Sasha Striker is the now former Pak-Rat champion (dethroned by Spencer) who appeared in iStage an Intervention.

At the age of 16, she got the world record for the highest Pak-Rat score in a single game. After that, she mysteriously "vanished". After discovering who she is, Sam says that there must be some way to find her so she could play against Spencer, who was very ambitious in this game, to cure him from his Pak-Rat addiction. (If he won, he would be satisfied and would most likely play less).

Eventually, Carly and Sam come up with the idea to use the power of iCarly to find her; they succeed. They invite her over to their apartment and after playing for several hours, Spencer finally beats Sasha and wins the title of highest Pak-Rat score ever. She and Spencer kiss at the end of the episode. She does not appear again and is one of Spencer's many love interests.

Sasha and Spencer kissing

History of Pak-Rat career

She became the first Pak-Rat player champion, scoring 1,034,000 points. Freddie found this out on Zaplook, a parody of Google. The three members of the iCarly crew challenged her to face Spencer in a game of Pak-Rat, a parody of Pac-Man. They were filmed on the video game channel, ("nerd" channel, according to Sam), as Spencer beat her record.


"Good luck, you're gonna need it." - Sasha to Spencer in iStage an Intervention

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