Agents Kinsey, Farrow, and Morris are the three Secret Service agents assigned to investigate the unauthorized webchat the iCarly trio transmitted to a secure military facility in the episode iMeet The First Lady.

Disappointed that Carly's father was unable to return home to attend his own birthday party, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer surprise Carly by setting up a webchat with her father on the iCarly webcast.

Agents Kinsey, Farrow, and Morris were then dispatched to the Shay apartment to investigate Carly's home and warn her and her friends not to leave town. Two of the agents showed up at Ridgeway to escort Carly, Sam, and Freddie home to meet the First Lady, Michelle Obama. The Secret Service agents further acted as bodyguards for the First Lady while she guest starred on the iCarly webcast.

Near the end of the episode, Dan Schneider makes a brief cameo appearance as a Secret Service agent assigned to the First Lady.

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