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Ridgeway (Junior) High School is the joint middle and high school that the central characters in iCarly attend. Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard are two of the teachers that work at Ridgeway. Most of the teachers who teach the iCarly trio only make a single appearance, such as in iGot Detention (Freddie and Gibby's teacher, Carly's teacher), iHave a Lovesick Teacher (Miss Ackerman, the iCarly trio's history teacher). In iWant a World Record, one of the substitute teachers was named Mr. Buttburn. Ridgeway is a combined middle and high school, since Carly and her friends have been attending since they were thirteen. The school may also be a grade school, since there were little kids taking pictures of Freddie in iKiss.

List of Ridgeway Staff

List of Current Students

List of Former Students

List of Teachers Who Are Disliked by Other Students

In Real Life

Exterior shots of the school are of John Marshall High School in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles. The High School has also been seen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Mr. Novak; Bachelor Party; Boy Meets World; The Wonder Years; Smart Guy; Sister, Sister; Who's the Boss; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Boston Public; The Suite Life of Zack and Cody; Cory in the House; Hannah Montana; Pretty in Pink; Grease; Amityville 4; Transformers; Cirque Du Freak; School of Rock; and Home Room.


  • This school, as well as the Ridgeway Detention Center in Zoey 101, are named after a school in Memphis, Tennessee (the shows' creator's hometown). The colors of Ridgeway High School in Memphis are blue and orange, and appear to be the same on iCarly. The show's creator, Dan Schneider, attended White Station High, the real Ridgeway's rival. This may explain why, on Zoey 101, he named the detention center as such.
  • The school appeared less from the second season onwards, and then appeared even less from the fourth season, although it returned in the first scene of the series finale episode iGoodbye. Its last appearance in a regular-length episode was in iOpen a Restaurant.
  • It is mentioned in the revival episode i'M Cursed that Principal Franklin has retired since iGoodbye, but it is unknown how long after the events of that episode he decided to retire.