he could just humiliate her on the web and even suggested by Sam herself, before she was interrupted by Freddie kissing her.

iDate Sam & Freddie

  • Sam and Freddie go on a date in this episode and still argue.
  • This episode is the second episode of the four-episode Seddie arc.
  • When Sam & Freddie go on their date with Carly, their cups are red and blue, which make purple, the Seddie color.
  • Sam calls Freddie "Baby" in this episode.
  • Sam helps Freddie get revenge on his teacher by putting bees in his car.
  • Freddie says Sam's hair looks nice and he brushes it.
  • Gibby says Sam and Freddie have been hanging out and making out together a lot.
  • Sam and Freddie share two kisses in this episode.
  • It is unknown whether Sam fell in love with Freddie for the first time was before or during iCarly, because she didn't state a date or time.

iCan't Take It

  • Carly and Gibby attempt to end Sam and Freddie's romance because of Mrs. Benson's disdain towards their relationship.
  • This is the third episode in the four-episode Seddie arc.
  • Carly has Sam and Freddie kiss after a fight about Sam messing up his N.E.R.D. camp application.
  • Sam and Freddie are seen snuggling on a couch in a photo that Gibby shows to Mrs. Benson.

iLove You

  • Carly encourages Sam and Freddie to explore each other's interests.
  • Freddie goes with Sam to her Uncle Carmine in prison.
  • This is the first and only time Sam and Freddie do nose to nose.
  • Sam and Freddie confirm their love for each other, but ultimately break up.
  • This episode is the fourth and final episode of the four-episode Seddie arc.


  • Sam asks Freddie what Kyle said, but even he has no idea.
  • Sam and Freddie give T-Bo a makeover (along with Gibby, who tailors his suit), so he will be able to stay at the Bensons' apartment.
  • Sam and Freddie spend a lot of time together in this episode.


  • Freddie co-hosts the iCarly webcast with Sam, although his attempts at comedy fail miserably.
  • Sam tries to comfort Freddie after his failed attempt at co-hosting.
  • Sam (indirectly) encourages Freddie to try his 3-D technology on iCarly.
  • Sam gives credit to Freddie about the 3-D technology on the show.
  • Sam said that the advice Freddie gave to himself seem like it was from someone who cared. (Possibly Sam)

iPear Store


  • Freddie gets a job at the Pear Store and then Sam joins.
  • Sam was upset when Freddie didn't give her a PearStore discount.
  • Sam mentions that she and Freddie dated for a while.
  • Sam mentions that Freddie is still in love with her.
  • Sam quits directly after Freddie is fired, possibly meaning that the only reason that she worked at the Pear store was to be with him. Also, she did not agree with how harsh the manager was on Freddie and likely quit to protest his unfair treatment.

iGet Banned

  • Sam seems jealous seeing Freddie with girls.
  • Sam helped Freddie and Gibby book a gig for their band in The Groovy Smoothie. (Although it was for more for her entertainment)
  • Sam was the only one who got up and went to see if Freddie was okay after Gibby had punched him.
  • Sam seemed really angry at Gibby for knocking Freddie senseless.

Seddie Quotes

Sam: [to Carly]: Hey! You invited the doof.
Freddie: Oh man! I didn't know that was gonna be here!

Seddie meets Michelle Obama.

Sam: She. I'm a "she" Freddie, as in girl.
Freddie: [scoffs] Barely!


Sam: Carly will never love you.
Freddie: [in a hurt tone] You've got a big mouth, lady!


[The trio are reading the comments on iCarly site]
Carly: Insane!
Freddie: Unbelievable.
Sam: I know, can you believe this!
Freddie: I said unbelievable.
Sam: Oh I'm sorry! I thought you said you were doofy and annoying.
(iWant More Viewers)


Sam: [to Freddie] Now you see that? Carly puts a nice slice of lemon on my glass. How does she think of that?
Freddie: 'Cause Carly's classy.
Sam: And I'm not classy?
Freddie: Classy people don't clean out their ears with their cell-phone antenna!
Sam: That was your cell-phone antenna.
Freddie: What! [takes out his cell-phone] Argh! No wonder I keep dropping calls!
(iDream of Dance)


Freddie: [talking about Sam] She is not like other girls.
Carly: Nope.
(iRue the Day)


Freddie: You want to kiss me?
Sam: Kiss you?! Dude, I'd rather... not do that at this time, but I appreciate your kind offer.
(iHeart Art)


Freddie: You know, they say when a girl constantly rips on a guy, it really just means she has a crush on him.
Sam: But I wasn't ripping on a guy, I was ripping on you.
(iDon't Want to Fight)


Carly: [guiltily] Aww...Sam you're crying!

Sam: [crying] No! Freddie's just... such a dork.... it makes me emotional sometimes.
(iDon't Want to Fight)

Seddie Using Paint


Sam: I know what I want to do when I look at you.


Sam: [In an honest tone] On the last iCarly, I told you guys that Freddie never kissed anyone. And that was really personal, and I shouldn't have said it on the show. [starts to act tougher] And for all you people out there who've been teasing Freddie about it, lay off, because I bet a whole lot of you haven't kissed anyone either. [after some thought] Including me. Yeah, that's right, I've never kissed anyone. Sooo... if you wanna tease someone about it, tease me. Which is a bad idea unless you live near a hospital!


Freddie: I was just gonna say...
Sam: That we should kiss?
Freddie: You're gonna break my arm now, right?
Sam: No.
Freddie: Well should we? Just so both of us can get it over with?
Sam: Hmm... just to get it over with.
Freddie: Just to get it over with.
Sam: And you swear we both go right back to hating each other as soon as it's over?
Freddie: Oh totally, and we never tell anyone!
Sam: Never!
Sam: Well... lean.
[Freddie leans and they kiss for about 8 seconds]
Freddie: [after the kiss] Well that was...um...
Sam: [Looking dazed] Nice...?
Freddie: Yeah, nice um...
Sam: Good...work.
Freddie: [hurriedly] Thank you, you too.
Freddie: [calling after Sam with a smile as she climbs over the window-ledge] Hey, I hate you.
Sam: [chuckles] Hate you, too.


Freddie: Maybe Carly’s right. Maybe you’re just jealous of Missy.
Sam: Okay just… forget it... don't believe me. [walks away]
Freddie: [Shouts after her] Tell me one reason why I should believe you!
Sam: Because I came here. Have I ever come to you for help before? For anything? [leaves without another word]
Freddie: [sad, upset expression]
(iReunite With Missy)


Carly: No. You care about Sam!


Freddie: [sighs] Well, she was really upset....
Carly: And you said Sam wasn’t your friend!
Freddie: Yeah, whatever...
Carly: Yeah, whatever!
(iReunite With Missy)


Freddie: What did you do to my locker?
Sam: My locker!
Freddie: Our locker!
Sam: When did you turn into my wife?
(iMust Have Locker 239)


Sam: [chewing] Salami?
Freddie: [jokingly] No thanks, Princess Puckett!
(iMust Have Locker 239)


Carly: Why didn't you tell me you and Freddie kissed?
Sam: [shocked and at a loss for words]
Freddie: [opens the door with a cable in his hand] Hey, can I run upstairs for a second and install these ca-- [sees Carly and Sam - stares at her with a shocked face]
Sam: [with an angry look] You spoke of it!
Freddie: [throws cable in air screaming and is chased out of the room by Sam who is also screaming]
Sam: [carries Freddie back inside and throws him on the couch, then hurries and locks the door]
Sam: [in a hurt tone] You swore you'd never tell anyone we kissed!
(iThink They Kissed)


Carly: I'll turn my back, and you guys can resume kissing behind it!
(iThink They Kissed)



Carly: How long was it?
Sam: What?
Carly: How long did you guys kiss?
Freddie: ...I don't know.
Sam: Like... seven seconds?
Freddie: [nods] seven...eight...?
Carly: Oh. And was it fun?
Sam: [gives Carly a look] "Fun"..?
Carly: Yeah, I mean...did you guys...you know...like it?
[Sam and Freddie glance at each other. Spencer runs in, leaving the question unanswered]
(iThink They Kissed)


Sam and Freddie: What?! Why?!
Sam: [slaps Freddie]
Freddie: [slaps Sam]


Sam and Freddie: What?! Why?!
Sam: Dude, we have got to stop doing that.
(iHave My Principals)


Sam: She's not in love with you, she's in love with what you did!
Freddie: You just can't stand the idea of Carly and me as a couple!
Sam: Very true, it makes me wanna puke up blood. But still... what I said is true... and you know it!
(iSaved Your Life)


Freddie: Aw Sam.. if you're in love with me just say so!
Sam: Nyeeh!
Freddie: Nyeeh!
(iWas a Pageant Girl)


Freddie: [to Spencer] I don't go out with girls I've never met!
Sam: [walking past him] Well, no girl you have met's gonna go on a date with ya.
(iWas a Pageant Girl)


Sam: [to Nora] Dude, if I don't get any food in the next hour, I'm going to eat Freddie!
Freddie: [hastily] Get her some food, Nora!!



Freddie: I'd be more offended if I knew what a "stub-rag" was.
Sam: C'mere. [puts her mouth near his ear]
Freddie: OH! Oh! She stuck her tongue in my ear!!!
Sam: Yeah, lucky you.


Sam: Freddie, come rub my neck.
Freddie: (sarcastic) Yeah, that'll happen.
(iBeat the Heat)


Freddie: [to Carly] You literally jump into bed.
Sam: I wanna try it! [Runs]
Freddie: Oh, no! No! No! No! Sam, Sam, wait for me-- [Sam lands on top of Freddie]
(iGot a Hot Room)


Freddie: And look who's late again!
Sam: Don't start with me! [she points to Freddie]
[Freddie gives an eyebrow raise]
(iSam's Mom)


Sam: Show them the prank, Fredwiener!
Freddie: Sure thing...Sam...jerk.
Sam: And that's why you're behind the camera.
(iGet Pranky)


Freddie: Say it! [looking at Sam]
Sam: [sighs] I'm sorry I worked you guys so hard... didn't give you enough breaks... and fed you... you know, animal food...
(iSell Penny-Tees)


Freddie: Wanna putt some meat?
Sam: Yeah, I'll play some meat golf.


Sam: You have got to try this Fat Shake!!
Freddie [grabs the Fat Shake out Sam's hand]: Will you get your head outta your Fat Shake and listen to me?!
(iStart a Fanwar)


Sam [to Cort, excited]: You got the job!
Freddie: But... Sam! What about Brad's fudge?! Remember the fudge! [as he tries to feed Sam some fudge]
(iHire An Idiot)


Freddie: [in a vampire voice] Whenever you're ready.
Sam: It doesn't work on us!
(iPity The Nevel)


Freddie: [pulls Sam aside] Okay, what's up with you?
Sam: What do you mean?
Freddie: [firmly] You have been nice and helpful and considerate all day - what's your game?
Sam: [flatly] No game. [Freddie stares] Why don't we get on with the project...
Freddie: [relenting] Okay.
Sam: Okay?
Freddie: Okay.
Sam: Okay?
Freddie: Okay.
Sam: Okay.


Freddie: [pops head out of door] Yo yo.
Sam: [sitting on the stairs] Carly sent you to find me?
Freddie: Nope.
Sam: [rolls eyes] Oh so you don't know we had a little argument?
Freddie: She told me about your little argument. [raises eyebrows] I just said she didn't tell me to come find you.
Sam: Good.
Freddie: But Carly's right.
Sam: [groans loudly]
Freddie: Groan all you want!
Sam: [snaps] I don't care what your stupid PearPad app says about me being in love! [serious] I'm not into Brad like that...
Freddie: [sighs] Lately, everytime I tell you that Brad and I are doing something together, you wanna come hang with us!
Sam: And that means I'm in love with him?!
Freddie: Well you hate me!
Sam: [looks down quietly] I never said I hate you.
Freddie: Yeah you have! --like 900 times! I still have the birthday card you gave me that says "Happy Birthday, I hate you!-- Hate, Sam!"
Sam: [frustrated] Just leeeave!
Freddie [mimics] Fine, I'll "leeeave!"
Sam: Bye!
Freddie: But before I go--
Sam: [jumps up, heading towards Freddie] That's it! Get out of here before I do a double fist dance on your face!
Freddie: [In a serious tone] You can threaten your double fist face dancing all you want! [quietly] But Carly's still right! [sighs] Look, I know it's scary for you to put your feelings out there. Cause you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back. Everyone feels that way! But you never know what might happen if you don't--
[Sam stares at Freddie with an intense and amorous look, gives up fighting her feelings, grabs his shoulders and kisses him midsentence, pulls away after eleven seconds looking shocked]

Tumblr ljeuplKntF1qc8833.jpg

Freddie: [with a shocked look on his face] I---
Sam: [a bit awkward] Sorry...
Freddie: [still shocked] It's cool...


Freddie: [to Carly, on computer] See if you can find out whether oranges can crack a spine [glares at Sam] 'cause I THINK THEY CAN!
Sam: Oh, man up. Or at least boy up.
(iParty with Victorious)


Tumblr loa5f8143X1qgrg2oo1 500.png

Sam: Why'd you come here?
Freddie: To figure out why you checked yourself into a mental hospital.
Sam: You wanna know why?
Freddie: Kinda.
Sam:Because I hate you!
Freddie: Then why'd you kiss me?!
Sam: Because I...[quietly] I like you...
Freddie: So, you hate me and you like me...?
Sam: Now you see why I need to be in here? I got problems. I can't think straight, I can't eat, I--I--
Attendant: Sam, we have hot quesadillas--
Sam: [shuts the door and starts eating a quesadilla]
Freddie: Look Sam, I get that you're feeling a little--
Sam: Aww, who cares, so I kissed you. So... so maybe I do like you a little bit. It doesn't matter 'cause there's no way I'd ever go out with you or be your little girlfriend and... dang this place makes good quesadillas.
Freddie: Can I have one?
Sam: No!
Freddie: [to Sam] Look can we talk about the kiss?
Sam: Yeah, actually let's never talk about it, alright?
Freddie: Sam... [Sam gives him a death stare] don't kill me... [backs away] I was just gonna say... no matter what happened that night or what your feeling now [puts his hand on her shoulder] I'm telling you--
Sam: [without even looking at him] Off.
Freddie: [takes his hand off her shoulder] You're not any more mentally unstable than you have been your whole life.
Sam: You really mean that?
Freddie: I do.
Sam: 'Kay... let's get out of here.
Freddie: Good. [Freddie opens the door for Sam as she dumps quesadillas into her bag before they leave]
Freddie: Sure.
(iLost My Mind)


Sam: Okay look, I don't care how many iCarly fans say I'm not insane for liking Freddie. I know I'm cr--
Freddie: [interrupts Sam] W-w-wait. Let's take one more chat.
Sam: No I don't wanna...
Freddie: Just one more!
Sam: [groans]
Freddie: Here, hold this. [looks to Carly, gives her his camera, takes the PearPad]
Carly: [whispers] You be nice.
Freddie: [to Carly] Just... [into PearPad, to web audience] Hey, it's me, Freddie. So uh... a lot of people have been talking about whether Sam and I should, ya know, "go out" with each other, and it's like everyone's wondering if Sam is crazy for wanting to. But nobody asked me how I feel.
Sam: [to Freddie] We talked about it.

IMG 0469.png

Freddie: No, you talked. You told me how you feel while you ate a quesadilla.
Sam: [to web audience] The quesadillas here are amazing.
Carly: [shushes Sam]
Freddie: [continues] Anyway, yeah, it's important how Sam feels but, how I feel is important too.
Sam: [to Freddie] OK, Benson, we get it! You wanna humiliate me on the web in front of millions of people, go ahead, just do it, I don't care. Get back at me for all the mean things I've s-- [Freddie confidently walks across the room and kisses Sam]
Sam: [confused, after Freddie kisses her] ...You mean that?
Freddie: [smiling] Mmm hm... so I guess we're both insane.
(iLost My Mind)


Freddie: Okay, I wanna know...
Sam: Whatchu wanna know?
Freddie: [smiles] When you first started to like me.
Sam: Okay, remember the time I pushed you in front of that bike messenger and he knocked you down and hit your head on that fire hydrant?
Freddie: [smiles] Yes...
Sam: Well afterwards, when you were laying there, moaning... blood coming outta your ear...
Freddie: Yeah...?
Sam: I dunno, you looked, kinda cute.
Freddie: Aww, [rubs his ear] then it was worth the hearing loss.
Sam: Well, yeah...
Freddie: Yeah.
[Sam and Freddie giggle with each other and clink their cups together]
(iDate Sam & Freddie)


[Sam and Freddie walk into the Shay's apartment]
Freddie: Good, Carly's here; let's ask her.
Sam: After I get some ham.
Freddie: Some things more important than ham!
Sam: [menacingly] Don't you ever say that to me...
(iDate Sam & Freddie)


Freddie: I think that's fair.
Sam: [sighs] Dittyo.
Sam and Freddie: [smile then kiss]
Freddie: [grabs Sam's hands] Let's go get you that ham.
Sam: Aww, Baby. [run out holding hands]
(iDate Sam & Freddie)


Freddie: Hey, how great does Sam's hair look?
Sam: He brushed it for me.
Freddie: With one of these. [picks up a brush while smiling]
(iDate Sam & Freddie)


Freddie: Hey, Cuteness.
Sam: Lips, please. [Freddie lifts up her chin and kisses her]
(iCan't Take It)


Sam: [to Freddie, cloyingly stroking his chin] C'mon, don't be mad at Mama.
(iCan't Take It)


Carly: [to Freddie] Sam loves you! [looks over to Sam and hits her arm]
Sam: [relunctantly] It's kinda true.
(iCan't Take It)


[Sam and Freddie walk into the elevator from the iCarly studio; waits for the elevator, but Sam pushes the emergency stop button, and the elevator stops.]
Sam: So....
Freddie: [turns to look at Sam] She wasn't talking about us.
Sam: [shrugs] ... I know... but... do you think maybe... you and I... are taking some connection we have--
Freddie: And trying to force it into a boyfriend-girlfriend thing?
Sam: ... Yeah.
Freddie: Well I mean... [sighs] I don't know... [chuckles] it's like, after all the years, of us being like, at each other's throats... and you... kissing me... that night at school... it was pretty... intense...
Sam: [scoffs] Hey, you put me in a mental hospital. So... the kiss was... just... intense?
Freddie: [looks at Sam and nods his head at her] And fun.
Sam: [smiles] ... Yeah, I just... [leans back against the elevator's wall] I dunno if you and me really click... that way.
Freddie: Yeah... [shrugs and smiles] but, you know, maybe one day if... you get a little more normal...
Sam: Or, you get a little more abnormal [Freddie and Sam look confused] ... so did we just break up?
Freddie: Feels like it... [audience "awws" and a sweet piano tune plays]. But... you know it was... mutual... right?
Sam: Yeah... [grins] but I'm still gonna tell people that I dumped your butt and broke your nerdy little heart.
Freddie: [smiles at Sam] Fair enough.
Sam: [shrugs] Oh well... [pushes the button again and the elevator begins to go down again; lands on the living room floor, and the door opens; Sam starts to walk out but Freddie says something to her...]
Freddie: I love you. [walks up behind Sam, and smiles at her]
Sam: [stops walking; turns around; smiles] I love you too.
Sam: [walks up to Freddie and kisses him sweetly]
Freddie: [takes his PearPhone out of his back pocket] It's only 10:30...
Sam: [smiles at Freddie] Wanna break up at midnight?
Freddie: That works.
Sam: OK [Sam and Freddie go back in the elevator; Sam pushes the down button, smiles, and starts kissing Freddie again; and the episode ends with the elevator door coming down, as they continue kissing].
(iLove You)


Freddie: Careful, Sam, those are sharp! [grabs Sam's arm and pulls her back to keep her safe]
(iStill Psycho)


Sam: [walks, over to couch, pats Freddie on the knee]
Freddie: [laying down on the couch, sad] I just wanted people to think I was creative.
Sam: And I wanted a mom without stretch marks, but that ain't happenin'. [pause] Well, ya know, tech stuff can be sort of creative.
Freddie: [sits up] What do you mean?
Sam: [moves hand while she speaks] Ya know, weren't you working some sort of...techy 3-D chiz?
Freddie: Yeah, I was trying to figure out a way to shoot video, so people can watch online in 3-D [gesturing to his eyes] without special glasses.
Sam: [smiles] See, that's creative.
Freddie: But, I never could make it work.
Sam: Well, you know... Uh...
Freddie: [finishes her sentence] I should... try again?
Sam: [nods] Yeah... that sounds like the sort of advice you get from someone who cares.


Sam: So, what are you doing here?


Michelle: [stares at her]
Sam: ...Your excellency.
Freddie: You don't call her "Your excellency."
Michelle: No, no. I kinda like it.
Sam: [slaps her chest with both hands at Freddie]
Freddie: [looks at Sam with goofy expression, purses his lips, and looks back at Michelle Obama]
(iMeet The First Lady)


Sam: What is this, another intervention?
Carly & Freddie: Nope.
Carly: [puts arm around Sam] We're here to congratulate my best friend Sam...


Freddie: [puts arm around Sam] Because she hasn't gotten in trouble...
[Sam puts arm around Freddie]
Carly & Freddie: For 10 whole days!
(iToe Fat Cakes)


Freddie: [talking about Harry Styles being sick] ...but now he's having a good time at Hotel 'Carly'fornia.
Sam: [sounding disgusted] You did not just say that.
Freddie: [sipping his smoothie] I did, and I'm proud of it.
(iGo One Direction)


Sam: [pointing to where Carly had gone] You got a new little crush on her?
Freddie: [scoffs] No! [scoffs again and looks at Sam out of the corner of his eyes with a smirk as if embarrassed and checking out her expression at the same time]
Sam: Go then.
Freddie: Bye! [moving towards the stairs]
Sam: [looks at him go with a strange expression on her face]
(iOpen a Restaurant)


Freddie: [Walks over to and stares at Sam]
Sam: What are you looking at?
Freddie: Your costume... I don't get it.
Sam: I'm hand sanitizer.
Freddie: Ohh, I mean does it...
Sam: Here, pump my head.[lowers her head]
Freddie: [pumps the nozzle and rubs hands together] Oh! Wait. This doesn't smell like hand sanitizer. [sniffs hands confusedly]
Sam: Yeah, I didn't have any so I used Dijonnaise.
Freddie: You did not... [licks finger] Dijonnaise! [smiles and happily continues rubbing hands together]


Freddie: How did....could you.....How could you....
Sam: You wanna finish any of those sentences, or....?
(iPear Store)


Sam: We sorta dated for a while... He's still in love with me, it's kinda sad.
(iPear Store)


Sam: [going after Freddie] Dude! [turning towards Natalie with a worried expression on her face] Don't you think you were a little rough on him?
Natalie: Don't you.....Ehh, who cares?
Sam: [thinking for a second] Yeah...[moving towards the door] I'll be right back.
Natalie: I'll never see you again, will I?
Sam: [without turning] Nope! [loops PearStore nametag over her head and drops it on the ground behind her as she walks out]
(iPear Store)


Sam: T-Bo has been pretty whazzed off lately.
Freddie: [shrugs, looks at her] He lives in the same apartment as my mom. That would whazz a guy off.
(iBattle Chip)


[Freddie intently watches Sam devour a chicken wing]
Freddie: [examining the bone Sam just took out of her mouth] Okay, this chicken wing was in your mouth for only like two seconds and the bone is totally clean. How do you do it?
Sam: Years of practice. It takes a lot of mouth coordination to totally master the chicken wing bite, scrape, and slurp.
[Sam demonstrates her technique to Freddie]
Freddie: [examines the bone Sam just took out of her mouth] Genius.
(iFind Spencer Friends)


Sam: Uh-oh.
Freddie: What?
Sam: [sing-song] He's gonna do something bad to your fooood....
Freddie: [imitating Sam's sing-song manner] No, he's 'nooot'. Carly?
Carly: He's not gonna do something bad to Freddie's food.
Sam: Okay. Enjoy your chili fries.
Freddie: I will.
Sam: After he blows his nose on them.
Freddie: Dangit, Sam!
(iFind Spencer Friends)


Sam: It (the laptop) was a Bat Mitzvah gift from my Grandmother.
Freddie: You're not even Jewish.
Sam: [grabs Freddie by the collar, pulls his face up to hers so their noses touch] You tell my Grandma that and I will break you.
Freddie: [nervously] Shalom!
(iBust a Thief)


Sam: [on the phone to Freddie] I have to talk to you about something important.
Freddie: What? ... You wanna get back together?
Sam: What? [pause] Wait....Do you?
Freddie: [nervously] It's just that...[pause]...What's up?

Nicknames for Each Other

Sam's Nicknames For Freddie:

Freddie's Nicknames For Sam:

Seddie Fansites

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Famous Seddiers

(Note: If you are not well-known, please don't add yourself to the list)
  • SarcasticLeaves - She is most famous for her Seddie themed iCarly videos/reviews she makes with best friend LaneTea on YouTube. iCarly's own Nathan Kress is a big fan of the videos.
  • LaneTea - Does videos with SarcasticLeaves on YouTube.
  • SeddieMania - He is known for his iCarly episode previews and reviews on YouTube. Dan Schneider has also invited him to the set of iCarly and asked SeddieMania to make a review for the extended iSaved Your Life. While visiting the set the cast members looked at various fan art. He also went to the Stars 4 the Kids event in Memphis.
  • RobSp1derp1g- He is a Seddie writer and an episode reviewer. He was quoted in a Canadian magazine about Dan Schneider. His blog, RobSp1derp1g's iCarly Reviews, has had over 96000 visitors and has been read by Dan Schneider himself. His reviews are known to have lots of funny moments.
  • Archnemesis, also XxArchnemesisxx on the wiki - Is one of the mods at the Seddie forum. He is well known throughout the forum for his speculating about certain Seddie moments. He is very unbiased as a Seddie fan.
  • DanT- A seddie fan with quality sources. He knew Sam and Freddie kissed the night before it happened. And he had a video of the kiss the previous night that he didn't share.
  • IamMu-chan on fanfiction.net, also Nix_Heyns on twitter, and IamMuchan7 on YouTube - She is a Seddie writer and creates Seddie videos. Probably the number 1 South African Seddie Shipper.
  • XxHatexYeahxRIGHTxX also Seddie4theflippinWIN -She's an extreme Seddie writer/Seddie Warrior. She can also be found on Twitter, the Bickering Sidekicks forum, and YouTube (she also makes Seddie Videos) as XxBeccaBeastxX
  • Slicknickshady - He is known for being very strong-minded about Seddie, and often posts screen caps of things that Dan Schneider has said that would point to Seddie. Dan used to respond to him quite a bit, although he and Dan got in a fight and are no longer speaking to each other very often. He doesn't go out of his way to defend Dan anymore, but when some people still insist that he caters to some portions of the fandom, he will defend him. While continuing to love Seddie he had stepped away from the fandom for a while, but as of the airing of iOMG though, he is back full fledged into the fandom. He has written some Seddie fan fiction as well.
  • SeddieBerserker - Outspoken Seddie fan who is known for defending Seddie.
  • KissPunchSeddie- A major Seddie fan known for her Seddie montages on Twitter. She will always defend Seddie no matter what.
  • ZutaraForever12 Known for her Seddie artwork on DeviantART. Also known as xKamiichan on YouTube and Twitter.
  • ColoursOfTheDawn - She makes amazing Seddie videos and posts them on her YouTube channel. Almost all of her videos are Seddie tributes.


  • JennetteMcCLove - Inthestars0738 on the seddie forum. A great poster.
  • MidnightAvatArtist8 - The leader of the Seddie Club on DeviantArt.
  • Seddiepopstar (Also known as Glitter64) - She is a major Seddie shipper on Twitter, and on the Bickering Sidekicks, where her username is Glitter64.
  • Snoopy87 - A great poster on the Seddie forum.
  • [EverythinggSeddieZoeeWarner - (Twitter: @ZoeeWarner, YouTube: FallenAngelZoee, Seddie Blog: EverythinggSeddie.blogspot.com, Bickering Sidekicks: EverythinggSeddieZoee) HUGE Seddie fan & shipper. Runs the Seddie & iCarly blog EverythinggSeddie (:
  • Luna101- A really insightful poster on the Seddie forum.
  • PhantomPearl - A mod on the Seddie forum, who is very respectful.
  • SpuncerShay - A Seddie fan on twitter and goes by HateMe_LoveMe on the Seddie forum.
  • Rebecca Black - Singer of "Friday"; tweeted: "I screamed in the last part of #iOMG.. Is that weird? Yes. Very."
  • Ariana Grande - Cat Valentine on Victorious, obviously likes Seddie, as she tweeted "Looking forward to the new iCarly, #iOMG. I saw a video the other night and cried!!! <3 You all gotta watch and tell me what you think!"
  • Aria Wallace (Mandy Valdez on iCarly) is a big fan of Seddie.
  • Dwyn Arthur, a Fanfiction writer most known for his story Full Circle as well as the sequels, With This Ring and Paradise
  • Lulu Antariksa from How To Rock mentioned in this Ustream that she is a "big Seddie shipper"
  • Kristin - a well-known competitive figure skater, YouTuber, singer, and actress is a huge Seddie shipper.

Website Hints

  • In Our Craziest Fan Gallery, the caption says "Freddie said if this girl wasn't so insane, he might have tried to date her. He has a thing for slightly crazy blondes.", which implies he still has feelings for Sam.
  • In Blow Power Sam vs. Freddie, Sam and Freddie have another blowing competition to see who could blow Gibby away the farthest. Sam wins, and Freddie doesn't complain. This also could be a nod to Sam & Freddie in the early days of iCarly, when they used to compete/bicker.
  • In iHave a Question:Just Answers, Sam & Freddie along with Spencer & Gibby give answers to fans' questions. They both sit next to each other and wear purple patterned shirts.
  • In the iBathe It: The Police Officer video, Sam wears plaid while Freddie wears stripes, making the Seddie patterns. They both lean really close together and they seem to get along during the segment. They also match, both wearing blue.
  • In the Baby Spencer learns about proper nutrition video, Sam & Freddie both scare Baby Spencer instead of letting him answer. They wear pink and blue and they are very close together
  • In What's Gibby Thinking About: The Gibby Roll, Sam and Freddie both order food from Poo Zoo, a Japanese restaurant mentioned in the video. They both watch Gibby get turned into a sushi roll, share glances, wear red and blue, and agree to have him cut.
  • In iHave a Question:Tableside Guacamole, Sam and Freddie along with Gibby and Spencer answer FattyFish's question while sloppily eating guacamole and wearing crazy hats. Freddie was talking with his mouth full just like Sam did in iDate Sam & Freddie. Freddie is becoming more like Sam.
  • In Power Spencer vs T-Bo Freddie corrects Sam and mentions the video is about blowing not bowling. Sam just ordered Freddie to get out there and sit on his butt on the chair rather than insulting him with a false fact like Spencer and T-Bo. They smile at each other, stand close, and wear the same colors.
  • In Background Artists Sam and Freddie (along with Spencer, Gibby & T-Bo) play extras. Sam and Freddie pair off and pretend to eat and have a conversation with each other at a party.
  • In the New Wake Up Spencer video Sam and Freddie sneak into the Shay loft at 2:37AM. Sam delivers her famous "Why you so stupid?" line in a Spanish accent when Freddie points out "in the morning" after Sam says 2:37AM" They both prank Spencer using two aerosol cans of whipped cream and make him sing the National Anthem
  • They're very close to each other almost touching and Sam copies Freddie's movements along with repeating his words at the beginning of iBathe It:A Cat. They laugh together at Freddie's quirk of not liking dirty animals then work together to bathe Cat Valentine.
  • In the video iHave a Question: The Perfect Circle Freddie finishes Sam's sentence when introducing the sketch. They sit beside each other throughout and speak in unison 'Hi Shpencer.' when making fun of Spencer's name being miss spelled. Sam lightly pokes Freddie on the arm to remind him she's right beside him with the remote when he calls for some drawing music.
  • In An iCarly Word Jumble: A Safety Message Sam and Freddie sit next to each other while cutting up sponges
  • In iHave a Question:What's In Our Purses? Sam and Freddie wear red and blue. Freddie doesn't mind that Sam shows up late, which she apologized for. Freddie does what Sam tells him to do. He answers her question and they smash the glass objects in their purses simultaneously along with Gibby and Spencer.
  • In iBlow Freddie, Spencer, Gibby and T-Bo try to blow a camera over. Sam and Freddie are once again wearing red and blue.
  • In this Sam and Freddie along with T-bo do their best Spencer impression. They wear red and blue and share glances.


  • In the Disappointing Baby Spencer video. Sam and Freddie both use random Spanish to introduce themselves, share glances, wear a shade of red and blue, and give Baby Spencer horrible and unwanted "gifts", because of the bad things they have done to him. While not talking to Baby Spencer, Freddie keeps staring at Sam.
  • In the Photo Gallery for iStill Psycho http://www.icarly.com/iSnaps/category5042.html for this photo the caption says:Oddly, Freddie felt a twinge of jealousy when he saw Sam and Carly holding this guy's hand. Why do girls always go for dummies? But, only Sam's hand is holding the dummies hand... This may be a sign that Freddie is jealous of Sam, not Carly.
  • In Sam's blog, Sam's Rainy Day Checklist She mentions, "Freddie's sick with some crazy flu...Printed out all of Freddie's old love emails to me and ran them thru a shredder. (Sorry, Freddie, I just love shredding things.)"
  • In this video Sam and Freddie show people their bloopers, laugh together, and play with dinosaur puppets.
  • In Freddie's blog, Black Friday with My Mom He wrote, "One year Sam ruined my Black Friday..."
  • In this video, Sam and Freddie give baby Spencer a makeover.
  • In this video Sam, Freddie and Spencer do a random debate as hillbillies and the Victorious cast as cheerleaders.


  • In this poll Sam asks: What humiliating Halloween nickname should I give Freddie?
a. Dorkula
b. Hallow-weenie
c. Dr. Jankyl
d. Dweebenstein


  • In this poll Sam asks: What should Freddie be for Halloween?
a. A Gorilla
b. A French Maid
c. A Pork Chop
d. His Mom
  • This video shows Sam and Freddie pranking Nevel with the help of T-Bo and Gibby. They share glances, sit and stand close together.
  • In this video Sam and Freddie prank Nevel again. This time it's into doing a cooking show. They sit next to each other and share. Along with Gibby after he hits Nevel over the head with a meatloaf. They all eat it together.
  • Freddie blogged about how Sam changed his answers on his NERD application. He says that they've since made up. He even thinks it's funny now and that he has a pretty funny