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Random Debates is an iCarly sketch seen in various random episodes, as well as Nickelodeon's official iCarly website. Among the debates in these sketches was one in the opening segment of iGo to Japan, where Carly and Sam debated on the issue of legs vs. pudding. Variations include 3-Way Random Debates, which are done behind a joke wall similar to the cast of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. It was briefly named by Sam in iTake on Dingo.

Recent Debates

  • Roller Coasters vs. Spoons
  • Milk vs. Hammers
  • Shampoo vs. The Color Orange
  • Pants vs. Education
  • Scissors vs. Soup
  • Medicine vs. Garbage
  • French People vs. Carpet
  • Legs vs. Pudding

3 Way Random Debates

  • The Moon vs. Hats vs. Nuts
  • Global Warming vs. Cheese vs. Ointment
  • Cell Phones vs. Barbeque Sauce vs. Ladies
  • Random Debate with Nevel
  • A Random Debate with Victorious (this Random Debate does not make sense since there is an iCarly and Victorious crossover spin-off called Sam & Cat and Sam mentions Victorious)

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