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Random Dancing is an iCarly sketch that appears in many episodes. It begins by Sam (Carly in iReunite With Missy) pressing a button on her remote, which triggers a male voice (which actually belongs to the show's creator, Dan Schneider) to shout out "Random dancing!" and then whoever is in the room will randomly dance around. In iMust Have Locker 239, Sam programs her locker to play Random Dancing. Writers for Totally Teri at the Dingo Channel ripped it off with Random Jumping in iTake on Dingo. It appears on iPilot, iNevel, iWant a World Record, iGive Away a Car, iLook Alike, iReunite With Missy, iCarly Awards, iSpace Out and iMeet The First Lady.

Sam installed Random Dancing into the TV of her locker! Photo from RobSp1derp1g's blog


Random Debates

Main article: Random Debates

This was only mentioned once in iTake on Dingo. Carly and Sam go to confront the writers of Totally Teri, when they find out about their stealing from them, and the girls mention several things that they do on the show. They tell the writers that they've been using the term "random" on iCarly from the beginning, and Random Debates was one of them.

Random Pants

Random Pants is an iCarly sketch briefly mentioned by Carly in iTake on Dingo. The sketch was never seen on screen or explained, but because of the name, the sketch most likely compares random pants/trousers. It was mentioned by Carly, along with the sketches Random Dancing and Random Debates, as she accused the writers of Totally Teri of stealing ideas from her webshow. The first evidence to bring attention to the plagiarized version of her show was called "Random Jumping."

Random Mouth Dancing

The sketch was never seen on screen, but Carly and Sam were seen preparing for it in iRocked the Vote. Since Freddie filmed Carly and Sam with their mouths wide open, he probably digitally inserted videos of the girls dancing into their mouths. Wade Collins interrupted their rehearsal rudely, asking for his music video and calling the gang "hobknockers".

Random Strobing

Random Strobing was only seen in iGo Nuclear. Sam presses a button on her remote, a voice says, "Random strobing!", while Carly's allegedly environmentally-friendly strobe lights flicker and the webcast dances around.

Random Humiliation

In iParty with Victorious, after exposing Steven as a liar and a cheater, Carly, Sam, Tori and Kenan Thompson dance and jump around to this version of Random Dancing while Kenan plays a trumpet.

Random Chatting

This appeared in iDo when Carly, Sam and Freddie had Jodi Flooger appear in a video conference on iCarly in order for her boyfriend, Gordon Birch, to propose to her live on the show. Note: Despite the title, the only time this appeared it was rigged (but for a good reason).

Random Hair

This appeared in iGet Pranky when Carly and Sam had Gibby blindfolded with his feet standing in a bucket full of random hair.

Random Scratching

Was mentioned in the start of IPear Store

See also

  • Random Jumping, a sketch that the Dingo show, Totally Teri, made which is a parody of Random Dancing.